Houses For Sale In Runda Nairobi Kenya

Houses For Sale In Runda Nairobi Kenya – Various factors influence people’s decisions when choosing a place to live, for example, crime statistics, street lights, etc. However, there are many factors to consider when looking for a suitable property, such as proximity to shops, hospitals, pharmacies, schools, restaurants, entertainment centers and more. In addition, some people take houses in the houses provided, for example, bungalows, villas, mansions, townhouses, etc., while others prefer peace and group. If you are planning to move to Runda, here are some popular places to stay.

Runda Paradise Estate is a gated community located off Kasarani Road, off Kiambu Road, on the way to Paradise Lost. This managed housing development consists of one hundred and fifty townhouses and townhouses.

Houses For Sale In Runda Nairobi Kenya

Houses For Sale In Runda Nairobi Kenya

Runda paradise is close to schools, medical facilities and Kiambu city. It also has a large parking space and a high level of security, aided by security lights. A 4 bedroom maisonette costs around Ksh. 26 million with an additional rental price of Ksh. 120 thousand to Ksh. 300k per month.

Runda Neighbourhood Property Guide, Social Amenities, Real Estate Properties For Sale Or Rent

Runda Mhasibu is a beautiful leafy area located in the northern part of Runda. It is one of the residents of the gates along Kiambu Road, near Paradise Lost. This is an ideal location for people looking for affordable residential properties to upgrade.

The advantage of buying land in Runda Mhasibu is that the land is fully serviced and has legal documents ready. Other features include CCTV, parking, electronic fencing and wheelchair access. The property is also close to several schools, financial institutions, shopping centers and more. A quarter acre residential plot costs Ksh. 19 million.

The five-star Runda Paradise is a unique development with complete luxury and comfort. It is near Paradise Lost, near Kiambu Road. It also has 182 luxury 3, 4, 5 bedroom villas and sixty-six 4 bedroom townhouses.

The five-star paradise is close to schools such as SABIS International, a shopping center and health services. It also has other features such as 24-hour security, parking spaces and a children’s playground.

Bedroom Houses For Sale Nairobi, Runda Runda Nairobi (pid: 9addz)

A luxury 4 bedroom house priced from Ksh 28.5 million to Ksh 32.5 million with an additional rental value of Ksh. 200k per month.

Runda Mumwe Park is a gated community with modern elegance and professional design. It has artistic, ornate and elaborate monuments, townhouses and mansions. The property is monitored 24/7 at all times, secured by CCTV as well as electric fencing. In addition, it provides another development area for people looking for affordable properties in affluent areas.

Most of the homes are designed with beautiful fireplaces, marble baths, ample space and lots of natural light. The property is also close to several international schools, Two Rivers Mall, hospitals and more.

Houses For Sale In Runda Nairobi Kenya

A half acre residential plot in this Mumwe garden is going for Ksh. 38 million, while a 4 bedroom unit fetches $67 million with an additional rental price of Ksh. 400 thousand per month.

Mae Ridge Runda Estate

Mimosa Estate is located in the western part of Runda and consists of maisonettes, family homes and villas. The property is divided into Mimosa Park Villa, Mimosa Drive and Runda Mimosa. It is one of the secure villages with 24-hour CCTV, perimeter fence and restricted entry.

In addition, Mimosa Properties offers real estate, homes for sale and homes for rent. It has adequate drainage, good sewerage and uninterrupted electricity. The advantage of buying a property or a house in this quiet area of ​​Mimosa is that it is serviced and comes with a free license.

The half acre residential plot in Mimosa will cost the community between Ksh. 35 million and Ksh. 45 million. A 4 bedroom apartment costs Ksh. 70 million in alternative rental Ksh – 350k per month.

Whisper Property is one of the popular properties in Runda. It is located in the southern part of Runda on United Nations Avenue, near the whisper road, near the city market. It has a variety of housing types, including semi-detached houses, apartments, maisonettes and more. The property is close to educational institutions such as Regis Runda School, Two Rivers Shopping Center and various health facilities.

