Dining Room Wall Decor Modern

Dining Room Wall Decor Modern – If your dining room looks dull and empty, it may be time to refresh it. Don’t underestimate the power of wall decor to transform a space. Carefully selected wall decor will help anchor the table and create a stylish dining room. This article presents some examples of tastefully decorating dining room walls.

If you like modern and contemporary styles, this minimalist wall art will amaze you. Simple metal grills and gold details create a subtle yet striking accent for your dining room.

Dining Room Wall Decor Modern

Dining Room Wall Decor Modern

This wall decoration is ideal for enhancing a dining room with its mix of taupe tones and exquisite textures. Its neutral color palette easily fits any style, while its distinctive look adds a pleasing visual touch.

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Irregular golden cubes add a fascinating effect to otherwise blank walls. As it is a statement piece, it will perfectly complement modern styles. The finish gives the space a luxurious feel, transforming the room into a high-end dining room.

When your dining room looks lifeless and flat, it’s time to introduce some color. The combination of colors, textures, and gold details make this wall decor a great choice for styling your space. It’s ideal for neutral rooms that need a pop of color and a little texture for a playful look.

This dining room features lots of natural textures, so the wall decor complements the theme. Unique designs and organic textures make a bold statement in a neutral space.

A dining room with lots of windows will be airy and bright. However, it won’t have much space to display wall decor. But you can always get creative and find a solution that suits your room. This dining room has a high ceiling, so brightly colored artwork has been hung above the windows.

Modern Red Wine Glass Wall Art

Mirrors are a versatile decorative element that adapts to all styles. If you’re not sure what type of accessories to include, mirrors will always match your theme. These three round mirrors anchor the dining space while reflecting natural light.

Introducing pops of cobalt blue is perfect for refreshing a gray dining room. Vibrant colors make a bold statement in this beautiful space.

If the walls are already the focal point, this minimalist print is enough to add a decorative touch without overwhelming the space. The white background contrasts with the deep blue walls, adding visual interest.

Dining Room Wall Decor Modern

We know that photos can be a wonderful source of design inspiration, which is why this post may contain affiliate links that will direct you to specific decor items. A portion of the profits can be allocated by clicking on the link.

Stl File Dining Room Wall Art Modern Art Frames Unique Wall Decor・model To Download And 3d Print・cults

Christina is an interior design enthusiast who loves sharing practical advice. With over 5 years of experience writing interior design content, she has a lot to share. She is obsessed with Pinterest, finding the most creative ideas to inspire you. Hopefully this will inspire you to build the home you’ve always dreamed of. When designing our dining room, we wanted to use a modern contemporary style with simple, clean accents. When searching for furniture, we focused on dining room furniture that was minimal, space-saving and didn’t take up too much space visually. Although our dining table is quite large and can seat 8-10 people, it doesn’t eat up space and still feels open and airy.

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One of our favorite pieces of furniture in our home is this walnut portica dining table with a stainless steel base from Room & Board. As we often host our dining table, we wanted to accommodate as many people as possible and chose one that could seat 8-10 people. For reference, the dimensions of our table are 78″ W x 42″ D x 29″ H. A walnut wood top is very attractive, but also requires a bit of maintenance and good care to keep it looking its best. We also considered this Crate and Barrel Parsons Table as another similar option.

Since we purchased the dining table from Room and Board, we chose their Hirsch chairs with ivory metal legs. These chairs have a very elegant and slim frame and are a huge space saver, especially when trying to accommodate as many people as possible around the table! We really like the material, which is very easy to clean and very resistant to spills. Another option we considered was the Lowe leather chairs from Crate and Barrel.

Vintage Wall Decor In The Dining Room

The main level of our townhouse is the second floor, which is open concept. Since the dining area is open to the living room, we chose not to use a rug for the dining room because the rug would be too close to the living room rug. It was also a practical decision and would be easy to clean under the dining table.

For the decor of the dining room, we opted for a simple round mirror hung on the wall in the center of the table. We love and recommend the CB2 infinity mirror line! We have a 48 inch round infinity mirror in black and it perfectly anchors our modern dining room. It is available in 24, 36 and 48 inches and has a very thin aluminum frame with a depth of 1 inch. We were very impressed with the value for money and the reflection of the mirror is not bad at all, which is something I always look for when buying mirrors. We’ve also had a rectangular infinity mirror in our powder room for over 2 years and still love it – I would recommend it to anyone looking for a modern minimalist slim frame mirror!

Our dining room chandelier is definitely a statement piece and elevates the look of the space! Our particular fixture is no longer available, but this cluster pendant chandelier is a great alternative from Wayfair!

Dining Room Wall Decor Modern

For our dining table centerpiece, we have a 32 inch tall white planter filled with faux succulents. It is also available in black and stainless steel in different lengths. We used floral foam to hold the succulents in place and topped them with white decorative stones for a finished look.

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Overall, our dining room design is pretty simple and there’s not much to do. Since the dining room has no windows, the round mirror helps reflect the light. Walnut wood brings a pleasant warmth to the space, and sleek, modern dining furniture keeps your living-dining space open and airy.

We’re Viv and Tim here to help you create a home you love! Follow us as we share our top home decor picks, along with helpful pairings and fun ideas. I’m not always a fan of design trends, but one of my favorites lately is vintage tree wall art. Many designers I love have used this popular treetop print from Stauffer Home in their spaces, and I love its cozy, vintage look. But the price… not so much. I was able to find digital prints of these vintage tree prints on Etsy for a few dollars each. Then I had it printed and framed, all for less than the price of a designer print. If you’re looking to recreate this designer look on a budget, keep reading for all the details!

Printing companies often do not credit the artist when selling vintage artwork that has fallen into the public domain. I did a little digging and was able to find the artist – Ernest Haskell. Four engravings are titled:

The fact that Haskell created these prints between 1900 and 1925 means that they have entered the public domain and you can download them for free using the links above. I decided to purchase digital prints from Etsy because they were digitally graded to match and sized for easy printing.

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First, here’s a look at our dining room. I remodeled this room a few years ago for the One Room Challenge and I’m still a big fan of creamy board and batten. (Benjamin Moore’s color is a classic gray.) Still, I thought the dining room looked a little bland and could use more character.

After deciding on vintage tree wall art, I created a mood board using Canva to help me visualize the space. I also ordered a plaid rug that I’ve had my eye on since it launched and will share it in an upcoming blog post.

Here is a designer look at a lower cost! I had vintage tree wall hangings printed and framed by Frame It Easy (details shown below). The total for the digital art + all four custom prints/frames was less than the price of a Stoffer Home Tree Top print! This piece of art really brightened up our dining room and now I can’t imagine the space without it. Here are the frame details to keep in mind if you want to recreate this look:

Dining Room Wall Decor Modern


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