Birthday Decoration Without Balloons At Home

Birthday Decoration Without Balloons At Home – Outdoor birthday parties are always a great choice as they give the kids plenty of room to run around and the adults to mingle. Every child is special and on their birthday, parents want to make them feel more special. These are childhood memories that we remember throughout our lives. At some point social conditions force us to come up with creative ideas. Birthdays are meant to be celebrated, even if we have to bring them out of our living room.

During this quarantine season, when indoor celebrations have moved outside, I organized a small outdoor birthday party for my daughter with only her classmates and a few close friends. Something that feels special to him, while everyone else can follow social distancing guidelines.

Birthday Decoration Without Balloons At Home

Birthday Decoration Without Balloons At Home

During quarantine most people cannot have traditional birthday celebrations like they normally do. As a result, yard signs became a popular choice as they at least made people feel a little special. The yard sign companies were busy and it took me a while to find a vendor available on the date I wanted. So I started watching a month ago. I thought I was getting an early start, but I soon learned that it wasn’t early enough.

Fun Birthday Party Decorations With Balloons

Yard sign companies have a variety of options based on colors, children’s interests, hobbies, general themes, etc. You usually have several options to choose from. My daughter was asking me for a unicorn birthday, so I chose a color for the yard sign to match that theme. I also chose some extras like a picture frame and a pink glitter heart for effect.

Originally, I was just planning to do a birthday sign at her outdoor birthday party and cut the cake outside. My plan was to attend a birthday party with his friends in their cars. When the day of the party arrived, community leaders were much more relaxed. Most people feel comfortable standing outside their cars and joining in the front yard festivities while keeping their distance. So I needed more than just a yard sign to make an impression.

When it comes to celebrating a child’s birthday, it is incomplete without balloons. For young children, balloons are essential for any birthday celebration. As soon as I ordered the yard sign, I realized I was running late, so I also started looking for a balloon decorator. If you are planning to make just one helium balloon, then it can probably be done at home by purchasing balloons and a helium gas tank from any party store.

In my case, while the shops were still closed, I chose to hire a balloon decorator. Having never hired a balloon decorator in this area before, I had no idea. I reached out to a local Facebook group and got some referrals. After checking Instagram handles for references, I picked a few to talk about. I sent them a picture of my yard and asked for pricing ideas. I took this decision after much deliberation.

Balloon Room Decor At Home In Hyderabad For Birthday & Anniversary

The balloon decorator and I decided to use 12 foot tall garlands and 10 cluster balloons each. Balloons of flowers were scattered all over the yard. A wreath was installed on the front porch as a yard sign and backdrop for the cake table. The balloons used in the garden were filled with air. In hot weather the balloons burst when they touch the grass, so the decorators used helium for the clusters above the grass.

The combined effect of the yard sign and the balloon decorations was absolutely stunning. Every passing car slowed down to admire the outdoor birthday party decorations. Many people clicked pictures, I think for their future parties.

It was interesting to watch the cars slow down during the day to take a look at the birthday decorations outside the house. Outdoor Birthday Party Cake Table Decorations

Birthday Decoration Without Balloons At Home

The cake table is the focal point of any birthday decoration. It is usually in the center or the main place and attracts everyone’s attention. It also creates a first impression on the finer details of the overall party arrangements.

Party Propz Pink Balloons For Birthday Decoration

For the cake table decorations, I ordered a unicorn flower banner and backdrop and colorful unicorn themed banner. Also I used some runners and kickstands that I already had at home. To attach the banner, I simply attached 6-foot wooden dowels to the table legs.

When creating a sequence, you can go high-low-high or low-high-low. In high-low-high the central piece remains low, while the side decorations (at the end of the table) are the highest. Conversely for low-high-low modulation.

I used lower-high-low-low-low for my table layout. The first was the Low Piece cookies that were on top of the table, then I placed a low tall cake stand for the first tier of cupcakes. Then a little higher then this cake base for the second tier. A tall cake stand was used for cake display. I ended up displaying the flowers at the other end of the table. Fresh flowers always add a nice finishing touch that adds freshness to any decor.

I made cupcakes and cookies along with the cake. Individual sized servings work best for outdoor birthday party displays. For the cupcakes, I used the Indian hot milk recipe, which is my favorite and the cupcakes stay moist longer. The cupcakes and cake were eggless and the cookies were homemade sugar cookies.

Birthday Decoration Ideas That Will Make Your Party

My daughter wanted a black forest cake, so the base was black forest without the eggs, but for the frosting, instead of using whipped cream. I used buttercream. Because at an outdoor birthday party, whipped cream doesn’t hold its shape for long. Since this was for a kid’s birthday party, I used a non-alcoholic crush syrup. For the filling between the layers I used choker cherry pie filling without preservatives and artificial flavors. I find it easier and more beautiful to use a birthday banner on the cake instead of writing on it.

Since it was quarantine, I planned to join friends here for this outdoor birthday party just from the car. I decided to make a lunch box that I could just carry in the car. Almost like a picnic box. Each box contained a cupcake, cookie, curry puff and a return gift.

Each item was individually wrapped before being boxed. I used paper candy gift bags for the pastries, small individual boxes for the cupcakes and the cookies were in a clear plastic cookie bag. I chose a very attractive box design instead of a white box, to get the attention of all the kids.

Birthday Decoration Without Balloons At Home

Similarly, for drinks, I want to have something that the children can take with them. I also don’t want to use artificial or store bought drinks. So I found these 10oz milk bottles, with a colored lid that you can put a matching strap on.

Balloon Decoration On Wall For Birthday Anniversary In [location]

The rationale behind choosing glass bottles and paper straws was to be more environmentally friendly. Not all bottle caps have holes for holes, so check carefully. For the drink I decided to make pink strawberry lemonade, to go with the theme.

To keep the drinks cold and enhance the effect, I also added some fancy ice cubes to the tub. I used fresh fruit and fresh flowers for these fancy ice cubes. Fancy ice cubes became the talk of the party. The children were so fascinated that they all wanted one.

Initially, the plan was for me to take a box of snacks and drinks with me. However, as the day approached and quarantine restrictions eased, it was clear that I needed to prepare some simple finger foods for an outdoor birthday party. So I decided to add some chicken tea sandwiches to the menu. To make these three-time sandwiches, I used multigrain bread with a cheese spread flavored with cilantro avocado chutney and topped with pickled cucumbers instead of gherkins.

At tea time chicken sandwiches were served on a 3-tiered crystal server along with other items. To serve the cake, I chose a beautiful white square plastic plate with a rose gold border and a rose gold fork. This added a nice little touch to the event. Party napkins were also trimmed in gold to match the plates.

Multi Color Balloon Wall Decoration For Birthday At Home

Finally! Don’t forget to keep a close eye on the weather. In our case, the sun was shining in full glory. If you look back on your childhood days, one of the sweetest memories you will remember is your birthday. However, many things change with growing up, but the excitement of birthdays remains the same. And, if you are planning to throw a birthday party at home, we are sharing some DIY birthday decoration ideas for your home to get you in the mood.

To decorate your house for a birthday party, you should first consider the person’s age, gender, preferences, etc. After that, you need to think about the birthday decoration theme, venue availability, guest list, cake and food and drinks. Birthday decorations such as balloons, banners, foil curtains, confetti, pom poms, lights,

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