Easy-to-grow plants for Spring

The cultivation of vegetables and flowers has several health benefits. Did you know that as per researchers, gardeners are far-fetched to suffer from heart attacks and Alzheimer’s disease? Gardening is also a great way to relieve stress. The best season to embellish your gardens has come. Now that spring has sprung, why not get your hands dirty with some soil? Check out a few easy-to-grow plants you can choose this spring.


Marigold is the one flower that makes your garden blossoms. The size, shape and colour are very bright. It is the easiest one to grow from seed. Any bedding type will suit this plant. Well-drained and moist soils are the most preferred ones. Marigold seed can be found in every flower/plant shop. They come with specific instructions about the spacing and other related topics.

Take your flower pot, fill it half with soil and then add the seeds. Cover these with a small amount of soil. Do not allow the soil to be too dry and as needed, uproot some of the seedlings. Marigolds can also be transplanted anywhere in your garden, depending on where you want it. For this minimal effort, you will be rewarded with vibrant orange and yellow carnation-shaped marigolds blossom around till the football season.


Zinnia is the most common type of its kind that looks like Dahlia. It attracts butterflies with its dome-shaped bloom of small and bright coloured petals. Zinnia is among those flowers that do not take well to transplant, unlike marigolds. Sow the Zinnia seeds exactly where you want the flower to blossom in your garden. Another way you can choose to sow the Zinnia seeds is to use the biodegradable pots. This will help transplant the plant and the pot anywhere you want to place it.

Zinnia is planted the same way as marigolds. The only exception is that taller varieties need to be placed about a foot apart. The seedling will appear approximately in the same number of days as marigolds. The Zinnia flowers should appear by early July and remain for the summer season if you decide to plant it for Mother’s Day. You can also use liquid fertilizer to fertilize the plant for best results.


These are the smiley-face emoticons of the garden. Sunflowers are big daisy-like flowers around flot brown centres. At the end of the season, the seeds of these will be the source for next year’s seeds. After sowing, you will have to cover the seeds with a transparent netting to prevent birds from snacking because sunflowers attract bees and birds. They grow over 16 feet in height. Yes, that’s quite high.

Sunflowers need to be grown directly in the garden. For smaller garden and containers, smaller varieties of sunflowers have been developed. Sow the large seeds one inch deep and six inches apart, not more that that. After planting, add a light application of fertilizer. This is to keep them safe as they grow from blowing over in the wind. This is the only time that the fertilizer will be needed. In two to three weeks the seed will germinate and after seven to ten weeks the flowers will open.

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