Catamaran Sailing Yachts For Sale

Catamaran Sailing Yachts For Sale – Imagine the pure joy of being at the helm of your own sailing yacht, with the wind in your sails giving you the freedom to travel the world at your own pace. Owning your own yacht comes with many benefits, giving you the freedom and flexibility to sail whenever and wherever you choose.

One of the many benefits of sailboats is their eco-friendly credentials, allowing you to sail and harness the power of Mother Nature.

Catamaran Sailing Yachts For Sale

Catamaran Sailing Yachts For Sale

Our yachts for sale combine the exquisite elegance of a traditional sailing yacht with all the modern and up-to-date comforts of a motor yacht, ensuring comfortable and enjoyable sailing every time. Whether you want to enjoy a leisurely cruise around some of the world’s most popular and lively destinations, explore off-the-beaten-track areas, or perhaps take part in a regatta or two, our yachts for sale give you the flexibility to do all this and more, all of it in great style.

Catamarans For Sale By Owner

Fraser is offering the world’s largest ocean liner for sale for over US$30 million. Additionally, thanks to Fraser’s strong relationships with ship owners and shipyards, we have access to thousands of other vessels for sale that are not publicly advertised.

Browse our portfolio of luxury yachts for sale today, or contact the yacht sales broker team at Fraser to learn more about the superyachts in our fleet.

At Fraser we want to provide you with the best possible user experience when you visit our site. To enable this, we use cookies that store a small amount of information from your browser. You can find out more about our cookie policy here. Thank you for selling by location, size, price + brand and enjoy your visit. Denison Yacht Sales is proud to be the exclusive distributor for Extra Catamarans. You can also search catamaran experts by model + year.

Although the sailing principle is the same for both catamarans and monohulls, sailing catamarans have several advantages in terms of safety and comfort.

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One of the biggest developments in the yachting arena in the past decade has been the rise of supercatamarans: 100-foot long multihull vessels. The rise of the super or mega catamaran is a relatively new phenomenon associated with the rise of mega or super yachts, used to describe the boom in luxury, large motor yachts on the French Riviera, the Caribbean and the Floridian coast.

Power Catamaran: The latest development in recreational catamaran history and design is the introduction of power catamarans. The ‘Power’ version combines the best features of a motor yacht and combines them with the features of a multi-hull. Below the waterline hulls are generally airplane hulls rather than their standard displacement yachts.

Typically, power catamarans do not have any sails as demonstrated by some of the best selling models such as the CUMBERLAND 47LC, Lagoon Power 43, Leopard 47PC and Journey 47LRC.

Catamaran Sailing Yachts For Sale

Since the 1970s, catamarans have grown in length from about 20 meters to 115 meters in length. The high-speed Stena HSS is the largest speedboat in the world, traveling at 46 mph, although it is capable of over 70 mph. This is not a new technology.

Luxury Offshore Capable Sailing Catamaran For Sale — City Of Sails Marine

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