Light Pink Bedroom Ideas For Adults

Light Pink Bedroom Ideas For Adults – Pink bedroom suits everyone, not just little girls. A few weeks ago I received a reader request to share pink bedroom ideas. My reader recently bought herself a pink bed

And that means she wants to find pink bedroom inspiration. I love pink, so I chose a pink bedroom design and oh, now I want a pink bedroom too!

Light Pink Bedroom Ideas For Adults

Light Pink Bedroom Ideas For Adults

Pink rooms can come in a variety of shades, from soft dusty pink to plaster pink walls and bright bubblegum pink. Personally I’m more attracted to softer colors, but you should choose whatever shade of pink you want!

How To Style A Pink Bedroom (for Adults)

As you know, I wanted to give you a variety of interior inspiration, so I chose a beautiful bedroom with everything from pink bedding or pink headboard to pink bedroom walls and pink bedroom decor.

From bedrooms where there is a subtle touch of pink, to bedrooms where pink is combined with other bright colors. I’m sure you’ll find a pink bedroom design that you’ll love.

Pink bedding, you see them more and more often. Also, pink velvet bedding is something I see quite often these days. You can pair this pink bedding with more colors like green or blue or you can make the pink bedding the only touch of color in your room.

Above: With a pink velvet bed, mustard yellow curtains, terracotta walls, art, and wallpaper, this Katie Mac bedroom is a colorful maximalist’s dream.

Brilliant Bedroom Color Schemes To Inspire Your Space

Below: Pink headboard combined with a beautiful mural (Jungle Land by Rebel Walls). On the left side of the bedroom is a wooden bedside table and on the right is an Ikea wardrobe with rust drawers (Photo: Swann Worth)

Below: A subtle touch of pink with a light pink bed frame with black and white Dalmatian wallpaper

Trove (by Studio Duggan) is combined with blue wallpaper and mustard yellow sofa in this beautiful home designed by Studio Duggan

Light Pink Bedroom Ideas For Adults

On the left is a light pink striped headboard and pink storage bed (by Loaf) combined with tropical banana leaf wallpaper

Cute Bedroom Ideas For Your Little One

You can choose the pink color as per your wish as shown in Natascha Maksimovic’s bedroom. A pink headboard is paired with pink walls, side tables, and a pink Grasshopper Gubi floor lamp. because if you

Pink headboard in interior designer Louisa Pierce’s stunning bedroom (click for full home tour)

Being colorful in a cool way is exactly what Scandinavians know how to do. This Nikki Brantmark (aka My Scandinavian Home) bedroom has pretty pink walls

Actress Anne Hathaway’s entire California home is gorgeous, but I especially love her bedroom with the soft pink wood-paneled walls, wooden bed frame, and stone walls.

Romantic Bedroom Ideas To Transform Your Space Into A Dreamy Retreat

Like I said, pink comes in different shades and this is a more earthy pink (Warm Mud Brown by Cassandra Ellis). Which matches perfectly with the floating wooden bedside table and natural linen bed. The owner calls it the ‘forever autumn’ bedroom and I understand why

If all the pink walls are too much for you then why don’t you paint half the walls like this Edwardian house in England? It looks great and you can add a nice touch of color

Left: We’ve already seen Swoon Worthy’s master bedroom (which has a mural), but the guest bedroom is also beautiful with a pin wall, yellow headboard, and lots of art on the walls.

Light Pink Bedroom Ideas For Adults

Right: A hint of boho in this bedroom from Style By Sabine with pink walls (Light Peachblossom by Little Green)

Pink & White

Below: Pink plaster walls are paired with black trim and yellow accents in a bedroom in a Victorian terrace house

Above: Delicate pink walls and bedding in a Washington home and also tiny pink flowers on a branch next to the bed

Below: A bedroom with pink walls, a mustard yellow blanket, and a luxurious rattan hanging chair. And the very pale pink color in artist Christine Flynn’s bedroom

As this bedroom shows, pink looks good with dark woods as well as light woods. A DIY light wood headboard spans an entire wall topped with bright pink walls

Toddler Girl’s Pink Bedroom

At left is a romantic pink guest bedroom in Jackie Kay Ellis’s Paris home. On the right a soft Scandi look with pink walls and headboard and white accessories

Instead of painting the walls pink, why not paint the ceiling pink? Moody gray and soft pink are a great color combination (Photo: Andrey Barinov)

If one shade of pink isn’t enough, why not add two shades? This bedroom from the 2021 IKEA catalog did just that, and it looks beautiful

Light Pink Bedroom Ideas For Adults

The rustic wooden details and the touch of pink match harmoniously which you can also see in this H&M Home bedroom

Pink Bedrooms That Embrace The ‘strawberry Girl’ Aesthetic

Pink blanket and pink sheepskin rug with pendant in a beautiful bedroom by Celeste Escarcega

We’ve seen it a few times in this post, but moody colors work really well with pink and that’s what this bedroom is all about.

