Home Accessories On Amazon

Home Accessories On Amazon – If you’re looking for cute accessories for your home office, you’ve come to the right place. Maybe you’ve found yourself working from home or are finally looking to create that office you’ve always dreamed of. Either way, cute desk accessories can make a huge difference and even inspire you in your endeavors.

As a wedding photographer, I am used to working from home. I’ve been running the home office for a while.

Home Accessories On Amazon

Home Accessories On Amazon

I’ve also moved house a few times and know firsthand how important it is to create a space that’s perfect for you.

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Create a space where you feel happy and inspired to work, day after day. You don’t have to spend a fortune or do a complete renovation to spruce up your space. Through my travels in the home decor world, I’ve noticed that sometimes the smallest changes make an impact.

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Many of us have recently experienced extended work from home for the first time. We hastily (or not so hastily) create workspaces in the corners of bedrooms, transform our closets or turn the junk into something resembling a home office. And we need office supplies and accessories that are both functional and beautiful.

For me, I’ve been working from home in my small service business for a few years now. I have now experimented with many repetitions of a work from home, in some apartments. I know how important it is to make the office environment feel like a space you really want to be in. It can make a huge difference in terms of motivation and productivity.

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The biggest change for me was getting my own office almost a year ago. But even if you don’t have this luxury, you can still add touches that make your workspace feel like you. Check out these desk accessories and office supplies that will elevate any space.

All of the items on my list of 60 cute office supplies for working from home have a few things in common. Yes, you will see a lot of millennial pink, one of my favorite colors that has lasted for years. Added to this is the dusty sage green, monochromatic and abundance of neutral tones that apply to this featured collection.

Some of my other current passions (OK, obsessions) also made it onto this list: hexagons, concrete, felt, fur, and rose gold. For me, a lot of interior design is about combining textures in an appealing way: marble and sheepskin; wood with metal; cement with gloss.

Home Accessories On Amazon

As a professional photographer, I learned to appreciate the beauty of juxtaposing textures not too long ago. I got a sheepskin rug from Ikea, but I ended up using it as a backdrop for almost everything. I really like the interplay between texture and neutral/bright colors. It looks modern, exclusive and trendy. Since then, I have become increasingly fascinated by minimalist design and style.

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This curated list was also created with timelessness in mind. I am drawn to a mix of minimalism and modernism. You’ll see a touch of mid-century modern and other vintage touches sprinkled throughout. All of this creates girly, hipster vibes galore. In short, they are cute.

If your aesthetic is anything like mine, you’ll appreciate a beautifully designed item in and of itself. Basically, this brings joy. My hope and belief is that these accessories will survive the trends.

We hope this has given you inspiration and ideas to transform your home office or workplace easily and affordably.

These days we all spend more time at home, at our desks, trying to figure it all out. Surrounding yourself with just a few happy, inspiring and beautifully designed accessories and decorations for your office will make you smile.

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Oh, and you definitely don’t have to overhaul everything to incorporate some feminine, modern touches into your home office.

What do you like from this list? My personal favorites are the gorgeous vintage fan all from ban.do and this gorgeous lamp that combines many of my obsessions into one gorgeous piece! Let me know your favorites to look out for in the comments!

Desk Accessories and Items for Your Home Office: 60 Cute Ideas Available on Amazon by Zoe

Home Accessories On Amazon

I’m Zoe, a wedding photographer based in San Francisco! My style is candid and captures authentic moments for my couples throughout the Bay Area and Northern California. Creating content is my passion! Follow the blog and Insta!Amazon is a great place to start shopping for beautiful bookshelf accessories. For home scenes, you need pieces that are affordable, easy to style and neutral. Balancing the right amount of books and furniture with enough negative space is especially important when listing a home for sale.

Beautiful Amazon Bookshelf Accessories You Need For Home Staging

, the goal is to use furniture to highlight the permanent features of the home, in this case a built-in bookcase. The best shelf fillers for home staging are neutral, elegant and simple. In short, they help buyers focus on the home itself, not your “stuff.” Check out our shelf design ideas and interior design information to see what well-stocked shelves have in common:

Planning to sell a house, you have a lot of flexibility and creative license when it comes to decorating a bookcase. Family photos and travel memories? Of course, add it to the decor! But if you’re listing your home for sale, the goal isn’t to display your favorite books and treasures. Why? Too much customization in a staged home can be a distraction for homebuyers.

Of course you want to start with books! When it comes to setting up a bookshelf in a home for sale, try to keep the books neutral (nothing overtly religious or political). Remember to leave plenty of negative shelf space to avoid looking too crowded or cluttered. If you’re a bookworm, don’t buy any more books – start packing and culling.

Don’t have many books on hand? Buy them at thrift stores. Buy hardcover books (not installation paperbacks) and shop by color, title, and plot. You can cover books you already own with white paper (or simply reverse existing covers) for a more uniform, neutral look. Place the largest books first, stacking some vertically and others horizontally.

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Storage heights on each shelf, especially very high ones that have a lot of space. Otherwise, it seems like something is missing. Vases and containers work especially well for this purpose. These elements are large and fill a lot of vertical space. Put them on the next shelves.

Some of my favorite bookshelf accessories to order from Amazon are high quality fake plants. They are a great way to add texture and interest and give your shelves some life.

Bowls and trays are great shelf styling tools because they are so easy to stack. They are also an easy way to introduce another motif or texture. Add some small accessories to the bowls for a little more visual interest.

Home Accessories On Amazon

Finally, include some beautiful objects of interest, such as geode bookends, small sculptures or geometrically inspired pieces. It helps break up the repetitive lines in books and adds a touch of intellectual interest and structure.

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We specialize in positive and empowering virtual home staging consultations! Our practical, no-nonsense advice helps homeowners sell faster and for more money.

Our online courses are designed with you, the DIY homeowner, in mind. Let’s break down the process from start to finish, from home staging to choosing a paint color!

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Vannessa Rhoades is the author of Just Right! Easy DIY Home Staging and the founder of the award-winning Three Bears Home Staging® company. She specializes in providing positive, empowering virtual consultations that help homeowners and real estate agents across the country sell faster and for more money.

Vannessa Rhoades is the author of “Just Right! Easy DIY Home Staging” and the founder of the award-winning company Three Bears Home Staging®. She specializes in providing positive, empowering advice to help homeowners sell faster and for more money. Vannessa has organized and consulted on hundreds of properties, both personally in the Houston area and virtually across the country. Show more posts They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, so it’s important to make sure the space is something you love

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