Cheap Easy Ways To Decorate Your Room

Cheap Easy Ways To Decorate Your Room – This week I’m launching a new series on the blog called MY HOME REFRESH. Come this year as I take on one space at a time, updating, organizing, and (of course) creating and decorating, starting with today’s room update!

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Cheap Easy Ways To Decorate Your Room

Cheap Easy Ways To Decorate Your Room

We moved into almost nothing except what we could fit in a tiny 1 bedroom apartment. We don’t have equipment, alas!

How To Make Your Bedroom Feel Like A Hotel Suite

So in the first few weeks, we had to buy essentials like a stove, refrigerator, washer and dryer, and then slowly start furnishing the house over the next few years.

When I started this blog in 2015, we made decorating and making it cozy a priority.

(See the FIRST tour of the house on the blog – sorry for the bad lighting and the “yellow” color in my photos πŸ™ I’m still “green” in the world of photography.)

A few years ago, after completing my craft room renovation (if you missed it, take the Facebook Live tour here), I noticed that the rest of the house was starting to look a little tired, dated, and, worse yet, damaged. for a couple of furry people who would keep the name πŸ˜‰

How To Decorate On A Budget: Easy Budget Home Decorating Ideas

So after a decade in our house, I decided it was time to start updating my house. That is, choosing the main area for:

But on a LOW BUDGET, my only goal is to REFRESH THE HOUSE to match the current needs and tastes of my home.

Our guest room has remained largely unchanged since we moved in 10 years ago. Seriously, all the furniture, bedding, and decor have barely been touched since the first tour of the house on the blog.

Cheap Easy Ways To Decorate Your Room

This seems like almost 10 years. Sweet, of course, but a little old-fashioned.

Easy Ways To Decorate A Small Bedroom On A Budget

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Opposite Wall, a Canadian company that produces the most stunning and affordable modern art prints.

I decided to keep the same palette of grey, white and tan, while adding some subtle touches of black for that extra touch.

So, with just a few changes and additions, the guest bedroom gets a subtle update that feels a little more modern and up-to-date.

This art print is the piece de resistance of this place! In keeping with our Scand-meets-farmhouse-with-a-pinch-of-mid-century-modern, these abstract, minimalist prints are exactly what this tranquil space needs.

Fun And Easy Diy Room Decor Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

(For a complete list of sources for all art prints, frames and picture frames, go to the end of this post.)

What’s new next?: Analog alarm clock and overall design. Lamps, planters with fake succulents, and metal wire birds are items I already have.

Also new to the space are gray cotton pillows, blankets, and sheets, all affordable additions from Amazon and Home Sense.

Cheap Easy Ways To Decorate Your Room

This beautiful mud cloth motif blanket is a great addition to “my home store”. I love the black stroke here.

Tween Girl Bedroom Decor Ideas

So after two full weekends creating wall decor and replacing some key accessories and bedding, I was able to update the space while keeping the same color palette.

With just a few updates and changes, our guest room receives a subtle facelift giving it a fresh and modern feel.

None of our furniture has changed, not one bit! You’ll be able to refresh your space and give it new life without spending a dime on furniture.

It is not necessary to change all the sheets and bedding. Simply adding a bedspread will create a whole new look.

Cool Kids’ Room Ideas

My little secret in this bedroom? I kept the duvet and just bought a new blanket πŸ™‚

As I mentioned, some of the decor in this bedroom came from “purchases” from my own home. I’ve collected a lot of ornaments over the years, so I just bring things in from other places in my house and add a few new pieces.

You can see how I made TWO DESIGNS for the same wall space on my YouTube channel by clicking the link below:

Cheap Easy Ways To Decorate Your Room

You can also find amazing second-hand pieces at any thrift store or charity shop to refresh your space! I have beautiful decorative pieces throughout the house and I love the personality they add to my space.

Living Room Decor Ideas For A Refresh That Won’t Blow Your Budget

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If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. This means that each time you visit this website you will have to re-enable or disable cookies. It’s easy to decorate a princess bedroom without spending a lot of money! Here’s how to update Addie’s room with simple and affordable girls’ bedroom decor.

Here are some girls bedroom ideas from spaces we’ve designed for girls: modern farmhouse style teen bedroom, bright and simple tween girls bedroom, modern bohemian girls bedroom, and Addison girls bedroom.

How To Create A Walk In Wardrobe

I love designing any child’s room, but a girl’s bedroom might be my favorite project to tackle in the entire house! And while neither of my daughters are the pink or frilly princess types, designing a fun, girly space is always fun!

This month I finished Addison’s new room, and if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve probably seen all the planning and DIY preparation that went into this girls’ room, as well as the decorating problems that arose along the way. (Like the rug that arrived almost a month late!)

I get a lot of questions about this room, so I thought I’d put together a big tour with all the product links, helpful tips, and room decorating ideas in one handy blog post.

Cheap Easy Ways To Decorate Your Room

When it comes to designing a girl’s room (or any boy’s space!), LESS IS MORE! Too much clutter can be overwhelming for a young child who is asked to clean her room. Are they (

Diy: 10 Ways To Make A Small Bedroom Seem Bigger

With the right methods and incentives, you can help your child clean and declutter the space so it’s ready for a fun makeover.

The next step when designing a child’s room is deciding what colors to use. This will be determined by your child’s personal preferences and tastes, but you can take inspiration from any of the following:

For Addie’s room, I wanted to keep the colors mostly muted and soft with some beige and pink accents. I knew I didn’t want a traditional pastel color palette, so I was happy to find THIS RUG that I put on top of the rug and it provided the perfect starting point for the space.

I continued with Addie’s furniture, which it has been for years, but the dresser with heart cutout drawers got a new coat of paint from Coral Pink to Beige Pink, and I like how it looks with the rug.

How To Decorate Your Home With Canvas And Portraits β€” Bella Luce Fine Art Portraits

I would love to buy a canopy bed, but I don’t have the budget, so I hang a mosquito net on the corner of the bed and give it the soft feel I want. (All for under $10!)

I also like the idea of ​​having a trundle bed in this space, in case we need it for company or for cousins ​​to stay over.

The only other piece of furniture we bought was a hanging hammock that matched her room. Addie was so excited when she saw this fun addition! (I’m glad this swing only cost me $50! What a deal!)

Cheap Easy Ways To Decorate Your Room

Her desk is in our main office. I covered the top with wood look contact paper and I like how it warms up the space.

Diy Room Decor Ideas That Work For Any Bedroom

Choosing children’s bedding can be the most important part of any room! Not only should it be cute, but it should also be functional and comfortable!

The bedding in Addie’s room is called Love at First White by Beddy’s. I splurged in this space alone, but we’ve been using this bedding brand for 6 years, and I think it’s worth it!

I explained why I love this bed so much on Instagram (look for the “Beddy” bubble on my profile), but here are some highlights:

Now that you know the 5 steps to organizing and designing your bedroom, which project will you tackle first?

Simple And Cheap Fall Decor Ideas (that Look High End)

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