Where Can I Get Wifi From

Where Can I Get Wifi From – You’ve probably connected to dozens of Wi-Fi networks since you got your device, and your phone or tablet remembers every single one of them. Every time you type your Wi-Fi password at home, at school, at work, at the gym, at a coffee shop, at a relative’s apartment, or on a friend’s phone, your device saves it for safekeeping and easy access. then log in. .

Maybe you want to connect a second device to a registered wireless access point, or maybe you’re with a friend who wants to access the same access point. If you can’t get the password from the source, you may want to check your phone or tablet for credentials; but when you view the Wi-Fi network saved in your settings, the password doesn’t appear in plain text.

Where Can I Get Wifi From

Where Can I Get Wifi From

It is possible to get the Wi-Fi network’s plaintext password from your device’s settings, but it is not visible at first glance. If you have a covered phone or tablet like any Samsung Galaxy, it will be less noticeable than if you use a stock on, say, a Google Pixel model. In any case, it’s pretty easy to find saved Wi-Fi passwords, but not as easy as Apple made it recently in iOS 16 and iPadOS 16.

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Finding the cleartext password for a saved Wi-Fi network is easiest in shares 10, 11, 12, and 13. No root is required and it doesn’t even require any additional software.

Google’s Pixel devices can run 10 or more; Pixel 4 and newer models support the latest OS update, 13.

Although the One software is no longer valid, manufacturers that sell One smartphones such as LG, Nokia, Motorola and Xiaomi are still subject to Google’s requirements to provide software updates for at least two years after the device’s release. Phones like the Nokia X10 and X20 support 13, but other phones released in 2020 or 2021 will likely reach 12.

The process below will be very similar for phones running a near-stock experience. It may also work on other models that don’t have customized contact menus.

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First, access the “Wi-Fi” sub-menu in your Settings app. Depending on your phone model and software, you can find it in one of the following ways:

On the Wi-Fi or Internet settings page, tap the network you’re currently connected to at the top (

). In the Saved list, you’ll see the SSID or service set identifier (more commonly known as a network name) for each Wi-Fi network your phone or tablet has saved; Choose the one you need (

Where Can I Get Wifi From

Now click on “Share” option under network name and status. It will ask you to scan your fingerprint, scan your face, enter your PIN, or enter your password if you have a security setting. You’ll see the password in plain text below the QR code that stores the network’s credentials.

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To scan the code, you can connect the device directly to the access point using a QR code scanner, be it a phone or tablet, iPhone or iPad.

Samsung is adding a look called One UI to the main system with One UI 5.1 for 13, the newest version due in January 2023. Many elements look and behave differently from the Google Pixel, including retrieving cleartext passwords for saved Wi-Fi. is crying

Viewing Wi-Fi passwords in One UI 2 and above isn’t as simple as stock, but it’s still relatively easy; It just takes a little more work. However, since Samsung blocks access to the passwords of other registered Wi-Fi networks, you can only retrieve the cleartext password of the current Wi-Fi network you are connected to.

After entering the Wi-Fi submenu, click the gear next to the SSID (service set identifier) ​​of the network you are currently connected to (more commonly called the network name).

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Then select “QR code” under network information. The biggest difference between One UI and stock is that you can only get the QR code of the network you’re connected to. Another important difference is that you won’t see the network’s password in plain text. Besides, you can’t ask Bixby to do it.

Either way, if you’re using Google Lens for photos for the first time, you’ll need to give it access to your gallery; At the next prompt, click “Allow access” and then click “Allow”.

Google Lens will start scanning the image and eventually focus on everything inside the perimeter of the QR code, which won’t show you what you need. If so, manually expand the crop in the image to go beyond the perimeter of the QR code.

Where Can I Get Wifi From

When you successfully scan the QR code, it will display the network credentials in plain text below the image, including the password.

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Unlike the above, most phones and tablets running stock or skin versions 9 and earlier cannot generate QR codes with Wi-Fi network credentials embedded. There are apps that help you generate QR codes for Wi-Fi access points, but you need to know the password; It’s no use if you don’t know.

9 and earlier, the file containing the saved Wi-Fi credentials is in a protected directory and you can only access it if you have root access (see Method 4 below). However, if you received a QR code for a Wi-Fi hotspot from another device, you can use the Google Lens app or Lens in Google Photos to scan the QR code for the password.

). For Google Lens, you can open its app directly or click the Lens icon on the Google app home screen widget or from within the Google app.

Then select the image with QR code from your gallery. If the QR code is printed or on another device, you can also select “Search with your camera” in the Google Lens app; If so, scan the code with your camera. After uploading the image to Google Photos, click the “Lens” button.

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When the QR code is successfully read, it will display the network credentials on the card in plain text, including the password (swipe the card up to see the detail).

If your phone is running 9.0 Pie or lower and you want to view passwords for saved Wi-Fi networks, the only way to do it is to root it. It works fine if you have TWRP installed and use it to install Magisk for root.

Many apps on the Play Store claim to show your Wi-Fi passwords, but the only app that worked on all of our devices was Alexandros Schillings’ WiFi Password Viewer.

Where Can I Get Wifi From

When you run WiFi Key Recovery for the first time, the program will ask for Super User access. When you click the “Grant” button in the pop-up window, you’ll be taken to a list of all the Wi-Fi networks you’ve connected to so far. A password is displayed under each entry.

How To Find A Wifi Password

If you’ve connected to many different Wi-Fi networks during the time you’ve owned your device, your list can be quite long. If so, you can search for a specific Wi-Fi network using the search button in the upper right corner.

If you need to share one of these passwords with another device, you have a few options. Start by touching any entry in the list; A small menu will open. Here you can:

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You turn on your laptop in a public place like an airport, a coffee shop, or your hotel room. You sit down to work, choose the right Wi-Fi network and … nothing. Your Wi-Fi icon appears connected, but your browser says:

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