Top Dwi Lawyers In Houston

Top Dwi Lawyers In Houston – When a person’s life is cut short by a wrongful drunk driving arrest, it can create serious problems that an experienced attorney knows how to help you resolve. The law offices of Tad Nelson & Associates are staffed by experienced attorneys such as Tad Nelson and Amber Spurlock. Tad and Amber are both ACS-CHAL Legal Scholars, and Tad has the added distinction of being board certified in criminal law, which gives his clients an advantage in fighting government charges. Todd has been a DWI attorney for almost 30 years.

Since 1995, Attorney Todd Nelson has handled criminal cases in Texas state and federal courts. Even if you have not been charged with a DWI in Houston, our law firm can still help you. Whether you’re facing a murder, sex crime, or drug charge, we’ll fight for you.

Top Dwi Lawyers In Houston

Top Dwi Lawyers In Houston

Criminal penalties associated with DWI offenses are common. In some cases, crimes can result in more severe penalties with minimum jail time and small fines, as well as fines of up to $10,000.

Penalties For A First Dwi Conviction In Texas

A felony DWI can result in a night or two in jail, while a person charged with a felony DWI can be sentenced to up to twenty years in a TDCJ-administered jail.

No matter what situation you or a loved one is in, our DWI attorneys can help. Contact the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates as soon as possible for an aggressive DWI defense.

Attorney Todd Nelson has the highest possible rating from AVVO, an attorney rating service, and is also ranked as one of the best attorneys in Houston by a number of other attorney rating services. Ted Nelson is also board certified in criminal law by the Texas Supreme Court, an organization that certifies qualified attorneys in 21 specific areas of law.

If you are looking for the best attorney for your Houston DWI case, contact the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates. Over 30 years in the Houston DWI Bar Board Certified in DUI Law by the DUI Defense Attorneys Association.

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Whether this is your first offense or you have been charged with DWI in the past, we are here to help you every step of the way. Butler Law Firm focuses on one area of ​​criminal law, DWI defense. Use this experience to get the results you want. Our goal is to get you to hit the “reset button” and help you get back to your life before you are charged with a DWI.

Our first step is to avoid having your license suspended by requesting an administrative license revocation or an “ALR” hearing – but we only have 15 days from the date you are arrested.

Facing DWI or DUI charges? you are not alone. We are here to support you. Meet the Butler Law Firm, a highly skilled professional legal team specializing in DWI cases. With our extensive experience and expertise, Butler Law Firm – Houston DWI attorneys will guide you through the legal process, fight for your rights, and work to achieve the best possible outcome. You don’t have to deal with this difficult situation alone. Trust Butler Law Firm to provide expert representation and support throughout your journey. We are committed to help you in this regard.

Top Dwi Lawyers In Houston

With over 30 years of experience handling DWI cases alone – we know DWI defense and are here to help you today!

Meet Edward Okwueze, Attorney At The Edward Law Group

There may be ways to get the charges dismissed without going to court, which can save you thousands of dollars and countless hours of back and forth in court. We understand that you did not plan for this disruption in your life and will work diligently to resolve your case as soon as possible.

When it comes to your life, nothing is more important than safety, comfort and happiness. Don’t let DWI or DUI charges scare you.

With over 30 years of experience handling the only DWI cases in Texas – The Butler Law Firm knows DWI defense and is here to help you today!

Our process begins with a thorough and complete analysis of all evidence in your case, including the crime report and all police surveillance video, body camera footage, and police station video, including any breath or blood draw footage.

Criminal Defense Attorney Houston

Reviewing this evidence can take hours or even days. But this must be done to effectively defend your case. Then, any breath or blood test records should be carefully reviewed to ensure proper procedures are followed and evidentiary challenges to this evidence are made. We know the science of breath and blood alcohol testing and the procedures you must follow to prosecute your case.

Our track record of success is a testament to the hard work, persistence and creativity we put into building a defense for any DWI or DUI case in Houston, Harris County, Fort Bend County, Montgomery County and beyond.

With over 30 years of experience handling DWI and DUI cases in Texas, The Butler Law Firm – “Houston DWI Lawyer” knows DWI defense and their DWI attorneys are here to help you every step of the way!

Top Dwi Lawyers In Houston

As a Houston DWI lawyer, experience unparalleled legal support from an attorney with over 30 years of experience who is certified as an expert in DUI law by the DUI Defense Lawyers Association.

Eric Benavides: Houston Criminal Defense Attorney

With over 30 years of criminal DWI defense experience, Jim Butler is a highly respected and expert DWI defense attorney in Houston. Throughout his extensive career, Jim has dedicated himself to helping clients protect their rights, livelihoods and futures after DWI charges.

Jim’s extensive experience distinguishes him as a trusted defense attorney for DWI and DUI charges in Houston. Over the years, he has helped many people avoid the severe consequences that can come with a DWI conviction, such as job loss, license suspension, and other detrimental effects on their lives. Jim’s reputation as a respected criminal defense attorney and expert DWI attorney stems from his commitment to helping clients protect their rights, livelihoods, and futures.

Jim doesn’t like drunk driving. Instead, it focuses on protecting those who are arrested without reason and believes that everyone deserves a fair chance to defend their rights and interests.

Navigating the complexities of a DWI case in Texas is no small task, and the potential consequences when facing DWI charges can be dire. The stakes are high when you are facing a DWI or DUI charge. License suspensions, strained relationships, and threats of jail time can cause anxiety and sleepless nights, but they don’t have to! When it comes to protecting your rights and providing peace of mind during these difficult times, Houston DWI Attorney Jim Butler is your beacon of hope.

Experienced Houston Dwi Lawyers

Jim’s unwavering dedication to you and your loved one and his meticulous attention to detail set Jim apart and you can rest assured that your criminal DWI or DUI case will always be handled with a successful outcome. It is dedicated to protecting your rights at every stage of the legal process. That’s why it’s so important to have an experienced attorney like Jim Butler, so you can rest easy knowing that an expert DWI attorney with over 30 years of experience, who only handles DWI cases, is the bull for is yours About DWI!

With decades of DWI defense experience and his tenacity, he will tirelessly defend your rights and strive to achieve the best possible outcome. Jim’s #1 focus is to ensure that your DWI or DUI charges have the best possible chance for a successful outcome and that all of your rights are protected by the law.

Take the first step to taking back control and discover the unique Butler Law Firm experience by scheduling a free consultation today! With Jim’s experienced guidance, you can be confident that your DWI case will be handled with the utmost care, diligence and skill, ensuring your rights are protected and a strong defense strategy tailored to your unique circumstances.

Top Dwi Lawyers In Houston

Don’t let your world crumble under the weight of a DWI charge. Contact the Butler Law Firm today for a free consultation and see how Jim Butler’s experience and dedication can make a difference in your life. Your future, livelihood and peace of mind depend on it.

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The Butler Law Firm will go through all the steps to ensure you get the best possible outcome while making your DWI case as stress-free as possible.

Navigating the legal world can be daunting, especially when it comes to your future. Let Butler Law Firm handle every step from A-Z to ensure you get the best possible outcome with the least amount of stress possible.

Every story is different. It will be our team

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