Real Deals Home Decor Franchise

Real Deals Home Decor Franchise – WASHTENAW COUNTY, MI — A new store is bringing all kinds of bargains and discounts to the Ann Arbor area.

Bin and Pallet Co. It officially opened on July 5 at 6541 Jackson St. This Washtenaw County franchise location joins the company’s other locations in Augusta, Athens and Portage and a warehouse in Springfield.

Real Deals Home Decor Franchise

Real Deals Home Decor Franchise

Bin and Pallet Co. It all started in 2021 when Melissa and Jeff Brink opened the company’s first premium store in Augusta. Sara Graham liked the concept of the store as a customer and decided to open her own location in the Ann Arbor area.

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“(The store) is for anyone who wants to be smart about how they spend their money,” Graham said.

The store features clothing, shoes, home decor, furniture, baby gear, sports equipment and toys from brands such as Under Armor, Hurley, Sam’s Club, Target, Home Depot, Lowe’s and Wayfair , among others. Graham says the store keeps its selection fresh every day.

Despite its name, Graham said the store has no pallets or bins for sorting. Instead, he said his place is set up like a discount store similar to TJ Maxx with tables displaying clothes and accessories.

The store doesn’t currently have a discount feature, but Graham said he may add it in the future when he has more staff and supplies.

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The products sold at the Bin and Pallet Company are mostly fresh, Graham said, adding that customers can find “premium” products compared to other grocery stores. New items are about 50% cheaper, while some damaged ones can be reduced by 60% to 80%.

“Of course it’s about marketing small businesses and not just me,” he said. “It’s about community and being a resource for each other.”

Graham says he already has customers sharing his store, which is “what the community needs.” He said that he already thinks that he can continue to help Bin and Pallet Co. How to expand the Washtenaw area to other areas in the future.

Real Deals Home Decor Franchise

“I’m not worried about another place like that (with Bin and Pallet Co. next door) because I always say I’m not a show person,” he said. “I’m here for the community. I’m here to be a comfortable place where I feel like I have a big group of friends to talk to, smile and build real relationships with honesty.”

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The Bin and Pallet Company is open from 9am to 6pm. Tuesday through Friday and 9 to 4 p.m. Saturday. Learn more online or on social media.

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There’s no avoiding it, pink has taken on a life of its own in the past few months, and that’s courtesy of the fire from the multi-million dollar advertising machine of the Barbie movie. While Barbiecore beauty recruits may seem fresh and new, influencing everything from fashion to entertainment and bedroom decor, the truth is that true fans of have known about its contamination for decades.

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Naturally, the look lends itself to a healthy lifestyle of vibrant and glamorous celebrities, with notable names like Angelyne and Paris Hilton proving to be influencers across the generational gap that appreciates pink in abundance. But if you are new to the Barbiecore movement, let’s break it down in simple terms: we take its name after the famous Mattel doll and her life in a pink plastic bag, the idea is to put a rose in pink without reason, by touch. of dolls whimsy thrown in. For good measure.

As all movements do, this one has also seen its fair share of ups and downs, where public opinion of it has veered between a cool novelty and a sworn icon. bimbofication. In terms of contemporary conventions, the Barbiecore aesthetic has come to represent a much-needed breath of fresh air, with a strawberry that heralds hope and confidence in a post-crisis world.

So if you want to bring some contagious joy to your space and turn it into your Barbie dream house, here are some great room decorating tips you might want to consider!

Real Deals Home Decor Franchise

Want to be a Barbie girl? Check out these brand deals and properties ahead of the new movie

Fleur Pink Bed Frame

The room decoration bandwagon is not surprising, by painting your walls in the appropriate pink color. But choosing a pink color that works well with your space is important, because different colors and different colors can change the look of the room, making it look smaller or bigger than it is. So choose wisely!

While Barbie has a good pink undertone, she tends to gravitate towards a more purple tone of purple. The closest possible color match to pink from Pantone™ is PMS Rhodamine Red U.

If painting your bedroom pink is too much of a commitment (and understandably so), you can choose to add pink accents such as cushions, lamps or mirrors to your space.

And the accompanying dollhouse is inspired by the mid-century modern trends that dominated architecture and interior design at the time. Mid-century modern design, often abbreviated to ‘MCM’, refers to an aesthetic that is often clean, geometric lines accentuated by bursts of color and the juxtaposition of materials such as wood, glass and metal.

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The suite, presented as a two-story hall with a wooden facade selected with MCM furniture and pink, yellow, and blue, ​​​​​​​​​represents the pinnacle of luxury in the Mod era. .

My point is to add mid-century modern furniture to your room or home, such as a sofa. Fortunately, MCM pieces can still be found in many stores. Bonus points if they’re pink, mostly

Beauty is nature, camp. In case you missed the 2019 MET Gala headline show, Camp simply represents ‘the love of art and excess’, as American writer Susan Sontag explains.

Real Deals Home Decor Franchise

Franchise, the concept of camp has been adapted into the fabric of the brand and its images with fun, larger-than-life interpretations.

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You can enter your living space by holding a little camp as well as by adding decorative words such as pillows in the shape of big lips, high-heeled shoes with two heels like a couch , or even light fixtures in the form of. cloud

Universal, maximalism is king. This means that when your life is plastic and fun, you won’t have to worry about reducing or reducing things, whether it’s in your clothes or in your home. Where the latter is concerned, forget to take pages from

Consider LED overhead lights or fairy lights for ambiance, or plants in fuscia pots to bring nature into your home.

The area beyond furniture and decoration is about smelling appropriately. With an entire market dedicated to room fragrances from stone diffusers to candles and even atomizers, the options are endless.

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For networking purposes, floral scents are your best bet. Some of the best options include Jo Malone’s

Answer: Simply put, Barbiecore is a visual aesthetic that seeks to emulate the bright pink life of the Barbie doll, which is Mattel’s trademark.

Answer: Some of the famous women who are considered symbols of the Barbiecore movement include LA billboard queen Angelyne, as well as hotel heiress and socialite Paris Hilton.

Real Deals Home Decor Franchise

Answer: Barbiecore interior design is an organization that wants to share the joy of the signature Barbie doll in a space, whether through furniture, decorative items, or other words.

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Answer: Whether it’s Barbiecore or modern minimalism, you don’t have to spend a lot of time decorating your room if you don’t want to! Simple tricks like arranging or adjusting your curtains, changing your bedding, and letting in more natural light can change the look and feel of a space for free.

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