House For Sale In Pan Africa Insurance Lane, Runda, Nairobi

The Whispering Quarter is a very convenient place to stay for expats and locals who work in the nearby embassies. It is one of the highest level of security recognized by the UN.

A 4 bedroom detached house in Whispers estate costs around Ksh. 300k per month. Homes have a large kitchen, laundry room, master bedroom, family room, walk-in closet, and more.

Muringa Estate is one of the new estates being built in the eastern part of Runda near the mountains and two river shopping areas. It is considered as an extension of the luxury houses and neighborhoods of Runda, it is bordered by Northern Ring Road in the north and Kiambu Road in the west.

Houses For Sale In Runda Nairobi Kenya

The houses in Muringa have existing documents, electricity and water, security and mature trees. It has a good road network and is close to several schools, shopping malls and hospitals.

Land For Sale In New Runda, Runda, Nairobi

Half an acre of undeveloped residential land in Muringa estate is worth twenty four million. Meanwhile, a 3-bedroom unit costs Ksh 22 million with an alternative rental option of Ksh-130k per month.

Runda Evergreen Estate is a gated community located on Kiambu Road near Siata Mall and Ridgeways. The property consists of beautiful townhouses, each built on half an acre, with laundry facilities, large bedrooms, swimming pools, ample parking, bar area, gym, entertainment room and more. The house also has hot water, ceramic floor, modern kitchen, large living room.

A 5 bedroom house in Runda Evergreen Estate is priced at one hundred and twenty million shillings with an additional monthly rental price of Ksh.150k.

Properties vary in many ways, including layout, housing types, neighborhood amenities, and more. The establishment of gated communities will improve security in all Runda buildings, making them equally safe. Runda Houses for Sale in Nairobi is the definition of luxury and modern living. and comfort! Yes, in this truly unique home, complimented by original equipment and fitted by Runda after luxury. It has 5 bedrooms (all en-suite).

Beautiful 4 Bedroom Mansion For Sale In Runda

Being close to the Embassy etc. It is a walking distance from the Runda Police Station, and guarding is provided by security personnel.

PUBLIC AMENITIES: 2 minutes to Village Market, Two Rivers Mall, Riviera Mall and 5 minutes to Mutaiga Mini Market. ACCESS: Walking distance to Nairobi Hospital, 5 minutes to Getrudes Hospital and Ogahon Hospital

Entrance hall / vestibule – Large living room with working fireplace, large glass windows and sliding door to patio – Separate kitchen area that becomes the heart of the house _ Kitchen with spacious cabinets , granite countertops, cabinets, built-ins and original tile. in a wet room. places.

Houses For Sale In Runda Nairobi Kenya

The family room brings members together after a long day.

Evergreen Runda Lovely 5 Bedroom Executive Mansion For Sale 75m Ref 379

2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th bedrooms with spacious wardrobes, walk-in shower, basin and dressing mirror – Master bedroom with wardrobes, Jacuzzi, walk-in shower walk-in, double sink basin and dressing mirror.

Ample Paved Car Park – Pit – Security in line with Alarm System, Panic Buttons, Active Gate and Security Guards from Users.

Runda Houses for sale in Nairobi, Luxurious living room open to landscaped garden. – Kitchen area. – Wine bar. – Fully equipped kitchen Chef Oven Microwave Dishwasher. – More mud room. – Laundry area. – Home office. – 2 DSQ. – Family House TV. – 5 large bedrooms all Ensuite. – Bedroom with wardrobe and bath. – Rooftop entertainment bar. – Stadium. – Gazebo with fireplace. – A large reservoir of underground water. – Guard house. – Outside guest toilets. – Copy generator. – Remote control gateway. – Guard house. – Electric fence. – CCTVs. And many more.

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