Wallpaper For Home Wall Decoration

Wallpaper For Home Wall Decoration – One of the easiest ways to change your living room is with wallpaper, whether you want a calm vibe using soft neutrals or bright colors and patterns, and there are many designs to choose from.

When it comes to living room wallpaper, wall art is very popular today and it’s your personality – you can design it yourself. Wallpaper can also be used to highlight certain architectural features such as chimney breast or alcoves – and think about the fifth wall called the ceiling, for real impact.

Wallpaper For Home Wall Decoration

Wallpaper For Home Wall Decoration

When choosing wallpaper, consider the size of the room. Small scale patterns work well in large rooms, but can overwhelm small spaces,’ explains David Harris, Design Director at Andrew Martin. ‘Larger sized patterns work in most rooms but think about light, as this can affect the look of the wallpaper and make the color appear lighter or darker.’

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To make a larger living room seem more intimate, choose dark, dramatic tones like purple or blue, or a compact living room, light colors like gray will create the illusion of space.

Importantly, think about the style of the house as well, as this will affect the design of the wallpaper for the living room. ‘Traditional patterns tend to suit better homes, while kitsch patterns add fun,’ explains David Harris. ‘Don’t be afraid to combine different patterns. A combination of classic designs such as stripes or flowers with exotic styles such as ikat and kilim. Avoid making the space look cluttered by choosing complementary color patterns.’

So on that note, find inspiration for the main room of the house with these wallpaper ideas for the living room.

There is nothing better than expressing the beauty of spring and summer with wallpaper. Whether you choose a climbing rose print, green foliage (like this one from John Lewis) or a beautiful floral display, they’re perfect for bringing the garden into your home.

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Blue and gray are best friends, blending together seamlessly. Do you want to change the look of your interior? Why not consider an inspired mural, such as the calm designs from Graham & Brown. It is guaranteed to bring an artistic presence to your living room.

You can’t go wrong with a green and white color scheme. Green is a soothing color often associated with nature, while white often creates a fresh and airy room. Tie the two together in the form of wallpaper and you’ve got a match made in heaven.

‘Smaller background designs are often more successful in entertaining interiors, as are beautiful and clever florals,’ says Patrick O’ Donnell of Farrow & Ball. ‘Try to avoid anything too bold or busy – palette-wise, think soft greys, neutrals, dusty pinks or greens.’

Wallpaper For Home Wall Decoration

The lashes never fail to impress and are a timeless choice. Stripes work well in every room, but they work especially well if you have a low ceiling in the living room as they give the illusion of making the room appear taller.

Contemporary Wallpaper Ideas

A great way to add color to a plain living room is with ombre wallpaper. Choose a shade you like and have a wall that starts with a deep tone at the bottom and progresses to a pale shade at the top. It’s subtle, calming, and easy to live with, especially in this blue.

If you have scraps of wallpaper from a previous project, why not use them to put patterned backing on the shelves? It looks more interesting than plain white and means that if you don’t have enough books or accessories in the living room, there is always something beautiful to look at.

Don’t be afraid to go dark in your living room – you can complement the scheme with bright and bold accents, like this burnt orange chair. A basic wooden furniture plan.

Soft and delicate, this beautiful textured scallop design dances beautifully along the length of the paper, creating a sophisticated feel in the living room space.

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Do you have arched alcoves in your living room? This retro style floral wallpaper is used in a really cool way. The patterned paper really makes the arch stand out, especially against the plain pink wall. A shelf is placed in front of it, but it is a shape that adds personality to this room and reflects the wallpaper.

Bring a relaxed vacation vibe to your living room with wallpaper designs that feature soft tones and tropical elements, like this extravagantly painted Caribbean-inspired palm tree wallpaper. Here, the dark contours of palm trees are mixed with pastel greens and golden shades of sand, creating a dark and calm composition.

Create interest with background panels. All of these grid designs work well against dark gray; it’s a subtle pattern and not too big but bold. The design resembles tiles and has a Moroccan touch to it.

Wallpaper For Home Wall Decoration

For a rustic-inspired living room, choose a sophisticated botanical design. This wallpaper print was inspired by bright color swatches found in old textile factories. Named after the blooming desert of South America, this beautiful print is the ultimate escape.

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‘Wallpaper can add another dimension of warmth and texture to a room, from small motif designs to more graphic ones. It’s also a great way to hide imperfections if your walls aren’t in the best shape,’ explains Patrick O’Donnell, Ambassador at Farrow & Ball.

The color blue can make you feel calm and relaxed or energetic and energetic, and it works well in the living room. Complete the blue scheme with blue paint on the door and around the fireplace, and printed wallpaper on four walls. This bold peacock feather design offers a splash of color.

This beautiful design – with muted pink flowers and green leaves – will transport you to a charming summer garden. Funky yet livable, it’s perfect for anyone looking to shake up their living room scheme (and create a real wow factor).

A simple geometric design that is bold but not overwhelming will add elegance to your living room. This combination uses a soft palette backdrop with a chalky gray linen sofa and muted yellow walls.

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This beautiful Brambleweb wallpaper was used as a feature on one wall with a matching paint color on the other. To take it one step further, why not use a similarly designed fabric to cover the seat?

‘The living room is an obvious place for wallpaper, you can make a statement or add ambiance. Paint the whole room and ceiling to cover the space, Brambleweb wallpaper is perfect for this, the tangled vines seem to have grown up the wall for years, like a modern day bed beauty,’ says Abigail Edwards, Background Designer, Fabric and accessories.

You can also add cushions of the same fabric but a different color for a complete look.

Wallpaper For Home Wall Decoration

Do you like jewel colors? Bring color and character to your living room with beautiful colors. Group wall panels with beautiful floral wallpaper designs to make your room sing with personality.

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Go boldly! Murals have become popular in recent years. With a large pattern like this, there is no need for art, the wallpaper can do the talking, so it is only for one wall. In yellow and gray colors, this wallpaper will be well combined with mustard chairs, cushions or carpets.

‘With trends like maximalism, murals work together to pack and expand your living space,’ says Amy Hillary, Interiors Writer at Wallsauce.

If it’s a good wallpaper, why not a frame? Wallpaper can make a great work of art. This beautiful marble wallpaper print is £95 from Nat Maks – Natascha Maksimovic is a printmaker and illustrator based in her studio in Margate. This design is perfect for this living room with a peach and blush palette.

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Wallpaper For Home Wall Decoration

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