Houses And Townhouses For Sale Near Me

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Houses And Townhouses For Sale Near Me

Houses And Townhouses For Sale Near Me

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The owners of eight townhouses along Kovan Road have collectively listed their property, Cheng Hoe House, for sale with an asking price of $28 million.

Cheng Hoe House consists of freehold townhouses at 10 Kovan Road, on a land area of ​​22,485 m2. The location is residential, with a plot ratio of 1.4 and a maximum allowable height of 5 floors. The gross potential area (GFA) of 31,479 square feet equates to approximately 29 apartments, each measuring 1,076 square feet, based on estimates by Teakhwa Real Estate, which is selling the property.

The $28 million starting price is $1,083 per psf, including estimated development costs of approximately $6.1 million. Teakhwa Real Estate said that including the 10% GFA balcony bonus, the land price will drop to $1,053/m2.

The property is located in the Kovan residential area, surrounded mainly by land and low-rise apartments. It’s a five-minute walk to Kovan MRT station and less than a ten-minute drive to Rosyth School and Paya Lebar Methodist Primary School. Real estate stories from EC to a 999-year-old house: How I helped my clients realize their dream home

Hanover Real Estate

This couple approached me to sell their 3 bed EC last year 2020. Their EC is Tampines Trilliant which achieved 5 years MOP last year.

As a family of four – they look forward to moving to the next stage of home ownership.

As for the 39 and 40 year old couple – who work as teachers and marketing directors – they shared with me that their ultimate goal is to own land.

Houses And Townhouses For Sale Near Me

Why? They sincerely believe that it is possible and that it will give their family more space to enjoy their lifestyle.

Famous Real Estate Quotes And Sayings

They also shared that this land could be their “forever home” – the legacy they plan to leave to their two children.

Honestly, I’m very worried if that could happen – the expected monthly mortgage amount for the land on the land would be more than 7,500 USD, especially if the loan amount is around 2 million USD.

So I want to make sure whether the financial pressure of such a monthly payment is comfortable enough for them or not.

They were approved in principle (IPA) based on their income and this gave me the confidence to start looking for their next home.

Prospect Heights Real Estate & Apartments For Sale

I started marketing their EC house in earnest during the last week of Singapore’s so-called pandemic lockdown. But the response is slow because physical viewing is not allowed.

Once physical viewing was allowed to resume in Phase 2 on June 15, 2020 – interest levels skyrocketed.

I secured a buyer within just 2 weeks – and by July 2020 – the apartment was sold.

Houses And Townhouses For Sale Near Me

According to my observations, the pandemic is an advantage for them because the demand for new MOP EC is huge.

The Factors Of A

For a 5 year old, with virtually no MOP EC, there aren’t many restrictions on who the client can be.

But everyone else – Singaporeans and PR people alike are welcome to buy a flat at Tampines Trilliant EC – regardless of income and relationship status.

Singaporeans or PR singles under 35 years old can also buy 5 year old EC if they wish.

The perception that ECs sit between HDB and completely private apartments is an attractive idea – especially for those who want a convenient apartment without being considered ‘too much’.

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I find that the larger the unit, the larger the overall profit – further reflecting the strong demand for larger units.

This could be driven by the fact that most people will be working from home over the next few years – hence the need for a larger home.

For this couple – their profits were significant and very helpful in purchasing their next home.

Houses And Townhouses For Sale Near Me

It is difficult to negotiate with different sellers – many landowners are very fixed on asking prices.

Best Ways To Find Off Market Properties In 2022

I can safely say that 2020 was the year that housing demand truly peaked.

There are several apartments for sale in this block of townhouses in Kovan. A new ad popped up while I was scouting the area and I quickly took my client to see it.

It was immediately accepted – the seller wanted to sell because he was about to get the keys to his next house.

If you ask me, I think this couple planned this about ten years ago.

Townhouses For Sale In Roodepoort

They booked a unit at Tampines Trilliant EC about nine years before it launched in January 2012 when they were 30 years old.

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In my daily life, I sincerely believe that I will do my best and leave the rest to God.

Houses And Townhouses For Sale Near Me

Move your legs, make an effort and when the time comes – say a prayer and leave the rest to the Infinite Source.

Bed Condo For Sale In The Springbloom

There is an element of happiness everywhere in life. The country we were born in, the parents we have, the health we are given.

But we have the same 24 hours in a day because of our ability to plan ahead and the ability to think and reflect.

To me, the element of happiness becomes even more apparent when one slows down and notices the various random opportunities around him.

Some of us wish to be happy and healthy; others are convinced that they will suffer and be sad.

New Property App Allows Homeowners To ‘test Market’

Some people expect to find their perfect match; others expect to move from one failed relationship to another.

Some people think they will do a good job; others expect to remain at the bottom of the career ladder.

Meet different people from all walks of life – I have seen humble people attribute their happiness to luck and not so humble people attribute their happiness to hard work .

Houses And Townhouses For Sale Near Me

But what they have in common is that they have goals to move forward and have strong expectations about their future.

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I pay attention to people who are lucky enough to have good fortune – they have expectations about the future that help them achieve their dreams and ambitions.

And when bad luck happens – such as not getting their dream apartment in an election – they see the positive side. They saw it as an opportunity to explore other developments.

If you want to see what you have control over and explore your options – drop us a message.

I’m happy to give you guidance and context on where you are now – on your happiness levels and expectations.

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Daron Ang Daron Ang has been with SAF for about 3 years before switching to real estate in 2015. Over the past 5 years, he has assisted more than 300 customers in real estate transactions. In his spare time, he serves with members of his church in Kingdomcity.

My name is Sean and our goal is to help home buyers and sellers in Singapore make the best decisions for themselves. Do you have a question in mind? Email us at: hello@

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Houses And Townhouses For Sale Near Me

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