So now you know you can add pink to your bedroom in a number of ways, from subtle touches of the color in clothing to bright pink bedding and wall paint. Pink bedroom looks good on everyone. We have been independently researching and testing products for over 120 years. If you purchase through our links, we may earn commission. Learn more about our review process.

It’s no secret that the color pink can be polarizing. Historically reserved only for nurseries, pink has traditionally been considered a boyish and sweet color. But lately, designers are demonstrating that we can rethink pink and present it in sophisticated—even challenging—new ways. Today’s top designers are very fond of using pink color in the bedroom. Whether it’s a beach-inspired retreat in soft desert pink, or an avant-garde hideaway adorned with electric raspberries, designers are unknowingly adding pink to the bedroom conversation.

Best Orange Bedroom Ideas

Changing the perception of a pink bedroom is all about balance. To reduce overly disturbing connotations, designers like to turn to darker colors that complement each other. Shades of blue and green – colors that are weighty and are at opposite ends of the color spectrum – are often used for the task, as are gray and black. Another option is to choose a bright shade of pink for the bedroom, such as fuchsia. With their rock-n-roll connotations, high-wattage pink shades are perfect for shrugging off pink’s reputation as saccharine. However, other designers incorporate elements of irreverence to curb girls’ playfulness in pink. Whether it’s a tool supporting traditional antiques, or a set of post-modern furniture with a playground-like silhouette, combining pink with unexpected elements is a sure way to break free.

If you’re thinking about choosing a pink bedroom but aren’t sure where to start, we’ve selected 34 beautiful pink bedrooms to inspire you to revamp your walls and decor. See how top designers use pink to bring unexpected dynamism to life (and find out whether you prefer pink or pink) with this charming Pink Retreat collection.

A vibrant space designed by Liz Cain & Co. This shows that pink goes well with the pattern. (Make lots of patterns.)

Light Pink Bedroom Ideas For Adults

Hot pink accents, including a life-size bear, pop against a minimalist white background in this sophisticated nursery designed by Kati Curtis Design.

Beautiful Bedroom Ideas

Simple furnishings and a lack of art make the blush walls a charm in this beautiful retreat inspired by Redmond Aldrich design.

The bright pink color designed by M+M Interior Design gives a youthful effect to the girls’ room with a mature feel.

To combine a coastal location with a dreamy Chinoiserie theme, designer Sarah Gilbane Sullivan chose to use a pale pink hue inspired by seashells.

To add the sophistication factor to the girls’ bedroom, designer Don Curry used deep pink as a contrast to the true pink. The result is a room that feels loved, but not boring.

Stylish Bedroom Ideas

The pink chintz, used repeatedly in this suite designed by Brockschmidt & Coleman, brings an undeniable energy to the room.

The secret to this pink girl’s room’s sophisticated aspect? Expertly woven bolts of green and turquoise are put together by Lisa Frantz Interiors.

Incredibly bold, this charming retreat created by Maureen Stevens Design Firm partners with raspberry walls and navy blue accents to create a dramatic effect.

Light Pink Bedroom Ideas For Adults

French Provincial style is the perfect match for the pink palette, as demonstrated in this romantic bedroom designed by Gauthier ~ Stacey Inc.

Pink Decor: The Adult Way To Do It

In this beautiful escape, design firm Park & ​​Oak shows how even the subtlest shade of pink can dramatically warm a room.

For a girl’s room that feels timeless, Nate Berkus Associates paired a pink tufted bed and pretty pink textiles with unexpectedly glamorous details like brass palm tree lamps and a jewel-toned sofa.

Not to be confused with Millennial Pink, this luxuriously upholstered bedroom is designed by the firm Wesley Moon Inc. This was the reason for renaming a particular magenta color to Maximum Pink.

To accentuate the girly feeling of a shared girls’ room drenched in pink, designer Kati Curtis Design chose dramatic curtains and a luxurious Murano chandelier in a rich gold bar shade.

Guest Room Décor Ideas That Will Prove Your Prowess As Hostess

The primary colors of pink, yellow and red were manufactured by the firm S.B. Energize this tropical-themed oasis designed by. tall

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