How To Ensure You Get Your Rental Deposit Back


Many renters have the train of thought that the property management company will replace the carpet and repaint the walls when they move out, so it doesn’t matter what condition they leave the house in. However, that is not a wise way to think, and you’ll likely find that you don’t get your deposit back if you follow this way of thinking. Here are some things you can do to ensure you get your deposit back.

Wash the Walls

While it might not be blatantly obvious, if you take a step back and look at the walls, you’ll likely find more dirt on them than you realized. They don’t have to be immaculate, but you do want to take off as much dirt as possible. Fill a bucket with some warm water and a soap solution and wipe the walls with a rag. Don’t scrub them too much because you don’t want any areas of paint to come off.

Fill in Holes

One area that seems to be the biggest issue for property reporting LA Crescenta CA companies is holes in the wall. Even if the company repaints the walls, they will still have to fill in the holes before they do, and the money they have to pay for someone to do it will come right out of your deposit. You can purchase a small tub or tube of joint compound that you can fill the holes with. Many come with tiny sponges to help with the application process. If you haven’t gone overboard with nails and pins in the walls, then you can quickly fill all of the holes in your home in 20 to 30 minutes.

Clean the Carpets

If your property manager has to hire a carpet cleaning crew, you could be charged for that cost. Cleaning the carpets after you move out helps remove any stains on the flooring and reduces any smells lingering in the home. The carpets don’t have to look brand new, but you should remove most stains before turning your keys in.

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