Modern Dining Room Decor Pinterest

Modern Dining Room Decor Pinterest – I’ve been on the hunt for dining room inspiration lately. Ever since we moved into our house, I’ve wanted to change the look of our dining room, but I’ve struggled not only with beauty, but also with functionality. This meant I was looking for something to spark the imagination of Pinterest and designer websites. The thing is, I still haven’t found the right “thing” to decorate our dining room, but I’ve found some really cute places to post on Pinterest boards. So today, I thought I’d share what I think are the 15 cutest restaurants on Pinterest. These range from traditional to farmhouse and modern to contemporary styles. Maybe something will inspire you!

I have researched and linked to the original sources of these images as much as possible, but sometimes images on Pinterest are not properly attributed to the original source.

Modern Dining Room Decor Pinterest

Modern Dining Room Decor Pinterest

This simple and traditional farmhouse dining room really appeals to me. I love the warmth of the cabinets on the colorful walls. I also love the combination of the chairs and the painted table. To me, this dining room is beautiful and inviting in the best way.

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I absolutely love the accent wall in this dining room. The three-dimensional design adds interest to the room and the color works well to soften the space. I also love the square table. This is the perfect dining room for me for a change.

The wonderful Liz Marie knows how to design a farmhouse over at Liz Marie’s blog. Her beautiful dining room is constantly changing with accessories, lighting and decor and I love seeing the changes she makes. This is my favorite style of her dining room. The crisp white furniture, crisp wooden table and chippy wardrobe are all beautiful and inviting! I’m ready to sit down to dinner!

I love mixing styles and decor in unexpected ways and this antique dining room is the perfect combination. The combination of chevron floors with fireplaces and glass, modern velvet furniture in soft pastel colors is amazing to me. Add some black and white photos and I’m sold!

Well, can we talk wood!? I am a big fan of wood and reclaimed wood and have used it extensively in both of our homes. This sleek yet minimal dining room is the perfect take on the modern farmhouse look that’s so popular lately. There is nothing I don’t like about this place!

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Have you guys heard of HYGGE? I didn’t have one before a year ago. I’ve only ever heard this word used to describe a certain style or aesthetic. It wasn’t until recently that I did some research and realized that it’s a Danish word that means fun, fun, relaxed and easy. (I’m sure it includes a lot but for design purposes this is the general idea) Anyway, this cozy dining room is a good example for me. I love the simple lines with the bench seat, the splash of color on the table and the warm gray glass doors behind it.

I love the built in walls! And when I saw this beautiful dining room with this amazing wall, I stopped to look at it all. Isn’t this traditional dining room beautiful in a modern way?! Photographs of furniture painted in the dark are a little smaller than traditional ones, so the overall appearance changes. I love this space and am using some of these items to redecorate my dining room.

A little French country, a little farmhouse mixed together to create a beautiful dining room. Add a seat rail and charcoal black paint and this is a winner in my book. I am thinking of this color scheme in my dining room. Amazing and beautiful, right!?

Modern Dining Room Decor Pinterest

I don’t know if I thought of mixing this old table with a modern lamp and wall hanging. And can we talk about the white bench?! There is something refreshing and inviting about this dining room and it made me want to buy a nice long bench!

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I must have lived in rural Europe in another life. I am fascinated and warmed by the technical skills of European design and rich colors. This cozy dining room has the feel that I love and makes me want to sit down with a big cheese board and a glass of Italian wine!

My husband and I were talking about how beautiful it would be to have a dining room filled with bookshelves and rows of books. Obviously, this place is common in urban areas where there are many purposes and the dining room is like a library. I love this idea and want to incorporate this into our dining room.

Sometimes it’s not about the complexities, but more about the simplicity. This dining room, despite its simple design, is still warm and inviting. This reminds me that sometimes less is more.

Can we talk about the beauty of an indoor-outdoor dining space with natural light and natural brick floors? I love the regional feel of this dining room. It can be as beautiful in winter as it is in summer and at the same time it is fun and easy.

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I have stayed several times in the past with my friend Courtney at a French country cottage. Her house is beautiful and charming and her dining room is one of my favorite places. A large fireplace adds an elegant element to the French country style and double chandeliers are a beautiful finishing touch.

This image captured my imagination the first time I saw it. We do a lot of alfresco dining at our Southern California home and Montana ranch, and the vine-covered porch with twinkling patio lights is the epitome of romantic outdoor dining. I love the simplicity of the outdoor benches and the cloth-covered table surrounded by greenery. To me, this is the ultimate warm weather dish in a beautiful setting.

I hope this collection of beautiful dining rooms inspires you whether you are starting out or looking to renovate your space. Let me know your favorite in the comments below!

Modern Dining Room Decor Pinterest

Follow me on PINTEREST to see all my craft boards and inspiration. Pin the images below to your Pinterest board to come back to this post later.When designing our dining room, we wanted to achieve a modern style with simple accents. When looking for furniture, we looked at a few dining chairs that were too small and didn’t take up much space. Although our dining table is very large and can seat 8-10 people, it does not take up space and is still open and airy.

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One of our favorite pieces of furniture in our home is the walnut portica table with stainless steel from Room & Board. Since we often host, we wanted our dining table to seat as many people as possible, so we chose one that seats 8-10 people. To illustrate, our table is 78″ W x 42″ D x 29″ H. Parallel.

Since we got the dining table from Room and Board, we chose their Hirsch chair with ivory metal legs. These chairs are sleek and slim-framed and save space, especially when you’re trying to fit as many people around the table as possible! We love the material, easy to clean and spill resistant. Another option we looked at was Lowe’s Leather Chairs from Crate and Barrel.

The main level of our townhouse is the second floor, which is open concept. Since the dining room is open to the living room, we decided not to use the rug in the dining room because the rug would be too close to the living room rug. It was also a practical choice and would be easy to clean under the dining table.

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To decorate the dining room, we hung a simple round mirror on the wall with the table. We absolutely love and recommend the Infinity Glass line from CB2! We have a round 48 inch black infinity mirror and it fits perfectly in our modern dining room. It is available in 24, 36 and 48 inches and has a very thin aluminum frame that is one inch deep. We were very impressed

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