Sports Cars For Under 10k

Sports Cars For Under 10k – You don’t have to break your budget to own a sports car. Thanks to the used market, there are many sports cars in the £10,000 range.

Of course, these may not be the cream of the sports car crop. That doesn’t mean you should give up on your sports car dreams, though, as there are some serious deals on offer.

Sports Cars For Under 10k

Sports Cars For Under 10k

Four cylinders. Two seats. A fast car. Equipped with a lightweight chassis and precise handling, the Mazda MX-5 is what you’d imagine a sports car to be like, but at a lower price.

Staff Picks: The Best Project Car For Under 10k

Some see it as the best-selling two-seater in the world, not just on price. It’s fun to drive, fast and hits all the key selling points of sports cars.

This is probably the Mazda model, thanks to its excellent value. For many, it mimics premium pricing models without seeming too cheap. While the model cuts some corners with its small cabin and boot space, it shines where it counts.

The Mercedes-Benz budget sports car has always blurred the lines of what sports car means. For some, the SLK doesn’t look sporty at all – to them it’s more like an executive car. However, the small frame, large engine and focus on entertainment put this model in the sports car category.

The SLK can achieve a top speed of 147.3-155.2mph, with respectable fuel economy of 32-38mpg in most settings. A car that doesn’t look flashy despite its high price.

The Best Sportscars You Could Buy For £10k

Combined with Mercedes-Benz class value, the SLK is one of the best sports cars under £10,000.

What if you could get a Porsche Boxster for a fraction of the price? Yeah, that doesn’t seem possible. However, BMW took on this challenge and succeeded.

Again, some may question its place as a sports car. However, when you look at the 3-liter, 6-cylinder engine, the noise it makes, and the joy drivers feel on the highway, it’s decidedly sporty.

Sports Cars For Under 10k

This top-of-the-line engine is complemented by BMW’s penchant for plush interiors with a focus on the small details of embroidery, infotainment and quality.

Best Sports Cars Under 10k On All Time

Older models are great value and are some of the best used sports cars under £10K. Take a drive with a used BMW Z4.

Honda’s hybrid sports car was risky when it was first built by the manufacturer. Even if the model’s popularity isn’t as contagious as Honda hoped, the CR-Z is a nifty sports car for those looking for a pocket speedster with good fuel economy.

However, the CR-Z’s real USP is its size. Despite its sporty 135bhp hybrid engine, the car is really small. This way, city drivers can enjoy the benefits of a sports car without any problems. Coming in at a reported 54-56mpg, this is a model that will reward buyers in the long run.

The car ceased new production in 2015, but that means the used market brings some serious deals. This is one of the best used sports cars under £10K.

Affordable Dream Cars From The 1990s You Can Buy

Sports cars have an unfortunate tendency: they guzzle gas. Driving fast means burning your wallet, and it’s a sacrifice sports car enthusiasts are happy to make.

Audi’s budget sports model, the TT, has the best fuel economy of any budget sports car. With a reported fuel economy of 47.9mpg, only the highly economical hybrid engine is ahead of the TT.

Despite the high mileage, Audi hasn’t ruined the car’s sporty feel with its 2.0-litre, four-cylinder engine and executive-looking interior.

Sports Cars For Under 10k

A sports car with 390 liters of boot space. Yes, you get an attractive chassis, great horsepower and plenty of space – the best of all worlds.

Horsepower Cars You Can Snag For Under $10,000

With its six-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine, the BMW 2-Series is loud, powerful and fast. It may lack the visual points of other sporty models, but its understated, classic look is popular with many people.

When you buy from BMW, you’re buying from a quality brand, and this shines through in the understated but fast 2-Series.

However, if none of the above excites you, don’t worry. At , we connect buyers with the used cars they need from dealers they can trust. That’s what we do. See all cars under £10,000 today!

Hatchbacks Hatchbacks are the most popular car in Britain and as the name suggests they are defined by the type of boot lid.

Best Used Sports Cars Under £10,000

Big on speed, performance and handling, sports cars are guilty of putting fun over practicality – but they’re undeniably fun to drive.

