Tiny Homes For Sale Vancouver Island

Tiny Homes For Sale Vancouver Island – Whether you’re looking for a semi-detached home or a luxury home with all the amenities of a stately home, we can make it happen. We can work with almost any budget – get in touch.

Whether you’re looking for a semi-detached home or a luxury home with all the amenities of a stately home, we can make it happen. Fill out our questionnaire to start your journey.

Tiny Homes For Sale Vancouver Island

Tiny Homes For Sale Vancouver Island

Need some inspiration? Take a look at our menu. Looking for a place to park? Check out our listings page!

Tiny Home Villages And Rv Parks — Rewild Homes

Our ready-to-move-in homes are built to order. Every home we build is unique, and we work with you from the first phone call or email to create your perfect custom home. Choose from accessories, interior and exterior finishes, etc. From the number of windows to the height of your closets, place it wherever you want.

Every aspect of Rewild Home is built to the highest standards – we don’t cut corners anywhere. In terms of construction, waterproofing, safety, insulation, quality of materials, experience and imagination, there are many aspects of what we do that, if any, other architects do. With nearly 10 years in business and building many tiny homes, we are experts in designing and building tiny homes. Our process is simple and efficient, and the experience we have demonstrated in the level of detail in our buildings.

Our materials are sourced from Vancouver Island wherever possible and all of our homes are built in sustainable ways. Supporting local businesses is important to us – we keep our footprint as small as we create. We reduce, reuse and recycle materials wherever possible and are always looking for innovative ways to reuse.

CHOOSE AND BUY The two most common questions we get are: 1) How many cottages do you have? And 2) what is involved?

Tiny Houses Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

It’s difficult to estimate the value of a tiny home without a personal conversation because there are so many options and prices vary based on that. Our manufactured homes can be priced from $90,000 – $225,000 CAD. We also offer full body parts starting at $40,000 + tax. Fill out our questionnaire to get an estimate, and view our gallery to see our selection of vintage homes.

Most of our homes are connected to 30amp or 50amp service, but we can provide 100amp and even 200amp service for larger and heavier homes. Power requirements. Whether you want to connect with city energy or live 100% off-grid, we’ll work with you to design a custom solution for your home.

We can make any configuration you want on any size standard trailer. We can add or keep a story, build a staircase or staircase, create different roofs, and blend the exterior with the existing building (good for those who want to make these homes their own). want to park on the property).

Tiny Homes For Sale Vancouver Island

Here’s a small sampling of some of our options. After completing our initial survey, we will provide you with additional information.

For Sale: 42′ Tiny Home On Wheels In Victoria, Bc For $180,000

Customize everything from the size of your refrigerator to the burners on your stove. We can add furnishings and build your turnkey home, or we can make room for you to add furnishings at a later date.

Living in a smaller space means less space for relaxation. All of our homes are insulated in the floor, walls and ceiling for maximum R-value. heat wood.

Many of our homes are designed to be supplied with pressurized water from a potable water source through a sprinkler system. Water is heated with propane or electricity, either on demand or from a small tank.

Our houses have full bathrooms with toilet, shower or tub and sink. The level of communication and nature of use is up to you. Flushing, flushing, and flushing toilets are available, black water is either stored or piped directly to sewer lines. What about our “Toilet?” Check the Blog post for more information on bathroom options.

Can You Buy A Tiny House Already Built?

Questions? Visit our FAQ page or contact us. Ready to start your journey? Fill out our questionnaire to get an estimate. With rising house prices, buying a house is becoming difficult. You might think that if you’re in an entry-level job, you won’t be able to afford a place to live. But there are many tiny houses in B.C. Now for sale under $100,000.

Although tiny homes in Canada may be small in square footage, some can feel like a mansion. Taking advantage of all the possibilities, they can fit everything you need.

Some may boast more features than your current apartment and cost less per month. For under $100,000, you can get living quarters with multiple bedrooms, an office, a modern kitchen and even a laundry room.

Tiny Homes For Sale Vancouver Island

For those of you who love to travel, microhomes are perfect. Some homes for sale are portable, so you can take them with you whenever you move to a new location.

Tiny Houses So Adorable We Want To Steal Them — Best Life

This unique situation is perfect if you like the idea of ​​owning your own place, but aren’t sure where you want to live.

Description: The design of this tiny house is unique, and the inside is very attractive. Decked out in salvaged pine logs and equipped with a wood-burning stove, it’s the perfect place to curl up with a good book. There is also plenty of room for a queen bed.

Details: It’s hard to believe you can get a three-bedroom modern home for less than $100,000. It is complete with a beautiful kitchen, living room and even a laundry room.

Details: At 300 square feet, this tiny house can accommodate two bedrooms and enough room for a king-size bed.

Investing In A Tiny House Vacation Rental

Description: The interior of this tiny house is better than most apartments because of beautiful finishes like lighting and a fully equipped kitchen. There are also two bedrooms, and one can be converted into an office thanks to a Murphy bed.

Details: Under 300 square feet, this tiny house can fit everything you need like bedroom, kitchen, living space and bathroom. It’s also portable, so you can easily bring it with you when you travel.

Description: This dream home has lots of windows to let in light and make it feel more spacious. One of the best things about lighting in the bedroom is that you can see the stars from the bed.

Tiny Homes For Sale Vancouver Island

There are stories everywhere. If you see a new story in your city, send us a message, photo or video @Canada on Twitter and Instagram.

Lukow Family’s 350 Sq. Ft. ‘tiny House’ Needs Place To Call Home In Victoria

This beautiful custom home for sale in BC is under $550K and is located on a small island We are Rewild Homes – a Vancouver Island home builder in Cobble Hill, BC. Our focus on using the finest materials and fittings ensures that all our buildings meet the highest standards of luxury, longevity and sustainability.

We build custom tiny homes on Vancouver Island. Our focus on using local, high-quality materials and fittings ensures that all our buildings meet the highest standards of luxury, longevity and sustainability.

Living in a tiny house is the single biggest step you can take to transform your life. With lower bills, less space to fill (and clean), and the freedom to go anywhere, home is what you want.

Our homes are built to last like a traditional home, with quality craftsmanship and attention to detail throughout. Live on your own or rent for another source of income.

Vancouver Island Tiny House Airbnb Is Perfect If You Love The Ocean More Than Your S/o

Less material, less energy waste, and we make the most of Vancouver Island’s resources. By using local ingredients, we are supporting local businesses and reducing our footprint. Live simply so others can live simply.

From country homes to modern homes, connected to urban use or independent and off-grid, our homes are ready-to-use and built-to-order. where you want

Finish parts of the building so you can finish the rest. Depending on your level of DIY skills, we can make it as big or as small as you like.

Tiny Homes For Sale Vancouver Island

Being able to trust a tiny home builder is a big leap of faith for any buyer. We have been loving our new home since we moved in! Rewilded Homes delivered in every way imaginable. From the beginning of communication, to the operation of the disease, in addition to the completion of our shipment at the Canadian border, Jessica and the team went above and beyond to make sure everything ran smoothly.

Canada’s First Micro Community Is In Bc With Rent Starting At $700

You have no idea how happy I am. I have never slept in a bed so comfortably! I owe it to both of you to make this happen! Thanks I sit here and look around.

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