Houses For Sale In Washington Dc Area

Houses For Sale In Washington Dc Area – January 12, 2018 January 30, 2018 Catarina Bannier Kit Houses DC Historic Homes for Sale Kit Homes in Alexandria Sears Brick Homes Sears Roebuck Tudor Homes Virginia Mail Order Homes Washington DC Real Estate

“Elmhurst” was one of the more unusual Sears Roebuck house models. First, the Elmhurst’s asymmetrical and complex floor plan and Tudor style don’t quite convey the essence of this mail-order interior. It’s also more detailed than most other Sears homes of its size. And for the DC area, it has the great advantage of fitting perfectly with the 1930s Tudor and brick-loving taste here. You can see a copy of the historic announcement below.

Houses For Sale In Washington Dc Area

Houses For Sale In Washington Dc Area

There are 3 known Elmhursts in the metro area: one in Forest Hills, DC, one in Silver Spring, MD, and one in Alexandria, VA. The final model — a well-maintained and restored model — is currently on the market for $1,195,000 and has an open house next Sunday from 2 to 4 p.m. It’s been on the market through the holidays and we’re surprised it hasn’t sold yet. We thought it was very important to see – check out the pictures! – and it was certainly beautifully adapted to the 21st century lifestyle. Please let us know if you need to enter another day.

Ontario Place Northwest, Washington, Dc 20009

A four-digit stamp on a piece of wood under the lower stairs proves that the Elmhurst is genuine and not a copy. The code numbers helped put together a large set.

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December 13, 2017 December 13, 2017 Catarina Bannier Kit Houses in Washington DC Mail Order Location Sears Americus Sears Homes DC Washington DC Real Estate

Currently leased 1925 “Americus” from Sears Roebuck on Foxhall Rd, Washington. Image by Harding Polk and Jennifer Drews of Compass via MLS

Washington Dc Real Estate, Community, And People

The Sears “Americus” currently for rent in DC’s Foxhall neighborhood reminded us how popular this style was in the 1920s. The mail order company described it as “a beautiful home that every American can be proud of and comfortable in.” If you chose this style, you were guaranteed to buy a house that was “respectable, big” and “will never go out of style”.

It must have been a persuasive voice at the time, at least in the nation’s capital. “Americus” was one famous example of a town-built kit house; There are about 20 known surviving specimens in DC and many more in nearby suburbs.

Although its design is a main square with a compressed roof and a full-width vestibule, the “Americus” also has the advantage of a few features that make it easy to see. For example, one of the bedrooms extends to the hall roof, an unusual feature that we have never seen in any other house. And there are three decorative brackets at each corner of the roof and porch. Calibration sometimes affects the parentheses, but you’ll usually see it in the top space.

Houses For Sale In Washington Dc Area

“Americus” was more of an end-user home even here in DC, written by the fact that most of them were bought by people who lived there (and many had original Sears Roebuck mortgages). Built in 1925, Foxhall House has seen many upgrades and extensions over time, but still retains many original features that are a joy to look at. Check out some of these and more photos of “Americus” apartments in DC, Bethesda, Kensington, and Takoma Park in the gallery.

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As always, if you are interested in renting America or any other home on the market, please let us know! (Click here to view my collection of historic townhouses currently for sale in the DC area.) Happy Holidays!

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November 19, 2017 January 30, 2018 Historic Catarina Bannier House For Sale Colonial Village DC Washington DC Real Estate

This has been one of my favorite streets in DC for a long time: Plymouth Street in the original Colonial Village, the place that gave the street its name. It is a 1930s subdivision of approximately 90 homes and is surrounded on three sides by Rock Creek Park. The streets are unusually wide and have circles and park-like courtyards. All of the original homes here were replicas of the “Original Colonial Dwellings” of the “Original Thirteen Colonies,” as described in a 1935 Washington Post advertisement. However, the interiors of the houses were of a high standard at the time of construction.

Th Street Northwest, Washington, Dc 20010

One of those homes was a home at 2007 Plymouth St NW that is currently being offered for $1,075,000. It has since been updated and extended but offers many beautiful original features such as a total of 5 fireplaces (4 real) and a beautiful built-in library that was in the Evening Star estate section when the house was built.

We are open today from 14-16, so please stop by. What? Know someone looking for the perfect Colonial Village home? Click here to view the current 2017 collection of Colonial Village homes (on the market or under contract).

November 3, 2017 January 30, 2018 Catarina Bannier Kit Houses Chevy Chase Kit Houses Database DC House Smarts DC Sears Houses Historic Chevy Chase DC Sears Bungalows Washington DC Real Estate

Houses For Sale In Washington Dc Area

During a conversation a year ago at Chevy Chase DC History, the idea was born to somehow make my research public, not only to local kit house owners, but also to many other interested parties. in a unique. Here is a collection of great mail order houses. After (no kidding here!) thousands of hours, we can now present the first result – an interactive color-coded map with a corresponding database of houses/structures and historical information. We are working to add the material to the Historic Chevy Chase DC website and hope to link it to more house histories, artifacts, and oral histories in the future.

Washington Dc Real Estate

Chevy Chase, DC (zip code 20015) has a unique collection (both in quality and density) of historic listed homes. To date, about 100 existing houses and 61 different structures have been confirmed, and there are many more suspects. The houses are by four different manufacturers (Sears Roebuck & Co.; Lewis Manufacturing Co.; International Mill and Lumber or Sterling; and Gordon-Van Tine) and were built between 1915 and 1932.

Perhaps it is no coincidence that the most famous examples here were Lewis “Chevy Chase”, Sears “Americus” and Sears “Martha Washington!” The following directory homes appear more than once in Chevy Chase/DC:

However, the potential number one could be Sears “Maywood” (5 times), although we do not yet have complete confirmation of the authenticity of the homes. (All 5 were built by a small builder who doesn’t mention Sears Roebuck on permits, but the original architect who published his Maywood interpretation over 10 years before Sears carried it in their catalog!) It works, and I’ll let you know when we’re 100 percent sure.

In the meantime, we would be happy if you could test and explore our creations. Comments, questions and suggestions are always welcome!

Swedish Government Lists Washington, D.c., Mansion For $19.5 Million, Making It City’s Priciest Listing

October 27, 2017 January 30, 2018 Catarina Bannier Kit Houses American University Park DC, DC, Historic Mail Order Homes, Kit Homes For Sale, Sears and Other Homes in the Directory, Washington DC Real Estate

Fans of DC’s historic houses are in for a special treat this weekend. 1922 “Malvern” by Lewis Manufacturing Co. on the market in DC’s AU Park neighborhood for $2,250,000. The TTR Sotheby’s listing has an open house Sunday from 1 to 3 p.m.

Our home appliance research friends in the rest of the US might be a little shocked. The price range is there, of course, but some purists of historical preservation also do not like the fact that the house (the most luxurious example to begin with) was more than one hundred percent expanded and the interior was completely destroyed. (Although we were lucky enough to find some of the original kiln-marked beams on the front of the house!)

Houses For Sale In Washington Dc Area

Comparing the old and new floor plans in the brochures, there is little overlap. Of course, the fireplace in the living room (currently furnished as a dining room) is still in the same place, as is the kitchen. But the entrance has been moved to a side street (address changed from 4312 Fessenden St NW to 4926 43rd Pl NW); the front porch is a private side “patio” and the original porch is now a “mud room”. Instead of the original staircase, there is now a toilet and a pantry.

Look Inside Georgian Style House For Sale In D.c.’s Wesley Heights

But … for me it’s also a

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