Cake Decorating Books For Beginners

Cake Decorating Books For Beginners – If you want to get cake decorating on the right foot, Rose Atwater’s new book, Cake Decorating for Beginners, is an important first step. Rose is a longtime cake blogger at Rose Bakes and brings a wealth of experience to the table.

I received a free copy of Rose Atwater’s book ‘Cake Decorating for Beginners’ to review. I promise you that I will ALWAYS give my honest opinion…good or bad. My comments in this post are my own.

Cake Decorating Books For Beginners

Cake Decorating Books For Beginners

I “met” Rose during my first year of blogging. I say ‘met’ because we never actually met in person, only through the internet. That’s how it goes sometimes in this crazy blogging world.

Good Housekeeping’s Complete Book Of Cake Decorating • Good Reading

I knew about Rose a while before I even started blogging. I have been following her Rose Bakes site for a while now and have really enjoyed her cake decorating style.

I was so excited when Rose contacted me to tell me she had a new book coming out and I couldn’t wait to read it.

It will tell you what supplies you need…including where to get them. It shows you how to build layered cakes and every detail of cake decorating, including a bunch of really cute cakes that you’ll definitely want to make.

Rose first goes over all the items you need, why you need them, and where you can get them. It then goes through the proper method of preparing your cakes for decorating. (A very important step you don’t want to skip.)

Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School

He then goes through the basics of frosting, piping and fondant, and there’s even a chapter on chocolate basics. You know those super cool cakes you see? He’ll show you how and even solve any problems you may have with getting the drip consistency right.

This book is perfect for the beginner cake decorator or someone who really doesn’t know where to start and wants a really good foundation.

It’s also good if you’ve started decorating cakes but you’re having problems and you just don’t know why they’re happening. It could be a method or technique you use, and it’s always good to see another person’s perspective.

Cake Decorating Books For Beginners

Cake Decorating for Beginners is available for pre-order on Amazon right now. It will be officially released on December 24th. Or you can order now and you don’t have to remember to order on the 24th.

Decorating Cakes: A Reference And Idea Book By The School

Simply click on any graphic in this post or click here to order: PRE-ORDER CAKE DECORATING FOR BEGINNERS HERE!

I hope you really enjoy this book as much as I did. It’s full of great cake decorating tips and tutorials and I know you’ll get a lot of use out of it.

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