Home Decor Items Kerala

Home Decor Items Kerala – Elegant Handmade I Love Kerala Wooden Badges for Any Occasion (H 2.5 x W 3 inches) x 4 Pcs

Handmade Hexagon Wooden Spice Box with 6 Compartments for Kitchen (W 2.25 x W 9 x L 7.75 inches)

Home Decor Items Kerala

Home Decor Items Kerala

Awesome 3D Kathakali Art Fridge Magnet for Home Decor (W 7 x L 4.5 x L 1 cm) x 4 Pcs

Handcrafted Wooden Kerala Kathakali Decor I Gift Item

Handmade Wooden Key Hanger for Wall with Key Lock Design (H 10.5 x W 6.5 x L 0.5 inches)

Discover Kerala’s rich cultural heritage with our authentic handicrafts and souvenirs, perfect for unique and thoughtful gifts. Our collection includes handcrafted wood carvings, coconut products, brassware, paintings and more, all crafted by skilled artisans. Each piece is a true reflection of Kerala’s rich artistic tradition and heritage. Bring home a piece of Kerala culture with our beautiful handicrafts and souvenirs and surprise your loved ones with unique gifts they will cherish forever.

We believe in giving our customers the freedom to create their own personalized gift hampers with our Build Your Own Hamper option. This unique feature allows you to select and add your favorite items to create a one-of-a-kind gift that truly reflects your style and personality. We understand the importance of on-time delivery and that’s why we offer scheduled delivery options for your convenience. You can choose a specific date and time to deliver the gift and we will ensure it reaches your loved one’s doorstep on time.

Our online store offers a hassle-free gifting experience with free pan-India shipping. If you’re looking for same day delivery in Kochi, we’ve got you covered. With our premium shipping service, you can have your gift delivered within hours of ordering. Whether you’re looking for luxury premium hampers or budget options, we have something for everyone. Our extensive gift collection includes personalized items such as souvenirs, crafts, photo frames and mugs. For those looking for traditional gifts from Kerala, we have an exclusive range of Kerala gifts. These gifts are inspired by the rich cultural heritage of Kerala and include Kerala saree, dothi (mundu), Kerala handicrafts, souvenirs, Kerala banana chips, spices and more. Our Kerala Gift Hampers are perfect for those who want to experience the unique flavors and aromas of Kerala. We also offer corporate gifting solutions for businesses that want to show their appreciation to customers and employees. Our corporate gift collection includes a variety of options suitable for a variety of occasions and recipients. From custom branded gifts to stylish t-shirts, we’ve got you covered. Along with our regular gift collection, we offer special hampers for all festivals and occasions including Christmas, Diwali, Onam, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings and more. We have a variety of thank you gifts for doctors, lawyers, teachers and other professionals. Hour, we pride ourselves on providing a unique gifting experience that your loved ones are sure to enjoy. Shop with us today and let us help you create memorable moments that will last a lifetime. A plant without roots is a floating weed. That’s how it is with people in general. No matter how much we move away from our roots, we always carry a small piece of our relatives in our hearts. These memories of “home” often appear in the interiors of our new homes. If your memories go back to the lush greenery of God’s own country, you will find our picture of a Kerala style house.

How To Get Easy Wall Decoration Ideas With Paper For Home And Office

The architecture of houses in Kerala is unique because the climate is hot and humid. Homes here are built with centuries of collective learning to keep out the heat. To shelter from heavy rain and keep as much wind as possible inside the house. Although this architecture evolved from temples, it was influenced by many influences. It is mixed with people from Syria, Portugal and different geographical areas. Thus, Kerala’s design style is as eclectic and unique as its diversity.

We have selected the design elements that comprise five different spaces in a Kerala style home design. Let it fire your imagination.

The influence of wooden accents is very strong in Kerala architecture. Wood was abundantly available in this area. Therefore, in Kerala we usually see roofs with wooden poles and doors and windows framed with solid wood. Another distinguishing feature of this type of architecture is the prevalence of tall windows that let in lots of light. This corridor has been recreated with uniqueness

Home Decor Items Kerala

Or plants in clay pots. But the real showpiece here is the wood paneling on the doors and windows. It’s a stark contrast to the floor-to-ceiling glass windows we’re used to seeing in modern apartments.

Experts Tell How You Can Create A Kerala Inspired Home

A Kerala-style home lounge features wooden sofas, oversized chairs and benches, and typical South Indian swings. While we love all the furniture decor in these traditional living rooms, the red oxide floor stands out. The people of Kerala picked up this flooring trend from the Portuguese route in the 1700s. Originally a structural element of houses, the huge columns are now used mainly as decoration.

Red-oxide offers an affordable and innovative flooring option compared to tiles. Not only is this floor culturally significant, but the rich hue can easily become a statement piece in your home.

A traditional Kerala style home always has a dedicated dining room. It is one of the cultural prerequisites of existence

. With wooden ceiling details and rustic color combinations, the dining room is quite an earthy visual experience. In this particular rendering, we see basic arched windows. These large windows help to ventilate things inside the house when it is hot and humid.

Huge Collection Of Low Budget Interior Kerala Home Designs And Plans

In many houses of this period, dishes are stored in niches carved into the wall. These cast iron cupboards have glass doors. They are super compact and functional, perfect for apartments.

Bedrooms in a Kerala-style home are often a simple affair. In addition to large storage, which is usually in the form of wooden wardrobes, the bedroom should also be cool. Therefore, bay windows are the best way to ensure air circulation. So you sleep in the air space even on the hottest days.

It’s a well-known fact that Southern decor includes lots of wooden furniture and accents. But what stands out in a Kerala style home is the predominant use of dark wood varnish. Whether you’re looking at a solid wood bed or a carved coffee table, the lacquer is almost always a dark shade of mahogany. It adds richness and depth to any home interior. This is especially true when paired with earthy-toned furniture.

Home Decor Items Kerala

It is a community of intellectuals. Every morning starts with a cup of tea and a newspaper. And almost all houses have a reading nook on the veranda or in the attic. We provide a reading room, ideally with a rocking chair and coffee table. It’s also easy to imagine a bookcase or shelf here. Plants in clay pots complete this image of perfect solitude.

Empire Furniture Kasaragod, Kerala

A reading area definitely needs a lot of light. And this brings us to the characteristic feature of Kerala-style architecture: double-storied windows. They are generally the windows found along the roof or overhang of the house. Thus, they bring natural light to the full extent.

If you want to keep a touch of nostalgia while designing your new home, then also explore how we recreated the decor styles of 5 Indian states.

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Home D├ęcor: Demonetisation Hit Luxury Home Decor Business Rebounds To New Highs

The interior design costs given below are only approximate. Exact costs may vary depending on the nature of your requirements, the size of your home and the land area. Talk to our designers for a free quote today.

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