Land Contract Homes For Sale Near Me

Land Contract Homes For Sale Near Me – What is the difference between a list called “contingent” as opposed to “expected” or “contractual”? This is one of the most frequently asked questions from real estate buyers. In this article, we’ll define each of these listing statuses, discuss why you might see the same listing in a different status on different websites, and take a closer look at what these statuses mean in our marketplace.

Real estate listing statuses are controlled by the MLS listing agent, so let’s start by discussing the different MLS statuses. Information on the MLS is shared with other real estate websites. However, other websites may sometimes change the terminology.

Land Contract Homes For Sale Near Me

Land Contract Homes For Sale Near Me

Active listings in the MLS are exactly that. These listings are active on the market and available for sale. They may have an offer, but no contract.

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“On Contract” listings can be divided into “Show” and “No Show”. These properties are “under contract” with the buyer. Show listings to make a backup offer for another buyer. Some MLS systems show this status as ‘backups requested’ in other parts of the county.

A “Contract – No Show” listing is pending sale where the seller does not wish to show the property. This could be because the existing contract seems too tight, or the seller doesn’t want to prepare the home for showings.

After the MLS status is changed, this information is shared with national websites such as, and It also includes independent brokerage sites Depending on the website, the terminology (prospect, contract, etc.) may vary and this can be confusing for buyers and sellers.

In our marketplace, “Contingent,” “Pending,” and “Under Contract” are all variations of the same listing status. You can look up terms online and even see real estate signs like “Pending Sale,” “Under Contract,” or “Inventory Wanted.” All of these terms mean that the listing is “under contract” with the buyer. At this point, the seller is contractually obligated to the buyer, even if the seller is offered a higher offer.

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As a side note, once the contract is signed by both the buyer and the seller, it usually indicates that the buyer’s due diligence period has begun. Realtors in North Carolina use “due diligence” contracts, which means that buyers in North Carolina have the right to back out of the contract at any time with or without reason. This is the only condition in the agreement. Buyer shall use this time to conduct due diligence, obtain financing and use any other diligence it deems necessary prior to closing.

For more information on real estate contracts, read our guide to the North Carolina home buying process. If you are interested in selling a home under contract, you may want to ask if the buyer still has due diligence. Contracts that are properly designed are more likely to fall through than contracts that are passed with due diligence.

In North Carolina, a “contingent” list is a list that is under contract with the buyer. However, in the past, a contingent contract referred to a situation where the buyer had to sell another home in order to close on the home they purchased. For this reason, many buyers, sellers and real estate agents still use the term “contingent” to refer to an offer or contract that cannot be closed unless the buyer first sells a piece of real estate.

Land Contract Homes For Sale Near Me

As of July 1, 2019, it’s common to see contracts with a “contingent sale bonus,” which gives the buyer a “contingent sale bonus” if the sale of their current home falls through. As of July 2019, this addendum is no longer used by North Carolina Realtors and we no longer write conditional contracts for home sales. There is a section in the purchase agreement that requires the buyer to sell the other home, but the buyer must plan to close the sale within a reasonable time frame of the home they are purchasing. The purchase agreement is not contingent on the sale of any other property of the buyer.

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So when you see the word ‘contingent’ on a site like, it means that the real estate listing is under contract with a buyer.

When I saw the waitlist online, it was in the Asheville market. This means that the property is in contract with the buyer. The agreement may still be in the relevant work process or may have passed this date. Either way, the real estate deal is under contract, but not yet closed.

“Contractual” is a more accurate way of describing an anticipated or “contingent” sale. It’s the same as the other signs above; The buyer and seller have agreed to the terms and conditions and executed the contract. However, the contract is yet to be finalized.

If you’re looking at the same listing on multiple websites, you’ll sometimes find different terms for that listing’s status. For example, here’s a listing for 15 Red Orange Lane in Black Mountain, a home our Asheville real estate agents recently recommended for seller. This screenshot is still “under contract”.

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Our website classifies homes as “active under contract” or “pending” depending on the home’s availability for listing. If the home is not displayed, the status is “pending”.

Our site is the only one of the three that uses the most accurate terms for listing status. They all mean the same thing, but the words can be confusing, especially if you’re from a market where “contingent selling” is common.

As mentioned earlier, MLS listings can also be classified as ‘Under Contract – No Show’. These listings still appear on some websites, but not all. They still appear as “pending” on our site.

Land Contract Homes For Sale Near Me

Our site considers “no shows” listings to be “pending”. If the MLS listing is ‘Under Contract – Showing’, our site will show it as ‘Active Under Contract’. Whether or not this property has a purchase agreement. , it will return to “active” status and be back on the market and back on real estate sites.

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! No doubt! A seller can accept as many contracts as he wants, but any additional contracts are considered reserve contracts. In North Carolina, we use the backup contract addendum when a backup contract is withdrawn by the “primary buyer” and the seller notifies the “backup buyer.”

It’s worth noting that many buyers (and buyer’s agents) prefer to monitor the listing instead of making a reserve offer. But if a buyer really likes the property, they may want to consider a backup offer. If the seller has a strong backup contract, they may not be willing to negotiate repairs and other terms with the original buyer. This increases the likelihood that the primary contract will be canceled by the primary purchaser and the reserve purchaser of the property.

It’s also worth noting that when making a reserve offer, the seller may be in a better position to negotiate. They already have a buyer, and they don’t need to talk much to the second buyer. A seller can’t sell without a preliminary return to a reserve buyer, so why would a seller consider selling at a lower price? Even if the reserve contract is at a higher price, the seller is contractually obligated to the buyer of the underlying position.

If a real estate listing has been under contract for several weeks and you want to view it or make a backup offer, the buyer’s agent will want to know how strong the contract is with the seller’s agent. If we find that the buyer’s financing is questionable or the buyer is cold, we may need to make a backup offer. On the other hand, we could be closing the deal in the next few days, and you’re better off focusing your energy and emotions on another home.

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Anticipated sales are usually closed in hot markets. But it’s easy for buyers to come back to North Carolina because of “due diligence,” so that’s what happens. Buyers do not even have to give a reason for withdrawing from the contract. This is another good reason to contact the seller’s real estate agent and let them review the current contract.

If there’s a sale you’re interested in, let us know and we’ll be happy to check it out!

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Land Contract Homes For Sale Near Me

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