House Sitting In San Antonio

House Sitting In San Antonio – Coffee & Cocktails – San Antonio Texas – The Jewel Thursday, August 19, 2021 San Antonio, TX, United States

Hi Babes! Last weekend was one for the books! One of my old friends Paulina came to San Antonio to visit. It’s been about 2-3 years since we last met. I was excited when he arrived so I couldn’t resist taking him around all the beautiful places in SATX!

House Sitting In San Antonio

House Sitting In San Antonio

However, we stayed at this beautiful and historic coffee shop/bar in the heart of Southtown which is connected to King Williams!

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I invited some of my girls to join us and one guy made them PARTY! We absolutely loved our stay at this amazing location! From cocktails to live music to laughs, and more we ended up ordering food from next door and enjoying it in a cute place!

I really like Aaron, one of the owners has shown not only incredible hospitality but also supports other small businesses around him. Nice to see some company in this sweet neighborhood. I just want to support all these small businesses more.

Fun Fact: Weekends are lunch here so I recommend stopping by to soak up the atmosphere.

Also, there are so many regular customers during the working week from far away from the store. If you also work from home, I suggest you come early in the morning, take a seat and enjoy a delicious coffee in a place that makes you feel RIGHT AT HOME.

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We took so many pictures, and had so much fun doing it! This place is so insta worthy…every corner is amazing!

In adventure, bucket list, explore, escape, girls travel, Lifestyle, Photography, places to visit, Style, Texas, things to do, Travel, Visit San Antonio, weekend trip ◎ Thoughts for Beginners: 11/4 @ 12pm ◎ Semi -Monthly – Sitting Day: 11/11 @ 8:15am to noon ◎ Sangha Workday: 11/18 @ 10am – noon ◎ Closed for Thanksgiving: Thursday. 11/23-Sunday. 26/11

◎ Meditation for Beginners: 11/4 @ 12pm ◎ Monthly Half-Day Sitting: 11/11 @ 8:15am to noon ◎ Sangha Workday: 11/18 @ 10am – noon ◎ Closed for Thanksgiving: Thurs. 11/23-Sunday. 11/26 ◎ Meditation for Beginners: 11/4 @ 12pm ◎ Monthly Half Day Sitting: 11/11 @ 8:15am to noon ◎ Sangha Workday: 11/18 @ 10am – noon ◎ Closed for Thanksgiving: Thursday. 11/23-Sunday. 26/11

House Sitting In San Antonio

In October 2003, San Antonio Zen arose out of a desire to share Dharma and sitting practice in the Soto Shunryu Suzuki tradition. This desire was achieved with the guidance and example of the teachers and students at Austin Zen Center. We have also fostered and nurtured relationships with the Houston Zen Center and the San Francisco Zen Center.

Fiesta Way, San Antonio, Tx 78253

We intend to benefit all beings (including ourselves) at every moment, unconditionally, with awareness, energy, kindness, compassion, joy, and equality, resting with what is, to achieve awakening. Don’t imagine that you have to develop all these qualities before you come to sit with us. It’s called “sitting practice,” not “sitting perfection.”

This class is usually on the first Saturday of every month. It is taught by one of our senior members and lasts around 2 hours.

Chanting the Sutras is a traditional part of Zen practice. Although this group will take a different approach (reading together), the spirit remains the same. Together, we will explore this ancient text, which is an important part of Buddhist literature.

These are small retreats aimed at new mediators and people who want to sit for a longer period without attending a full retreat, or even for people with limited time. The retreat alternates between shorter sittings and walking meditations. We will have time for tea and questions at the end of the retreat.

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The Dhammapada is a classic sutra revered by Buddhist traditions around the world. These short texts were created in the early years of Buddhism to make Buddhist teachings more accessible to a wider audience. It provides an introductory guide to spiritual practice and contains some of the Buddha’s most profound insights into the nature of reality.

This is an eight week study group starting Tuesday October 3rd from 6:45pm to 8pm. Visit the calendar for more information.

Join us Friday evening at 7pm for a 20-minute meditation followed by a 12-step style discussion on how Buddhism relates to principles of recovery. This meeting is for members of other 12 step groups (Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, etc.) who want to learn more about how these principles can be applied based on Buddhist teachings.

House Sitting In San Antonio

The Next Step is for people who have attended meditation classes and are interested in bringing what they have learned to the meditation hall. This is an informal half hour class where we will discuss forms and ceremonies in Soto Zen. We will refresh the meditation teaching and touch on things like moving around the meditation hall, walking meditation, bowing, chanting, and service.

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