Properties For Sale In Kenya Nairobi

Properties For Sale In Kenya Nairobi – Nairobi is a big city with many people. The city attracts people from all walks of life, some moving there for work, others to raise families, or even for education. There are also residents who have lived there all their lives, in areas such as parklands that were created during colonial times. Nairobi’s residential areas have two main divisions namely Westlands and Eastlands. Westland and surrounding areas include Parkland, Kilimani, Riverside, and Kileleshwa.

In Eastlands, one can choose to live in areas like Buruburu, Eastleigh, Donholm, and Embakasi. We also have areas close to the city, such as South C and South B. All these areas of Nairobi have various houses for sale. Also, they all differ in size, design, construction materials, and price. So, if you are considering buying a house in Nairobi, here is a list of various houses for sale in Nairobi.

Properties For Sale In Kenya Nairobi

Properties For Sale In Kenya Nairobi

When you start looking for houses for sale in Nairobi, chances are you will come across a luxury villa or two. These types of homes are usually built by high-income homeowners and are best for short-term vacations such as vacations. As the name suggests, these living spaces are meant for fun and relaxation. Graphic design focuses more on aesthetics as opposed to functional design. The houses are large and spread out and can accommodate several bedrooms.

Nairobi Villas For Sale

You can find luxury villas in Nairobi in quiet areas away from the city center and highways. These are areas in Ngong and Karen. Lower Kabete also has similar houses in places further away from the city. Villas go for around Kshs 220 million for a five bedroom villa. Karen also has large villas for sale worth Kshs 120 million. Amenities in these buildings include pools, gazebos, and gyms that create a relaxing atmosphere.

Mansions are very large buildings, often built on large plots of land and offer a lot of space for residents. They can have multiple bedrooms and many other features that are designed to make the place very comfortable to live in. In Nairobi, you find these types of houses in areas like Kitisuru and Nyari. They are usually occupied by high income earners. The average cost of buying a large house in Kitisuru is Kshs 100 million. You can also find similar houses in Karen and Runda.

Maisonettes are the most popular house types in Nairobi, thanks to various factors that make these houses unique. They are usually built with two or more shops and are designed for families with multiple residents. Maisonettes are in their own collection, and can be separate or attached to each other. There are different types of attached maisonettes ranging from fully attached houses, detached, and terraced maisonettes. Maisonettes are some of the most affordable family homes in Nairobi. In areas like ridgeways and similar areas they go for Kshs 60 million which includes land and designated staff areas.

City buildings have more than one floor to provide enough space for residents. They are designed for people with families who live and work in the city. Due to space limitations in many cities, they are built close together, many of them share walls and have the same shape and beauty. However, they are large, thanks to floors that are usually two or three stories high. You can find Nairobi houses in areas like Westlands which are a short drive from the central business district. They usually have three or so bedrooms. Another location includes townhouses on Kiambu Road, where three-bedroom houses cost Kshs. 21 million and each house has amenities like in-house gym, children’s play area, and access to patios.

Townhouses For Sale

Penthouses are large living quarters usually built on top of tall buildings in the city. Needless to say, these buildings are popular because of their sweeping views overlooking the city. They also exclude isolation, seeing that they are built away from other living spaces and cannot be accessed by anyone but the owners. Some of the areas with penthouses in Nairobi include Riverside, Westlands and Kilimani. A five-bedroom fully furnished penthouse in Riverside will cost up to 160 million Kenyan shillings.

Apartments are residential spaces consisting of several rooms within a building. In one bedroom, the houses are similar in terms of design and layout, and only differ in size where some apartments have for example three bedrooms, and others four. In Nairobi, you can find the most popular apartments in Kilimani, Kileleshwa and Riverside which are close to the city. A two-bedroom apartment in Kileshwar will sell for 8 million Kenyan shillings, while a 3 or 4-bedroom house will fetch around 13 million Kenyan shillings. Apartment buildings are designed to attract more residents by having more facilities and amenities, making life easier for the residents. For example, a home may have a sink and a backup generator. These facilities ensure that residents are not left out during water or electricity shortages or blackouts.

Apartments are similar to apartments in that they have multiple housing units within the same building. However, flats are smaller than apartments due to several differences. For example, apartment buildings have fewer amenities than apartment buildings and are less likely to have sanitation services for residents. Additionally, terraced houses consist of smaller houses such as one-bedroom units called units which are designed to be occupied by one person and are the most affordable type. Apartments in Nairobi are mainly located along the Thika Super Highway and also in the eastern areas, in areas such as Kasrani, Roysambu, Buruburu and Embakasi. Apartments are rarely for sale, and rents cost between Kshs 10,000 and Kshs 80,000 depending on the number of bedrooms.

Properties For Sale In Kenya Nairobi

From home details, Nairobi is an excellent property market, and anyone can find what they are looking for, regardless of their taste. Some types of houses for sale are suitable for families, while others will suit anyone who lives and works alone in Nairobi. For each house, the available materials and equipment also vary and this will be an additional factor to consider before buying a house. Runda Homes for Sale Nairobi is the definition of luxury, modern living and comfort! Yes, in a perfect unique home complimented by the highest fixtures and fittings with a Ronda backdrop. It comes with 5 bedrooms (all ensuite).

Townhouse For Sale In Lavington, Nairobi

Its proximity to embassies etc

Community Amenities: Its 2 minutes drive to Village Market, Two Rivers Mall, Riviera Mall and 5 minutes drive to Muthaiga Mini Market. Hospitals: Walking distance to Nairobi Hospital, 5 minutes drive to Gateruds Hospital and Aga Khan Hospital

Entrance hall/lobby – large living room with fireplace, large glass windows and doors opening to lawn – separate dining area that becomes the heart of the home _ kitchen with ample cupboards, granite countertops, pantry, pantry and tile flooring. areas.

The family room brings the members together after a long day’s struggle -Guest Room-2 Ensuite guest bedrooms with multiple wardrobes, rectangular bath, wash basin and dressing mirror.

Houses For Rent In Karen Nairobi

2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th bedrooms with multiple wardrobes, square shower, vanity and dressing mirror – Exclusive master bedroom with multiple walk in closets, jacuzzi, square shower, double vanity and dressing mirror.

Security in compliance with most cabro paved pavements – boreholes – alarm system, panic buttons, managed entrance and security guard from caretakers.

Runda Houses For Sale Nairobi, Garden Lounge which opens end to end to a well maintained garden. – Local food. – Alcohol. – Fully fitted kitchen Cooker Tomorrow Microwave wash clothes – Extra fuel. – Laundry area. – Office building. -2 DSQ. – Family TV room. – Spacious 5 bedrooms All ensuite. – Master bedroom with walk-in closet and bathroom. – Entertainment bar area on the roof. – Exercise. – Gazebo with a fireplace. – Large underground water storage. – Home Guards. – Outside the guest toilet. – Generator backup. – Remote control gate. – Home Guards. – Electric wall. – CCTVs. and many more. Are you in the market for Nairobi houses for sale in gated estates? Look no further than our homes located in Eastern Bypass, Easternville Estates. These four bedroom apartments are strategically designed for a family setting, all with ensuite rooms and semi-open kitchens. The villas also have a roof terrace and family room, perfect for socializing and quality family time.

Properties For Sale In Kenya Nairobi

Inspired by the growing demand for quality finishes in prime locations such as the Eastern Bypass, the homes have been developed with families in mind. It offers the security and comfort of a gated community with shared amenities that enhance social life. 24 hour manned gate, strong

Townhouses For Sale And Rent Along Limuru Road, Nairobi, Kenya

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