Revamped FILOMENA Turns Heads at iSaloni – Again

Bellavista Collection is well-known for its distinctive style. Just take a look at the Italian luxury furniture pieces from this brand, and you’ll realize that this style is all about harmony, beauty, and quality, rather than being in vogue. Fashion trends come and go, while Bellavista’s furniture, boiserie, lamps, and decorative items are perceived as beautiful and stylish, whenever they were designed.

You’ll never tell when exactly each piece from the brand was created – a dozen years ago or just yesterday. Well, it isn’t surprising, because all of them are supposed to serve for decades.

Let’s take a look at just one item: the armchair named FILOMENA.

It was designed at the beginning of 2018 and a bit later showcased a Salone Internazionale del Mobile for the first time. FILOMENA was upholstered in the velvet of rich red color and caught the attention of the iSaloni’s visitors at once. Shortly after that exhibition, FILOMENA became a bestseller and stays extremely popular with Bellavista’s customers.

It couldn’t be otherwise: this armchair is really special.

Its classic-looking shape, seemingly simple but elegant indeed, makes FILOMENA a great addition to existing interiors, whatever their style. Love evergreen classics? FILOMENA will naturally mix into your room. The same could be said if you prefer modern, vintage, and even minimalism.

What is more, FILOMENA’s size makes it an equally great choice for either a large room or a small reading corner. This armchair is pretty compact: it’s 75 centimeters (29.5 inches) wide and 70 centimeters (27.6 inches) high, with a seat height of 40 centimeters (15.7 inches). Being rather deep (90 centimeters, or 35.4 inches), FILOMENA is comfy to sit in.

As to the materials, the armchair’s structure is made of sturdy multilayer poplar wood. The variable-density polyurethane foam padding holds its shape extremely well, so you can be sure that your FILOMENA won’t sag for the years to come.

Bellavista’s favorite metal – cast brass with the antique bronze finish – chosen for the feet, goes extremely well with any of the upholstery options. By the way, here you have plenty of choices. Most of the upholstered pieces from this brand are available in both leather and fabric, each coming in a great variety. For example, if you select leather for FILOMENA’s upholstery, you’ll be asked first to choose between P1 leather, P3 leather, and P3 nubuck. Then you’ll have to decide what color you like best. It’s a pretty tricky task: for P1 leather, there are as many as thirty colors and shades to choose from. P2 leather could be either of the ten colors (mostly shades of beige and brown, plus black), and P3 nubuck is offered in thirteen variants – a number of shades of beige and brown, plus black and bright yellow colors.

The variety of fabrics is about the same; the list of options available is constantly updated. That is why it would be a good idea to request the latest info before ordering FILOMENA.

One more option will suit the customers who feel like having FILOMENA in the same material as the pieces they already have. Just let Bellavista craftsmen know about it and provide the leather or fabric – and your brand-new FILOMENA armchair will look exactly as you want it to.

So, whatever material of whatever color you like, you will be able to have this armchair upholstered in it, making your FILOMENA unique.

The Three Filomena’s Comebacks 

By the way, Bellavista Collection has showcased FILOMENA as many as four times. To be precise, two prestigious trade fairs, Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan and MAISON & OBJET in Paris saw FILOMENA at four editions in total.

Each time it was an entirely new armchair thanks to a different upholstery, and each time this piece blended into the set in the particular zone of Bellavista’s exhibitor booth.

In 2018, two differently-looking versions of FILOMENA traveled to Milan and Paris, having scored success at both exhibitions.

As it has already been mentioned, the newly designed armchair that appeared at the iSaloni was upholstered in bright red velvet. Why red? Well, let’s remember the general idea that united Bellavista’s pieces at that edition.

2018 was the year of Dulcechina’s triumph. This very special collection of 12 pieces, inspired by Oriental, primarily Chinese, motifs, was so successful that it could still be found in a separate section of the brand’s website. In Chinese culture, bright red is the color of prosperity, good luck, vigor, and many other positive things. In other words, Chinese people love bright red. So, FILOMENA mixed into the booth’s interior easily.

Later that year, when FILOMENA was displayed at Maison et Objet, it appeared absolutely different. The combination of patterned fabric with nubuck leather looked fresh and lovely.

In less than a year, in 2019, FILOMENA returned to Milan, for the 58th edition of Salone Internazionale del Mobile, having changed its appearance once again. The rich green color of its velvet upholstery pleased the eyes and turned heads. The attendees did appreciate FILOMENA’s completely new look; those who had seen it the year before noted that new upholstery drastically changed its look.

And, finally, in June 2022, FILOMENA made its latest comeback at the 60th edition of Salone del Mobile. This time, the velvet upholstery of the two FILOMENA armchairs was of deep dark red color, reminding me of Burgundy wine. Quite predictably, it was a success – for the fourth time.

Generally speaking, FILOMENA is not the only piece that could be so flexible, when it comes to creating furniture sets. In fact, most items from Bellavista Collection are highly customizable, which makes them a real find for anyone who would like to add a piece to an existing set. With such a great number of options available, Italian luxury furniture from Bellavista Collection will be a perfect fit for any room, whatever its size and whatever style you prefer. And thanks to brilliant design, this furniture will surely remain a model of refined taste.