Best Things To Do In Spokane Wa

Best Things To Do In Spokane Wa – Looking for all the amazing things to do in Spokane, Washington? You have come to the right place. This beautiful PNW town has so much to offer! It’s full of local gems, cool shops, and amazing restaurants – not to mention waterfalls, garbage-eating goats, and home to legends like Bing Crosby!

This city in the Pacific Northwest is full of interesting places to visit and is a beautiful place in nature. To find out all there is to see and do in Spokane, keep reading!

Best Things To Do In Spokane Wa

Best Things To Do In Spokane Wa

The Pacific Northwest is a place to enjoy the outdoors, and so are the cities, and this is best demonstrated at Riverfront Park. This 100-acre park was built for the 1974 World’s Fair.

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Today, many of Spokane’s most famous landmarks can be found here, including the Great North Clock Tower, the Garbage Goat, the Giant Radio Flying Wagon, the Spokane Falls Viewpoint and the Pavilion. Not to mention the many sculptures that can be found throughout the park, including the Joy of Running sculpture.

Spend time strolling around Riverfront Park to enjoy the lush landscape, including a beautiful waterfall. This is one of the best things to do in Spokane!

One of my favorite and fun things to do in Spokane while at Riverfront Park is feed the trash goats. This is an important Spokane event. The copper and copper structure, similar to the shape of a goat, “eats” small impurities with the inner blade of the mouth.

The Litter Goat was built by the “Welding Nun”, Sister Paula Mary Turnbull. He had a passion for art and his idea for the Trash Goat came from a visit to a zoo where he saw trash can lids designed to look like animal heads.

Things To Do At Riverfront Park

I wish more cities had something like this! Be sure to pick up any trash you see so you don’t end up empty handed when you meet the trash goat! You just go up, press the button and put your hand under the goat’s mouth to suck it up!

For the most spectacular, unparalleled views of Spokane Falls, ride the Numerica Skyride. Starting at Riverfront Park, 15 minutes will take you to Huntington Park Community Park, the Spokane River, and the Monroe Street Bridge.

This walk is very interesting as you see beautiful scenery from the flowing water of the falls to the city center. The Numerica Skyride is a Spokane attraction you won’t want to miss.

Best Things To Do In Spokane Wa

The natural beauty that the Pacific Northwest is known for is on full display at Spokane Falls. Watch the waterfall and hit the rocks below in this powerful natural environment. The power of water is terrifying and beautiful.

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You can get great views of Spokane Falls from Huntington Park, located in Riverfront Park above the Monroe Street Bridge. When it comes to things to see in Spokane, this is at the top of the list.

You know what other cities and towns have the biggest, tallest, etc. roller coasters? In fact, Spokane is home to the largest Radio Flyer car. Named the Childhood Express, this interactive statue is a snapshot of the game of the day.

It’s a children’s playground, with monkey bars and a car bucket on the floor with a white handle! It also makes for an amazing photo spot, and is located in Riverfront Park.

Seeing this car in person is a unique and fun thing to do in Spokane, regardless of whether you have to get in and play (no matter your age).

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While at Riverfront Park, take a break from walking and enjoy a ride on the Loof Carousel. Built by master carousel builder Charles I.D. Loof, this Spokane joint is more special than most of its fancy, fancy carousels. The reason is that Luff made this carousel as a wedding gift for his daughter and her husband more than a century ago, in 1909.

The fun thing about this Spokane activity is that as you go around you can pick up a ring with each spinning object and try to put the ring on the target! When looking for things to do in Spokane, stop by the Looff Carousel as it is also a designated site on the National Register of Historic Places.

The design-build hotel Davenport is truly a feast for the eyes and a must-see in Spokane. While here, head to the spacious Peacock Room Lounge and sip a cocktail under the sparkling stained glass ceiling.

Best Things To Do In Spokane Wa

Enjoy the signature Crab Louis salad from Palm Court Grill while sitting in the elegant lobby.

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Also, check out the Venetian Gothic ballroom called the Hall of the Doges. If you love architecture, a visit to the Davenport Hotel is a Spokane must.

Guests interested in learning more about this historic area of ​​Spokane can pick up a personalized tour guide from the hotel’s front desk or visit the Spokane Visitor Center in Riverfront Park.

One of the unique things to do in Seattle that we were introduced to in not one but two different places a few years ago was a fun indoor mini golf course/pub. at the Flatstick Pub!

For a fun Spokane event, head to the Flatstick Pub. This combination of mini golf and bar is a great way to unwind after a busy day exploring the city.

Things To Do In Spokane With Kids

The indoor miniature golf holes are all themed, and you’re sure to have a great time with your group as you round the 9-hole course. Afterwards, head to the bar and try a beer from a local Spokane brewery.

Spokane has a rich indigenous heritage that is celebrated at the Truth Plaza. The metal carvings here were created by a member of the Colville tribe and represent the Salish creation myth.

The site also aims to draw attention to the Spokane River, which should be protected for its important contributions to the city. The Real Plaza is another Spokane sight you shouldn’t miss.

Best Things To Do In Spokane Wa

The city has an electric nightlife and exploring the bars is a great thing to do in Spokane, Washington.

Riverfront Park Spokane In Washington

It sounds like a chat, they have great cocktails and a great atmosphere. Another thing to note is that this place is hard to tell from the street, so it’s a little bit tongue-in-cheek, head to 108 N Washington St and if you see a bookstore in you,​​​​like a bookstore that is closed for the day, go. come in and join this cool Spokane bar.

There is an underground bar that also feels like a speakeasy, and here the focus is on whiskey. It is also important to note that this bar is not easy to find, we were brought here by our blogger friends The Mandagies, who if you are planning a trip to the PNW – they are experts and you will want to use. site and great social media pages for inspiration.

To find Hogwash Whiskey Den, head to 304 W Pacific Ave. Then head downstairs to the historic Washington Cracker Building. If you’re hungry, their food is delicious too!

It has great beer and great food. Be sure to try some of their beers on draft, they had a few pale IPAs that we tried, and if you’re looking for food this place has some classy food a top, we both highly recommend the Bahn Mi burrito.

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There’s a nice and cool local store, and it’s close to town, but renting a scooter or using a ride-sharing app will get you there quickly. We encourage you to go and stay for a while, they have a great outdoor area overlooking the river, fire pits and fire tables, games and just fun, a great place to hang out and drink a few beers!

Great for drinks, they make great espresso martinis, and the interior is beautiful! This is definitely one of Spokane’s best places for a drink!

It’s great to meet beetroot products and they also have a good selection of cured cheeses. Getting to know Spokane’s nightlife is a great activity to include in your trip.

Best Things To Do In Spokane Wa

A great thing to do in Spokane is to go cafe walking, there are so many great ones! What we liked, what we went to often, was

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, which is for drinking coffee, tea and cakes. They have a cool gift shop that sells locally inspired posters, local artists, cool home items and rare vintage books.

It has a nice interior and you can enjoy coffee and food like excellent avocado toast. Look for the neon red “Damn Good Coffee” sign and you’ll find First Avenue Coffee, that one.

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