Country Style Home Decor Ideas

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Country home decor is becoming increasingly popular even in homes that aren’t actually rural. For example, this country style house is in the middle of London! In fact, country style home decor is still popular in rural areas. Today I want to share twenty farmhouse decor ideas to help you get started decorating and furnishing your farmhouse.

Country Style Home Decor Ideas

Country Style Home Decor Ideas

Farmhouse decor can mean many different things, but the style is usually associated with farmhouse decor, French country decor, English country decor, and cottage style decor depending on your personal tastes! Country style decor gives your home a cozy and comfortable feel. It’s easy and relaxing. Some furniture may be rustic, distressed or vintage in style. Some embellishments may be distressed or reused.

Modern Rustic Christmas Decorating Ideas

In many country houses, the walls are painted light yellow or light brown. This is an English style country house that creates a cozy atmosphere!

Plaid isn’t for everyone, but sometimes it works well if you know how to style it in your home’s farmhouse living room design!

If you are lucky enough to own a beautiful white vintage freestanding bathtub, be sure to add it to your farmhouse bathroom!

The curated interior editorial team works with interior design and furniture experts to bring you the best tips and tricks to decorate a home you’ll love for years to come.

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas And Designs

You can earn a commission on purchases from affiliated retailers at no cost to you. We only recommend products from vendors we know and love. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. There’s nothing more welcoming than a rustic decor style—it brings warmth and coziness to any space, and touches like these are easy to incorporate into any room. If you’re not a fan of vintage decor and you don’t like shabby chic, you can try modern country or farmhouse decor. How to decorate a modern room in country style?

Modern rustic decor is all about neutral colors, layering neutrals and pairing them with varying textures to avoid looking dull. But you can also add color to the space and it can be pastels, bold shades – but not too much or anything dark, mainly as accessories to add depth and drama. Natural shades like brown, green, grey, beige can be used to create an accent wall or furniture in these colors. Touches of color or at least some prints can be combined with textiles – pillows, rugs, blankets and curtains – to make your space more attractive without spending a lot of money.

Chic farmhouse living room in neutral tones with brown sectional, shelf with shutters and wooden candle holders, low coffee table

Country Style Home Decor Ideas

A modern country-style living room, decorated in neutral tones, with a stone-clad fireplace, cozy furniture and printed textiles.

Follow The Yellow Brick Home

Modern country living room in neutral tones with cream sofa, wicker chairs, low coffee table, printed textiles and potted plants.

Modern country living room in neutral tones with mirrors, cream sectional, bay window, wooden table and cool textiles

A modern living room with a faux stone fireplace, wooden beams, neutral furniture and a round coffee table

Modern rustic living room with fireplace, chic neutral furniture, printed pillows, wooden mantel and potted plants

Best Rustic Decor Design Ideas In 2022

A modern living room with a fireplace, elegant neutral furniture, printed textiles and a low coffee table is stunning.

A wide palette of materials that you can use to decorate a modern country space is a great idea to add interest to the room and make it look amazing. Modern country style means you need stained wood, light, rich or dark – it’s up to you. Wood can be used in many ways, from wooden beams to painted furniture, from wooden fireplaces to wooden beds on window sills. What else can be integrated? Different types of textiles such as stone, artificial and natural, bricks around the fireplace, leather upholstery and fabrics are an easy way to bring different decorations to a room.

Modern living room with fireplace, gray sofa and ottoman, leather couch, firewood, built-in shelves and potted plants

Country Style Home Decor Ideas

Modern living room with fireplace, graphite gray furniture, coffee table and ottoman, several vintage storage cabinets

French Country Living Room Ideas: Rustic & Très Chic

Modern living room with fireplace, neutral furniture, gently sloping ceiling, printed and neutral textiles

Modern rustic living room with light green walls, fireplace, neutral furniture and printed textiles, vintage clock and foliage

A modern rustic living room with wooden beams on the ceiling, neutral furniture, printed pillows and a round table is inviting.

