Car Washing Center Near Me

Car Washing Center Near Me – Recently, I read about “Clean N Shine Fully Automated Car Wash and Detailing Services” in Kolkata, they claim to have offered the first fully automatic mechanical car wash in Kolkata. Read about them now on other automotive forums. One of these photos is taken from another thread. But not mine

I went to see it myself. I wanted to share my experience so other members can share their opinions. I would like to add that this was the first and only time I visited that place. And I had no interaction with them at all.

Car Washing Center Near Me

Car Washing Center Near Me

The staff are well trained and courteous. A normal wash takes less than 25 minutes, and I’m standing nearby watching them. and like their work The machine also received a thorough cleaning of the underside and tires.

Top Steam Car Washing Services In Dapoli, Raigad Maharashtra

I think the owner seems to be an honest person. We use branded products for service purposes only. I will not make false claims.

Staff personally inspect the quality of the work before returning the vehicle to the customer.

Recently, I read about “Clean N Shine Fully Automated Car Wash and Detailing Services” in Kolkata, they claim to have offered the first fully automatic mechanical car wash in Kolkata. Read about them now on other automotive forums.”

I’ve been to that place 5 times in Innova, Manza, Swift, Indica and Ertiga and every one of them has had a satisfactory cleaning and cleaning experience. The only problem is that prices are rising, especially for larger cars.

Full Service Car Wash

They also told me I could change the oil and filter for a small fee. (change only) I found this very convenient and convenient. (Nearby Mistri charges same Rs 300/-)

One thing that bothers me is that the engine cover only opens when the customer requests it, otherwise the area will remain dirty during air/water cleaning. Inside the engine room. I don’t know what happened to the other washing machines.

I didn’t use any other services because I didn’t have the money. Overall very satisfied with the service and operations, 5 stars for them.

Car Washing Center Near Me

Now I am always curious about these automatic washing machines. It can be a nightmare for detailers. It seems that this establishment uses the old brush technique instead of using a cloth. This can cause scratches and swirls in the paint. For more information Please see the article below.

Car Wash Near Me

Detailing can be quite expensive. But you can use cheaper alternatives like at-home cleaning foams. Check out Motor Spa

The price is quite reasonable. But you have to reserve one day in advance. Please post a review after using the service.

Meanwhile, Joseph at Premium Auto Detailing offers a pocket-friendly detailing option with 3M. For those on a budget, please give it a try.

I’m glad to see this property is now listed here. I was there in March. When I was traveling through Kolkata on my way to Puri.

M™ Unlimited Car Wash (monthly), Everything Else On Carousell

They did a good job against the Storm. There are a lot of insects. But I cleaned it carefully by vacuuming and polishing.

So we act like children. And sitting in the car while it enters the automatic car wash is so much fun!

I have used their services three times this year. Automatic car washes are great. But I’m far from satisfied. I observed closely that the laundry was finished before all the soap bubbles fell out! In fact, some of the shampoo still clings to the color. Then let it air dry. Maybe they’re saving water and electricity by reducing driving time.

Car Washing Center Near Me

Because I have time So I decided to give Clean and Shine a try. I chose the paint protection package that polishes the car and then protects it with Teflon (PTFE). I was curious about the Teflon claims. But they claim it is only PTFE. I am very pleased with today’s polishing. It is done using machines. after polishing The color looks almost perfect. Except for a few places where MASS made an error during the previous color fill. I wouldn’t be able to polish it that well because I don’t have a machine. And I think polishing it myself this summer is a bad idea. After polishing, I washed the exterior of the car with spray foam. Then apply the Teflon by hand using a sponge.

Unlimited Car Washes

I rate their work 7.5 out of 10. Their cleaners are not as meticulous as I expected. It’s easy to miss a centimeter or two. Previously when I cleaned the inside (Vacuum and clean the seat and upholstery) Later it was noticed that there was noticeable dust around the air vent and handbrake area. I’m also not very happy with the automatic car wash system because it stops before the shampoo is completely washed out. Today a man dropped a sponge on the floor and tapped it on his pants to brush off the dust. And the details in me shake I also forgot to sand some areas after the Teflon coating. I have to do it tomorrow morning. What is missing is a supervisor or senior official to supervise the cleaning staff’s work.

I bought the annual package. This is very worthwhile and very reasonable. Because I don’t plan to do any detailed work. by yourself in the near future. After today’s paint protection coating I’ve heard that all future car washes will require spray foam. So I no longer share my previous concerns about foam not completely washing away in automatic car washes. This machine is for cleaning and drying the undercarriage only.

I chose a paint protection package that polishes the car and then protects it with Teflon (PTFE).

I don’t want to comment on the rest of the process, but manually attaching PTFE to a car using a sponge tip is beyond science.

Westchester County Full Service Car Wash Archives

Anyone who doesn’t have a large factory with industrial grade compressors/boilers cannot use PTFE (market name Teflon).

Don’t be fooled by the proud claims of snake oil merchants. The most common thing you might have on your car is wax or sealant. The so-called “details” of 9/10 are just roadside “monasteries” and nothing more.

P.S. I parked my car 100 feet away from an automatic car wash, aka. “Swirl-O-Matic”

Car Washing Center Near Me

Proper cleaning using a Foam Lance + Pressure Washer + 2 Bucket Method and the rest of the job by an educated detailer is 100 times more effective.

Car Wash Cost Guide

Thank you for confirming what I suspected. I vaguely remember something I had read on TeamBHP about false claims about Teflon in India.

After “Teflon” they promised to wash my car with a foam canister and a water sprayer. Cleaning yourself is no longer necessary.

Agree. In principle, I would like to detail my own car myself. But I ran out of time and my specs (and car) archives were gathering dust. So I have to give up

Kolkata does not have car washes and maintenance shops compared to other cities. Most people still use their local gas pump for pressure washing. In my case, I bought a pressure washer to do it myself. But sometimes when I feel lazy, I have to go to a place like this. After receiving positive reviews from fellow Bhpians here, I finally decided to give this place a try last year. It is near Mani Square mall which is far from where I was staying in South Kolkata. I received the basic wash + vacuum package. I will briefly describe my experience.

Effective Pricing Policy For Car Wash Owners In The Uncertain Times

+ The workshop is quite spacious and well equipped. Many employees work simultaneously. This greatly speeds up the entire process.

+ Self-cleaning is my USP, but I opt for regular foam cleaning. Which is also an option. They tried to convince me that there was nothing wrong with cleaning myself. But I’m not afraid at all.

Unfortunately there was no attention to detail. I have to point out areas that were not properly cleaned. I also expected a better job.

Car Washing Center Near Me

Service prices are very high compared to other cities. Maybe they raised their prices due to lack of competition. But other similar shops sell it for much cheaper.

M G Car Wash Centre Raichur In Raichur Ho,raichur

They classified my 4M as an SUV. This is complete nonsense. Even a sedan like the Honda City requires more space than a compact crossover. Most dealers I’ve been to, like 3M, rated my car in the mid-range category. But here it falls into the group Fortuner/Endeavor The owner didn’t listen to my request for obvious reasons.

This concludes my review. This is definitely a unique experience. But I don’t know if I’ll ever go there again. Car detailing in Kolkata is still in its infancy. And we hope that soon Here we will see dealers like Aquatint Pune catering to car enthusiasts.

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