Types of Removalist Company Services in Melbourne

Have you ever moved house before? If this is your first time, you have to take this process seriously as it requires high level or organization, responsibility, solid nerves and plenty of time. Even if you are a good organizer and an utterly responsible person, but you lack spare time; the chances of you pulling this off on your own are extremely low.

What can you do?

You can ask for your friends or family’s help, but only if they are serious about helping you. If you know that you’re going to spend the days joking and drinking coffee, it’s not worth it.

The smartest thing would be to hire a removalist company to help you go through moving quickly and easily. However, making the decision to hire a team of professional movers is not enough. These companies offer wide range of services depending on the distance, packing materials, insurance etc.

Before you hire a removalist firm, you have to know the types of services they offer and choose the ones you need. The following description of their services may help you.

Local moving

If you are relocating somewhere not very far from your old home, you need a company which provides local services to a maximum distance of a hundred miles. These movers don’t have a fixed rate, but charge by the hour. So, the final cost would be equal to the hours they spend stacking and removing your items from the truck as well as the hours spent in driving from your old to your new home.

These type of removalists are easy to find in the place where you live, so if you are moving within Melbourne, you can visit expertremovalists.net.au.

Interstate moving

In case you are migrating to another state, you need interstate services which exceed one hundred miles. In such situations, the cost is not calculated by the hour, but on the total distance and weight of items. Make sure the potential movers visit your home and do a visual inspection to tell you the exact cost.

Don’t stick to the quote of one company, it’s better to get several in order to choose the price which fits you the best. Remember that firms which provide interstate moving must have a license number to operate in other states. Check this factor to avoid delays due to law issues.

International moving

Migrating very far from your old home, in another country or continent requires the help of firms, which specialize in international relocation. The greater the distance, the more complex the process. It requires plenty of documentation in order for the vehicle to pass at customs.

The final cost results from the amount of your belongings and the travel distance, which sometimes includes sea or air means of transportation.

Full services

If you don’t have any spare time at all, to devote yourself at least partially, don’t worry as removalists offer full moving services. It means you won’t have to worry about anything from start to finish. They’ll do the packing, labeling, stacking, unloading, assembling and dissembling of the furniture etc. Everything related to moving, you name it and they can do it.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of this type of service is saving plenty of time as they’ll finish the work in a day or two while you need a week at least. Of course, it costs more money than the other services, but for extremely busy people it’s a life-saver. Click here to see what to expect from full service movers.

Partial services

Most people don’t want the whole package, just partial help. For instance, if you are not good at packing or you worry that you won’t pack your fragile items in a careful manner; you can just hire help with the packing.

Perhaps the items are too heavy for you or you worry about getting them damaged. When you do everything by yourself, but you just need help with the stacking and unloading of the items, you can hire a few removalists to assist you.

In case you are an expert in packing and loading and you just need transport, you can hire a van or a truck to transport your belongings. If the weight of your items is not enough to fill an entire vehicle, you can share the truck with other people who are in the same situation and pay a lower price.

Moving companies also have an option to store your things until you need them transported. Sometimes, you have to leave your old home, but still have time until you move to the new one. The storage service is excellent for this type of situations when you have no place to store them safely.

Special services

There are movers who specialize in transporting extremely fragile and valuable items. They have special training and experience required to perform the task. When you find yourself in this kind of situation look for a firm with high reputation which offers a good insurance in case of an accident during transportation.

Wrap up

Deciding to hire a removalist firm is one piece of the puzzle. You still need to choose the type of service you require. First of all, calculate the distance and then your amount of free time.

Time is the main factor which influences your decision on choosing between full and partial moving!