Uhaul Port St Lucie Fl

Uhaul Port St Lucie Fl – As states continue to implement pandemic-related orders and lockdowns, Florida cities see a surge in U-Haul customers in 2021.

According to a new study by a moving and self-storage company, the Sunshine State saw new travelers last year as people and businesses took advantage of the state’s open climate. In a report released Tuesday, Florida was ranked 10th among U-Haul’s Top 25 Cities for Growth by 2021. The state topped the list — first was Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina — because no American city or market saw more U-Haul trucks than the Kissimmee-St. Cloud Market.

Uhaul Port St Lucie Fl

Uhaul Port St Lucie Fl

Nine other Florida cities made 25, including Palm Bay-Melbourne, North Port, Fort Myers-North Fort Myers, Clermont. Sarasota–Bradenton, Daytona Beach, Port St. Lucie, Brandon–Riverview and Ocala.

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“Florida remains competitive, especially in the time of Covid,” said Miguel Caminos, president of Orlando U-Haul Company. We made progress and the business is growing. Not only are people moving to Florida, businesses are moving here because they see better opportunities.

Growth cities are calculated as the net profit of one-way U-Haul trucks entering and exiting a city/market in a calendar year. Migration trend data is collected from more than 2 million one-way transactions for U-Haul customers each year. Adjacent cities in U-Haul markets often cluster together based on migration trends.

Along with Florida, Texas had five growing cities among the 25, led by the College Station-Bryan market at No. 7. Wine, Austin, Richardson and Carrollton were also cut. Together, Florida and Texas account for 60 percent of the 25 fastest-growing cities.

Meanwhile, California ranked last among U-Haul’s growth states, with only the Sacramento–Roseville and San Diego markets making the list.

U Haul Renters Moving To These Parts Of The Country

In addition, U-Haul truck arrivals from Kissimmee – St. To Cloud grew by 31 percent as total traffic moved to the market grew, while egress grew by 29 percent. Kissimmee-St. cloud

“Florida has always been a destination for retirees, but more importantly (in 2021) I think a lot of people have decided to retire early and downsize,” said Mario Martinez, South Florida U-Haul Area District Vice President. “There are many other reasons people come to Florida and have for years. We have a lower (cost of living) than other states. No state income tax, that’s a big reason. Warm weather. Basically, we have summer weather year-round. Attractive. Beaches . Our Beaches. Activities. There’s so much to do. Available jobs play a huge role in people coming to Florida. And with this pandemic for the last two years, we’ve been open full time. This situation continues, and (2021) is busy in every way right now. . That’s right — according to data from U-Haul, Florida’s North Port District topped the list of places that saw more movers than movers in 2020. Florida is, in fact, home to three of the fastest growing cities in the nation! Here’s a closer look .

Located near the Gulf Coast and Interstate 75, this Sarasota County district leads the list of cities with more newcomers than last year.

Uhaul Port St Lucie Fl

“People pack up their U-Haul trucks and go to Northport because it’s affordable, and it’s central to Fort Myers and Sarasota,” explained Dave Thompson, president of U-Haul West Florida. “It’s no wonder North Port is the No. 1 new U-Haul growth city because of its laid-back atmosphere and proximity to beaches. Everyone wants to live in paradise.”

Florida Tops U Haul’s ‘growth States’

It’s true…and the North Harbor area will continue to improve. “There are new malls and restaurants everywhere,” says Thompson. “The Atlanta Braves baseball team has moved their spring training location to North Port. There’s something for everyone here.”

How many people will go to North Port? According to U-Hauls data, inbound trucks to Northport are up 40 percent over last year, while outbound trucks are up 13 percent. Here’s another stat: More than 60% of Northport’s U-Haul traffic is newcomers. While U-Haul’s migration data does not directly reflect population growth, it captures movement trends well. This data can be used to understand how cities are attracting new residents.

Kissimmee is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Ranked next to Florida’s top theme parks, it has been ranked second for the past two years.

“We move a lot of customers to Kissimmee because the cost of living is relatively low,” said U-Haul Orlando President Miguel Caminos. “Year after year, the population and the average income are growing by 3% and 5% every year.”

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Despite all the development, Kissimmee retains a homely feel. “Remember this is a small town, not a metro area like nearby Orlando,” Caminos explained. “One of the main things most people think about moving here is all the activities and attractions.”

Port St. Lucie is the third fastest growing city in the nation, giving Florida the top three spots. And no wonder – Port St. Lucie is truly a beautiful place to live! There are popular gardens, parks and waterways. The city has an almost perfect climate, allowing its residents to enjoy its natural resources all year round.

If there was any reason to doubt the goodness of Florida living, it’s pretty much gone now. Find out what most people know about Florida and consider making the move yourself!

Uhaul Port St Lucie Fl

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Migration Trends: Florida Is The U Haul No. 3 Growth State

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