Modern farmhouse living room with gray sectional, open shelving, wall decor and neutral printed pillows.

French Country Décor Ideas

Modern farmhouse living room with rough wood ceiling and beams, wood paneled fireplace, neutral cabinetry and console

The furniture you use can be both modern and rustic – chic seating furniture in neutral colors can be paired with wicker rattan chairs that look like outdoor furniture. Don’t forget about the classic rustic pendant lights made of metal or wood, in the shape of a cage or sphere, they add charm. Get inspired by the ideas below and be sure to pin some of them!

Living room in modern farmhouse with stone fireplace, neutral and dark furniture, console and bench and gilded lamp

Country Style Home Decor Ideas

Modern farmhouse living room with stone fireplace, wooden beams, leather furniture, metal chandelier and potted plants

Modern Farmhouse Design And Decor Ideas

Modern farmhouse living space with fireplace, neutral furniture, wooden coffee tables, wooden beams on ceiling and potted tree

A modern French-style living room with a large fireplace, leather ottoman as a table, wicker chairs and jute rugs stand out.

Modern living room in Provence style with stone-clad fireplace, chic neutral furniture, stools and coffee tables

Modern rustic living room, all wood, with large neutral sectional, coffee table and pendant lamp.

Modern Rustic Living Room Ideas We Want To Copy

Modern rustic living room with faux stone fireplace, neutral furniture, metal chandelier, wooden coffee table

A neutral farmhouse living room with gray furniture, a wood and concrete coffee table, a large clock and printed textiles.

A neutral modern living room with a brick fireplace, low coffee table, neutral furniture and layered rugs

Country Style Home Decor Ideas

A neutral living room in a modern farmhouse with a brick-lined fireplace, neutral furniture and built-in daybeds, an upholstered ottoman and a fan

Best Cottage Decor Ideas

A sophisticated modern country style living room with a large fireplace, exposed beams, comfortable furniture, a low wooden table and leather stools.

A cozy modern country style living room with a brick fireplace, neutral furniture, layered rugs, printed textiles and wood beamed ceilings.

Elegant modern country style living room with wood beamed ceilings, leather furniture, two coffee tables and attractive plants.

Elegant modern farmhouse living room with built-in fireplace, built-in wooden shelving, chic neutral furniture, tassel chandelier

Farmhouse Christmas Decor Ideas For A Cozy Country Christmas

Organic modern living room with gray sectional, coffee table, basket, plants and cool pillows. If you have a cottage or want to be inspired by some quirky decorating tips, you should check out these best cottage decor. Ideas to create a piece of heaven at home. These style ideas are perfect for maximizing space if you live in a small home or adding simple touches that make the space feel like home. These tips are specific to each room, including ideas for creating a quiet patio, decorating a hallway, or decorating a home office. You’ll be on your way to the kitchen of your dreams with sweet breakfast nook ideas and tips to make the home’s most used room a little more rustic.

Whether you want to add some white living room ideas or opt for some rustic touches, you can look for inspiration for your living room. Of course, there are many tips for creating a charming cottage bedroom, including accent walls, bright colors and comfortable bedding. No matter what style you’re trying to achieve in your home, whether it’s a modern look or you love farmhouse decor ideas, there are cottage decor techniques for every type of home.

Many cottages have bedrooms with sloping ceilings. Using an accent wall is a great idea because it adds dimension to a room without making it feel cramped.

Country Style Home Decor Ideas

These cabinets use metal vent inserts on the doors to create a rustic, whimsical look perfect for a cottage kitchen.

Thrifty And Chic

You don’t need a separate room for your home office, just a cozy nook where you can tuck away a repurposed desk, chair and cabinet.

The cheerful palette and narrow refrigerator door make this kitchen feel open and airy instead of cramped and cramped.

Planks from Habitat for Humanity’s Restore adorn the living room ceiling of this renovated Texas cottage. The homeowner was inspired to turn the cow feed sieves found in the round top.

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