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While collectors have always hunted down and bought works by new masters and talent, art has become something sought after in households in recent years. The pandemic has given everyone the impetus to beautify the four walls they have been living in for over a year. So it’s only natural that people turn to art to deal with emotions and improve their mood.

Buy Unique Home Decor Online

Buy Unique Home Decor Online

However, the age of Covid-19 has brought a wave of innovation and technology. This guarantees that you will find the art that suits you and buy art online through your screen. For example, in 2023, Christie’s sees the potential of a virtual marketplace as it hosts a record-breaking $70 million worth of digital artwork. Therefore, auction houses, galleries, retailers and artists are now rapidly developing their skills in virtual digital art exhibitions, online sales platforms and social media advertising.

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We’ve rounded up the 40 best online stores to shop for home art as you start setting the stage for your next home office meeting!

This portal is known for its amazing prints and offers a wide variety. Apart from that, it is quite pocket friendly and affordable. There’s also the bonus of choosing the frame you want for your print.

A well-known name in art circles, this virtual marketplace is a must-have for everyone related to the design space. The artwork on display includes everything from original master artwork, oil prints, watercolors to vintage posters.

A more affordable option, with their extensive art stock you can get canvas prints from Picasso to Warhol to vintage posters.

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Better Shared was founded in 2016 to showcase fine arts from African communities. You can find everything from prints, photographs, paintings to mixed media. The most unique factor is the curated collection for bargain shops under £100.

Emporium online is a repository of wall art, prints and paintings, fine rugs, mixed media art, wood, acrylic and textile and more. From beautiful premium artist collaborations only available at Anthropologie to relaxed art prints, shop here if you want to bring a unique sense of dynamism to any room in your home.

The best part about art is that it helps you connect with artists who exhibit their art in galleries but you can’t visit. Especially during the pandemic, this is one of the best options to get good value original artwork directly from the web.

Buy Unique Home Decor Online

Etsy is one of the most well-known portals for finding unique, handmade art and decor. Listings here are created by online retailers and artists and are available to everyone. So it’s best to always have a clear idea of ​​what you want in terms of color and shape.

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Society6 helps showcase new talent and budding artists by helping them upload their work right from home. Shoppers can then purchase them in a variety of formats, including prints and event pillows.

Saatchi Art gives artists the opportunity to exhibit and sell their museum-worthy work to a wide audience online. Saatchi curates a wide range of murals, paintings, photography, drawings, sculptures, collages and prints. It was founded with the idea of ​​giving undiscovered artists a claim to fame by helping them present their work to a wide online audience.

Created to combine interior design and photography with the spirit of travel, people can escape from their homes through the landscapes in Gray’s photographs. With top quality picture frame deals, all you have to do is choose your favorite artwork online!

From a selection of high-quality vintage paintings to the latest contemporary art and photographs by famous artists, this is New York’s one-stop shop for designer, vintage and exclusive home furnishings and artwork at all price points.

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From affordable budding stars to exclusive limited editions by famous artists and special art editions, there are over 3000 mounted and framed museum quality star prints.

At Leif, one can browse a wide range of original and limited edition art prints. This print can complement all types of bohemian and minimalist spaces.

Founded at the turn of the millennium, 1stDibs has an eye for great design. They are proud to bring the feel and atmosphere of a Parisian flea market into the homes of people around the world.

Buy Unique Home Decor Online

As a result, they have successfully connected millions of art lovers and decor seekers with vintage, vintage and modern furniture, home decor, art, fine jewelry, watches and fashion.

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Contemporary African design is showing its influence on global strategy and 54Kibo wants everyone to be involved. Their unique campaign has benefited many African communities economically and socially.

Unlike other portals, Central & Grand only specializes in large scale commercial photography. However, their unique collections depicting the modernist world offer a truly free feel to any space.

This unique collection focuses on encouraging emerging independent artists in general. This is not only about presenting their work online, but also investing in their careers, supporting development through exhibitions and also organizing residency programs.

The main goal of Tiny Showcase is to make art collecting as affordable as possible so that more like-minded people can pick it up. In addition, limited edition artwork is released each week and the money raised will go to a charity of the artist’s choice.

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Overview has a unique and special approach to art. They document the only thing. Earth. Everything you see is taken from a perspective that shows the complexity of the world we live in. The aim is to create awareness that is beneficial for the future.

PCP was founded to bridge the gap between artists and art lovers. The buyer must be part of the creative narrative of the artwork they own. Therefore, they mainly deal with contemporary art from emerging artists that relate to the process of work and creation.

Modern art museums have recently come online to promote your selection to your home, rather than the framed prints and canvas art that just hangs in art galleries. Items range from high-quality prints of famous works to affordable prints, among other decorative items.

Buy Unique Home Decor Online

Absolut Art is a modern collaboration with established artists as well as emerging talent. They are known to host famous modern art and provide it to you too. There is also a guaranteed no-questions-asked return policy if you think something is not right. In addition, their range covers a more modern and abstract art profile.

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In keeping with their motto, “Art for Everyone”, they have offered a variety of vintage, retro, modern, surreal and fine art prints that everyone can use. They strongly believe in rewarding artists for their work, offering them a successful living through these sales.

Spacey Studios hosts a variety of expensive and well-known artists in the online marketplace. They also have a unique feature where you can order your own piece of art by answering a personalized questionnaire so you can design a gallery wall in your living room with perspective!

Uprise is known for gathering support from talented up and coming artists and giving them a platform to sell their art globally. You can find refreshing and affordable modern art here to decorate your walls.

Eye storm is one of the oldest art houses that is the torchbearer of contemporary art. They house contemporary works by emerging and established artists at affordable and luxurious prices.

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Gallery U was created to provide a fair platform for upcoming artists to showcase their art and earn income. You can find a range of contemporary art and realistic portraits from little-known local artists at affordable prices.

Artspace is a hub for postmodern and ultra-modern art created and available worldwide. In addition to paintings, they also sell decorative items and homewares designed by various artists. They have over 500 partnerships worldwide with physical galleries and also hold weekly auctions.

Citizen Atelier is known for its luxurious art that has been covered by prestigious magazines such as Elle Décor and Architectural Digest. They work with established artists around the world to offer art lovers and collectors a wide variety of contemporary art at exclusive prices.

Buy Unique Home Decor Online

Ghostly is mainly involved in visual art and music and is known for its mixed experimental-pop and techno art. This work is done in depth with visual artists, designers and technologists.

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An online portal that sells eco-friendly art and decorations, but specially made for women. They sell everything from art to everyday items at reasonable prices.

They offer works of art by contemporary artists at exclusive prices. Recent collaborations include Mira Dancy, Ellen Berkenblit, Chris Martin, Rob Pruitt, Emily Mae Smith, Chloe Wise, Andrew Kuo, Shara Hughes, Sean Landers, Greg Bogin and many more. They generally run weekly digital print editions, exclusive screen prints, furniture editions, sculptures and original works on paper.

With affordable amazing artwork from countless talented artists, the “Wall Designer” tool has to be their winning tag. Allowing you to drag and drop their artwork onto your walls, this incredibly brilliant hack helps you visualize your finished wall.

An exclusive collection of modern art from young urban artists, they believe art should be fun. To suit every budget, famous works of art from around the world are available to grace the walls of new cultural home owners.

Cheap Places To Shop For Home Decor Online

A one-stop shop for buying original, signed works direct from local artists

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