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Unique House Choices.

The reason that you see people putting in a lot of hours, effort and money into their houses is because it is one of their greatest investments and that is why a lot of attention needs to be paid. Another observation made is that people reveal their personalities and personal style by they build their houses and thus it is very easy to tell a person is into vintage vibes when you see antique furniture pieces, wall art and the materials that make the house.

Since we have seen houses can reflect personalities what you are going to read below is totally out of your imagination, some of the houses have represent people that are the black sheep of our societies. The are some folks that are thrilled with the idea of living under the ocean, that is possible because there is a company that installs prefabricated homes under the sea and all you have to do is choose a marine location and they will do the rest.

If you share the vision of staying under the sea but temporary then it will soon be possible because there is an undersea hotel under construction in the coast of Fiji that will allow you sip your champagne will watching fish swim by. In a village in the Scottish highlands there is a man that built a house that is the actual imitation of a Hobbit hole which is rustic and moss-covered, it is said to be very cozy and warm inside, jealous yet?

Talking of efficiency and a mind for the environment there is an architect in California who decided that it was a waste to throw away shipping containers, he designed a home in the California desert using these containers resembling a starburst emerging from the ground. There is another architect in the Mexican island that built a weirdly shaped shell house as a seaside gateway but is renting it away to interested vacationers, the house is quite the phenomenon around that area.

There is a permaculture farm in Miami where curious people can enjoy what country life is like without having to leave the city, people can stay overnight surrounded by the animal life and lush greenery in this urban jungle. The architects that built the penthouse inside the historic clock tower in Brooklyn did not spare any efforts but filled it with modern kitchen appliances for entertaining guests, it has windows that offer great views to the Manhattan and Brooklyn areas.

After reading some of the great ideas that these people used to make their houses you can use that as inspiration to help you come up with something unique of your own. There are architects that specialize in projects like this and you could check their websites if you are serious about having a unique house built.

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