Things To Do Near Aberdeen Wa

Things To Do Near Aberdeen Wa – Together, Aberdeen Washington and its nearby sister city Hoquiam WA serve as the southern gateway to the Pacific Ocean, Olympic National Park and the Olympic National Park cities.

With the Pacific Ocean to the west and forests to the east, this is a beautiful area, great for fishing, boating, beachcombing and bird watching. Or simply relax and enjoy nature while walking through local rainforests and beautiful beaches.

Things To Do Near Aberdeen Wa

Things To Do Near Aberdeen Wa

About two hours west of Seattle are the Grays Harbor County communities of Aberdeen and Hoquiam. The coastal towns of Ocean Shores and Westport are just a half hour drive west of Aberdeen WA on the Pacific coast. All of these cities are in Grays Harbor County.

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Port Angeles is 144 miles (232 km) north of Aberdeen Washington. It is a 3 hour drive through the Hood Canal. If you choose to head west on Hwy 101 through Forks and the west side of the Washington Pacific Ocean, you will travel 164 miles (263.9 km) and the drive will take approximately 3 hours 20 minutes.

Go south on Interstate 5 to Olympia. Exit at Hwy. 101 to Hwy 8. Follow Hwy 8 for 20 miles (32 km), then Hwy 8 becomes Hwy 12. Continue west another 21 miles (33.8 km) to Aberdeen WA.

The weather in Aberdeen WA can be very rainy at times due to its proximity to nearby rainforests. Depending on your statistical sources, Aberdeen receives between 76 and 116 (!) inches of rain per year. On the other hand, it only snows ONE centimeter a year in winter.

Expect 127 sunny days a year in Aberdeen. If we do the math, there are 238 days of rain and whether it rains at night or in the morning, the sun is still beautiful!

Washington Trust For Historic Preservation — Downtown Aberdeen Association

Most visitors to the Olympic Peninsula decide to go on vacation in the summer. Fortunately, this is when Aberdeen WA receives the least amount of rain:

Tourism opportunities in Aberdeen and the greater Grays Harbor area are increasing! Aberdeen boasts many historic sites, as does nearby Hoquiam. There is also a memorial to Kurt Cobain who grew up in Aberdeen WA. And if your ship sails, the tall ship Lady Washington calls Grays Harbor home. And then there’s Westport Winery (which is awesome).

Due to forests and nature, the beaches are only half an hour away. There are many local festivals celebrating bird watching and other aspects of local life.

Things To Do Near Aberdeen Wa

For a quick overview of state parks, hiking and walking trails in Grays Harbor County, download this beautiful four-color Grays Harbor map that focuses on the best tourist spots in the Grays Harbor area. Also visit the Planinci website, Olimpija branch.

Why Did Aberdeen, Wa Or Raymond, Wa Not Become Big Port Cities?

The old GuestHouse Inn & Suites was purchased by Best Western and renovated and improved. Centrally located near the Chehalis River.

TripAdvisor: Reviews of Olympic Museums and Museums in Aberdeen WA

If you find hotels listed here or in Hoquiam WA, please check rooms in Ocean Shores and/or Westport. The economy of these cities depends on tourism.

A cozy B&B in a historic and tasteful Victorian village. Good breakfast served in the sun room. Water view.

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As far as we know there are no campsites in Aberdeen WA itself. There are a few campgrounds near Aberdeen WA, the closest being Hoquiam WA:

Additionally, there are a few other campsites near Aberdeen WA, and we’ve also listed them if you need more options. They weren’t too far…

Grays Harbor County’s main industry has always been lumbering. However, since the 1990s, and with the understanding of the needs of the northern hornbill, access to old forest land has been completely restricted and the entire industry has been crippled.

Things To Do Near Aberdeen Wa

As a result, the Grays Harbor area, including Aberdeen WA, has unemployment rates as high as 19.5% in some cases.

Top 10 Best Things To Do With Kids Near Aberdeen, Wa

As the logging industry died down, tourism began to help revive the area. Yes, there is plenty to explore here, including historic buildings, local shops and beaches, forests and wildlife.

Today, the economy is slowing, but health is on the rise. In addition to the remaining jobs in the wood and paper industry and the new focus on tourism, two other industries have established themselves. Westport Shipyards builds vessels in Hoquiam, and Grays Harbor (in Hoquiam) has the nation’s largest biodiesel plant, capable of producing more than 100 million gallons of biodiesel annually.

The twin cities of Aberdeen WA and Hoquiam WA welcome travelers to enjoy their waters and forests.

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Things To Do Near Aberdeen Wa

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Aberdeen Wa Activities:

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By Karen Patry, Copyright © 2012 – 2023 My Port and Beautiful Pacific All rights reserved. Privacy Policy | Copy | About us | Certified sitemap made by Solo! Westport Winery Garden Resort is the ultimate destination for activities in Aberdeen WA – for wine tasting, fine dining and relaxing in beautiful gardens.

Karen LOVES visiting Westport Winery. It was winter then, and although the gardens were resting for the winter, it was good to get back to food and wine.

Best Things To Do In Aberdeen, Nc

On TripAdvisor: “In 2017, Westport Winery Garden Resort was named Greater Grays Harbor Business of the Year. Sea Glass Grill at Westport Winery Garden Resort was named one of the top five restaurants in the country by USA Today. King 5 Evening Magazine Winery. In 2016, Westport Winery was honored as one of the top twenty wineries in North America by Winery & Vineyard Management Magazine. South Sound Magazine. In 2015, they received the Grays Harbor Environmental Stewardship Award.”

Grays Harbor Historical Seaport is a non-profit organization that operates the Lady Washington, a full-scale reproduction of the tall ship that was the first American ship to visit the West Coast. Its home port is Aberdeen; but it extends to ports up and down the west coast.

Where is Lady Washington today? Check the website for Lady Washington’s current location as she remains in port. If the boat is in port, you can go up to the port, possibly by gunning the Hawaiian Chief, another schooner.

Things To Do Near Aberdeen Wa

Covid-19: Grays Harbor Bay area offices are temporarily closed due to Washington State’s covid shutdown. However, Lady Washington continues to visit Grays Harbor on Saturdays and Sundays. Tours are free; register on the website above.

My Base Guide

For history buffs – Aberdeen WA has a lot to offer with a focus on the past. Housed in the historic Aberdeen Armory Building, this wonderful museum offers displays of local history and events. Do your own research in their research center, read rare books, historic photos and more.

Also ask about the Kurt Cobain Walking Tour. The

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