You are about to remove this car from your list. Are you sure this is what you wanted to do? Want slower speeds? Buy used. You won’t get the latest technology or the most luxurious features, but you’ll satisfy the need for speed — and do it without selling body parts to pay the bills.

The first-generation RX-7 is a crude, basic sports car, from its simple rear axle to MacPherson struts, but it’s an analogue driver’s car with a great stance and electric drive feel. The rotary engine is feared for unfounded reasons. It’s a simple beast, if you can work on a piston engine you can work on a rotary.

Sports Cars For Under 10k

People make a lot of noise about the dead center of the FB steering wheel. Tighten the steering box up to half an inch of tilt and otherwise enjoy excellent communicative steering. The ’84 and ’85 GSL-SEs were kings, with fuel-injected 13b engines, limited-slip differentials, and better brakes. They are there to make less than $10k. If you can find one, take care of it.

Used Cars For Sale Under 10k In Stafford, Va

The car that saved Porsche again. Toyota advised the Stuttgart company to cut costs by reusing parts across product lines, which is how the Boxster ended up sharing those fried-egg headlights with the 996. First two-seater convertible since the 50s. The Boxster became Porsche’s volume seller – selling 160,000 in eight years. It’s a guaranteed future classic and the price is starting to drop, so grab one before the price goes up. It has two drawers so it’s clean for all your little things.

In the 60s the UK released many cheap and lightweight classics. None had the tight build of the MGB. Monocoque construction where the frame is part of the body was relatively rare in 1962. While successful arch-rivals stuck with body-on-frame construction, MG made the MGB an incredibly rigid platform. .

Later-model rubber-studded cars have dropped in price, and there are kits to convert the exterior to classic ’62-’74 chrome running $1,300. Acceleration is damn good, no one can say 50 MPH. A rough drag on a good road is more fun than 80 MPH in a cruise.

The overhead engines and fiberglass rear suspensions didn’t look great, but the C5 made a career out of winning the GM Racing 24 Hours of Le Mans and the American Le Mans Series.

The Best Sports Cars Under $10k

To return surprisingly good fuel economy (19/28 MPG city/highway) and avoid the guzzler gas tax, the six-speed auto is saddled with a skip-shift that will force an upshift from 1 to 4 under certain conditions. For those still unconvinced, technical sophistication is not a necessary factor in a good driver’s car – check out half the cars on this list.

We are being deceived. Pony cars aren’t sports cars, but third-generation F-bodies make our list for their excellent handling. Not the Jurassic ’70s car they replaced, the third generation has sharp, firm steering and weighs over 3,000 pounds — not bad for a beast with a heart that shoots from eight cylinders. Reproduction parts are cheap and car parts are plentiful.

Good for the ’80s, its power is modest today, but you can work cheap magic on a small-block Chevy and turn a third-generation F-body into a rocket. Like its predecessors, the third-generation Camaro came in several rare packages that are sought after today, including the B4C Police Package, the 1LE Race Package, and the Z03 Heritage Package.

Sports Cars For Under 10k

The best Porsche ever made by Volkswagen from Audi parts. It was a joint project between Porsche and VW/Audi, but VW lost its Fahrvergnügen and sold the design back to Porsche. Traditionalists still make twisted faces at the water-cooled four-cylinder at the front, but the 924 saved Porsche from bankruptcy in 911-shape.

Sports Cars With Good Gas Mileage Under $10k

Pretty much the same car, the narrowbody 924 continued with the ’82-’91 widebody 944 for most of their life. The original 924 is a dog. Even in 1976, the press was brutal. Porsche came out with turbo versions of both, but in later years the naturally aspirated-lag-less 944S replaced the turbo because it closed in on its performance figures without the extra weight, cost and complexity. If you’re after light weight overall, dig a 924S. The 944S engine in a narrowbody that was 200 pounds lighter eventually produced the 924 Scoot.

The S2000 hit the market just as the Japanese economy was taking shape and booming

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