1st Birthday Cake Theme Boy

1st Birthday Cake Theme Boy – Our best seller of all time! Soft vanilla bubbles with fresh sliced ​​strawberries finished with lightly sweetened chantilly cream.

Our best selling signature! A luxurious vanilla sponge cake with rich fresh meat, finished with a delicate rose aroma.

1st Birthday Cake Theme Boy

1st Birthday Cake Theme Boy

Fluffy strawberry cake combined with light chantilly cream and aromatic cooked coconut sausage.

Boys Number 1

A classic, nostalgic Singaporean favourite. Our version is less sweet and fluffy, just the way we like it!

Dark chocolate sponge cake combined with Oreo cream topped with chocolate pearls. This is the flavor of every child’s dream cake!

For those going for more fruity Nutella! Our light chocolate cake with lightly sweetened chantilly cream, fresh banana slices, nutella sprinkles and chocolate pearls to finish. Definitely a taste for those with a sweet tooth!

A fluffy sponge cake paired with a light and not too sweet chantilly cream or not topped with thin pats of butter for that extra texture!

Baby Boy First Birthday Cake Ideas

Soft coffee bubbles, lightly sweetened chantilly cream with our creamy coffee flavored milk pudding and chocolate pearls. Excellent pick me for coffee Holics!

Fluffy matcha sponge cake paired with light matcha cream, bittersweet with our signature matcha milk pudding.

Earl Gray sponge cake combined with Earl Gray cream and our signature Earl Gray flavored milk pudding. Every bite is an explosion of Earl Gray goodness! This cake is definitely suitable for Earl Gray tea connoisseurs. What an important event to celebrate! Their first birthday. We love making 1st birthday cakes – they’re usually quite pastel, with lots of cute animals.

1st Birthday Cake Theme Boy

There are many designs and ideas to choose from, whether you are having a small party, a family party at home or a large party, we can create a 1st birthday cake or cupcake.

Russ’s “where The Wild Things Are” 1st Birthday Cake Smash

Thanks again for the lovely cake. It tastes great and looks great. It brought our daughter’s animal themed birthday together and having it taste the same as our wedding cake you made was an amazing bonus. We just want to add animals to our wedding cake toppers 😊

I made the most beautiful cake for my daughter’s first birthday and the ladies were very helpful in helping me decide what I wanted and what budget I had in mind. Everyone commented on how amazing the cake tasted and had lots of questions about where I made it. Thank you very much 💗

We ordered this cake for our daughter’s first birthday and it was amazingly delicious! Even after keeping it for two days in the heat wave before slicing it up at her party, the sponge is very fresh and light! Good taste, quality and service all round. Thank you very much!

I just posted to say that Scarlett’s angel cake and cupcakes were perfect, everyone asked who made them and said they were amazing. I am happy with it! I will certainly order from you again in the future.

Safari Boy Themed Cake

There are many different elements that you can put into a beautiful 1st birthday cake, and combined with soft pastel colors, we can create a cake that stops for you. Is your child’s birthday coming up? Is your child having a 1st birthday? Then you should start thinking about birthday cake ideas as soon as possible. All celebrations are not complete without arranging the cake. If you are wondering what cake to choose for your child’s birthday and keep reading this article because we have 1st birthday cake ideas for boys and girls-

There are some unique ideas for a boy’s 1st birthday cake. You can simply contact a cake designer to find great cake ideas for your child’s birthday. One of the best birthday event planners and they have a wide variety of birthday cakes. Check out the most popular cake design ideas –

Is your son a Tarzan fan? Or did Simba’s personality charm your child more? Or is your child disgusted by the cartoon Mowgli? Then Jungle Cake is the perfect cake idea for a boy’s 1st birthday. This cake looks very colorful and comes in a custom design. Some parents like to make a cake for their own children. But when it comes to custom cakes, better leave the job to a professional cake designer. You can simply order the Jungle Style Cake from without any hassle. Again, you can buy a Jungle themed cake without the fondant layer if you want to keep it simple. If you think fondant icing is too chewy and melts easily, then jungle themed decorations are the right option to consider.

1st Birthday Cake Theme Boy

Boys love the game of cricket and if your child is one of them, then a Cricket themed cake is the perfect choice. You can choose a simple bat and ball design or design a cake with a picture of your child’s favorite toys on the top of the cake. Or you can simply order a cake from a professional cake designer like . They have many options Cricket theme Cricket in different designs with customization options.

Best 1st Birthday Cake For Boy In Hyderabad

Another unique birthday cake idea for boys is an Avengers themed cake. A cake with the design of Ironman’s mask or the face of the green Hulk brings special joy to any fan of the avenger. You can also consider designing Captain America’s Shield, Thor’s hammer, or the Avengers logo for an Avengers themed cake. In fact, you can also choose other avenger symbols like Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity Stones, Groot and many more as a special design for the cake.

If you are a child who is a football fan, a football themed cake will be the perfect birthday celebration design. You can choose a variety of flavors such as Chocolate, Strawberry, Pineapple, Vanilla, Butterscotch and many more under the football design layer. Here you can easily buy a football themed cake with the flavor you want.

There is no denying the fact that all boys love cars. A car design cake is one of the best cake ideas for boys. You can choose only the best car theme as a car themed cake idea. You can find a variety of styles and flavors in car themed cake options. In fact, you can choose the size according to your needs by contacting the cake designer.

Last but not least, another cake idea for your son’s birthday is a Spiderman themed cake. Spiderman is a super hero who once lived who is not only loved by children today but also by adults. Spiderman red mask cake is one of the best spiderman themed cake ideas. Event decorators not only prepare cakes with the finest details, but also ensure that the cakes are delicious and offer a satisfying taste.

Little Animals Boys First Birthday Cakes 64

After discussing some of the best birthday cake ideas for boys, now we will look at some of the best 1st birthday cake ideas for girls. There are many design options that can be found in the market. is one of the best birthday cake decorations in town and you can get the following designs on their online store-

All girls are obsessed with Barbie and they will be very delighted if you arrange a Barbie themed cake for their birthday. You can choose a variety of designs, color combinations and flavors for the cake. This is one of the best ideas when choosing a 1st birthday cake for girls and there is a wide variety of barbie themed cakes. Just browse their website and see their collection.

If you are looking for some colorful cake ideas to match a lively birthday theme for girls, then a rainbow cake could be the perfect choice for you! The cake will be decorated with 7 wonderful colors of the rainbow, which will look very beautiful. Apart from the beautiful design, the cake also tastes super delicious and comes in different sizes. Order Rainbow Cake starting today!

1st Birthday Cake Theme Boy

Frozen Prince is one of the best Disney characters and almost everyone loves her. The frozen themed cake has a beautiful design that comes in a beautiful blue color. If your child loves Disney princess movies and has a special love for Elsa, then you can complete the Frozen cake design. Whether you’re looking for a simple fondant cake or a special Princess Elsa design, there are solutions to meet your needs.

St Birthday Photo Cake For Baby Boys & Girls

If you have chosen the BTS army as one of the girl’s birthday themes, then the cake should be designed accordingly. In this case, you should choose a BTS themed cake. Contact a professional cake decorator to beautifully decorate a BTS themed cake without spoiling it

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