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Top Three Simple Car Maintenance Tips You Can Do-it-Yourself

Car maintenance can cost you a lot of money but some basic things you can DIY. Most car owners will cringe a little from the expected sound that comes from the engine as it is a sign from your car that it needs some service done. Unfortunately, most of these services require the use of cash. Most people will just turn on the radio and crank up the volume and pretend they did not hear any sound coming from the car. Another group of people will take the time to find out the source of the creepy sound and seek measures to correct the problem.

Any experienced car owner will tell you it’s best to address the issues as soon as you see them cropping, rather than wait till it’s too late. The good news is that there are a couple of DIY car maintenance tips you will learn here to ensure your car is performing at its best. Here are some basic maintenance tips to get you started in basic car maintenance that you can do yourself.

How about you start with changing the car’s air filter once a year or as soon as the car hits 12,000 miles. Changing an air filter is not rocket science, it is something you can easily do as long as you can identify where your car filter is. You can always use the car’s manual to locate the air filter. You can also look for a website that deals with cars and search up on Google on your car’s model and remove the old dirty filter and replace it with a new one which will cost you around ten dollars only.

The second DIY car maintenance tip you will learn here is to replace the spark plugs after around 30,000 miles. Your car’s manual will help you identify the location of the spark plugs and will often come in sets of four, six or eight depending on the number of cylinders the car has. The best tip here would be to remove the first plug first, replace it with a new one before moving to the next one.

The last DIY car maintenance tip you will learn here is changing your car oil which ought to be done every 3,000 miles. Again, this is something that can be done by any willing DIY as long as you ensure you are working on a completely cooled down car. This process may take around an hour or so, but you can rest assured you will save around sixty dollars as long as you learn how to set up a jack and be ready to get under the car.

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