Cheap Diy Living Room Decor

Cheap Diy Living Room Decor – Jen Rondo didn’t start out turning her laundry room into a psychedelic disco, but now that it looks like it, she’s pretty pleased with herself.

It all started in early January, when demand for the handmade masks she had been selling since last spring dropped, leaving Ms. Rondo, an artist and musician, without a creative department. So he moved to West Orange, N.Y. He turned his attention to the gray utility room in the basement of the house.

Cheap Diy Living Room Decor

Cheap Diy Living Room Decor

In three days, he painted a midcentury abstract design on one wall, a bold mix of reds, blues, pinks and oranges. Shocked by the results, he extended the design to the opposite side, placing an orange chair in the corner and a disco light machine that lit an array of lights that flashed to whatever music came from the Bluetooth speaker.

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“I had so much energy that I wanted to do something,” said Ms. Rondo, 43, who lives in a four-bedroom ranch house with her husband, Paul Rondo, 42, a freelance cameraman, and their two children. young sons. Now that the laundry room is painted, “I love being there,” she said. “It makes me happy.”

While the pandemic is spurring a wave of home renovations, some craft homeowners are interpreting this moment as a creative moment, defying expectations of what a home should look like, renovating their spaces to channel their artistic energy and redefining acceptable home decor. process. Many homeowners invest large sums of money in remodeling their kitchens and bathrooms, creating something unique and deeply personal, often spending several hundred dollars on materials.

Are you going to the movies wrong? Now is not the time to turn your basement into a home theater with a full concession stand. No room for a bathtub in a small bathroom? It doesn’t matter. Install one in the bedroom instead. Do kids get cabin fever? There’s no time like an ice rink in the front yard.

For these homeowners, do-it-yourself projects are liberating, tapping into unrealized artistic talents or refining what they’ve nurtured over the years. Their homes become not a space they want to occupy, but a space they can have a creative vision for.

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“I see a lot more color, a sense of adventure in the decor choices. People say, ‘I don’t have to go anywhere else when I’m at home to look at something interesting,'” said Ingrid Fedel Lee. Joyful designer: The surprising power of ordinary things to create extraordinary joy.

Leanne Ford, an interior designer and star of the HGTV show “Home Again with the Fords,” sees this moment for homeowners to break away from pre-pandemic expectations. What good is a guest room if there are no guests? “We don’t need to decorate as we lived a year ago, we need to decorate as we live now,” he said.

This is the moment to flex our creative muscles. Since no one comes, there is no one to comment on your witty choice. “People are very interested in what their siblings say, what their mother says, what their neighbor says,” Ms. Ford said. But now that the decision is on hold, some homeowners are feeling emboldened. “There’s a liberating, creative power in thinking about your own business, knowing that it’s your home,” he said. “Nobody’s coming right now, so it’s a good time to practice it.”

Cheap Diy Living Room Decor

Jen Rondo painted murals on her laundry room walls to add a disco glow. This room is now his Zoom conference space. Credit… Laura Moss for The New York Times

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Mr. After Rondo finished painting the laundry room, he moved on to the high-traffic walls. “What’s next for you?” The way I liked it, it was like an addiction,” said Ms. Rondo said she learned her technique and was inspired by a mural by Rachel Jackson, Vancouver, Washington, who has nearly 70,000 followers. Instagram.

Then, Ms. Rondo painted a mural in her sons’ bathroom and found a long, narrow space ready for experimentation. But after five days of painting, the result was disappointing. The edges were not straight and the colors hardly matched the brown tiles. “The vision in my head doesn’t translate well to space,” he said.

But the 5- and 9-year-old children were satisfied. So instead of repairing the mural, he moved into the open-concept living and dining space, where he painted the back wall, from the edge of the dining room to the living room fireplace, navy, accented with lively lines, shapes and circles. For its entrance, which opens into the living room, he painted a free-form design with black lines and colorful squares.

As a result, he said, in his living room in particular, he’s changed the vaulted ceiling and views of Manhattan 15 miles away. Before, the room “didn’t seem like a warm welcoming place. It felt like we just put the bed in there and called it a day,” he said. Now, “It’s really good. I wake up every morning, drink coffee before the kids wake up, sit in the living room and watch the sunrise.

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Reneeka Shepard found most of the supplies for her family’s home theater offering online. The soda fountain came from a restaurant that was out. Credit… Stacey Able for The New York Times

For some homeowners, the pandemic has given them time to tackle projects on their “to-do” list. Reneeka Shepherd has long wanted to add a home theater that she and her husband, Stephen, built in 2018 in the basement of their five-bedroom house in Indianapolis.

But life always got in the way. Both worked and raised three teenagers and a 5-year-old boy. But in April, the pandemic forced Ms. Shepherd, 38, out of a job collecting delinquent student loans at the state Department of Education, and her calendar suddenly opened up.

Cheap Diy Living Room Decor

“It’s finally time,” said Ms. Shepherd, whose favorite part of going to the movies is the concession stand. “With Covid, I was able to step back and take a breath.”

Living Room Decorating Ideas

Aton. When Shepard, 43, a mechanic, built the space, Ms. Shepard scoured Facebook Marketplace for decorating ideas, finding pretzel and nacho chip warmers, a fertilizer rack and a glass-front mini-fridge. (He already had a popcorn maker that he bought at Wayfair.) Every concession stand needed a soda fountain, and he eventually found that one restaurant stopped. Via social media, a retired Coca-Cola repairman reached out and found the car ready for installation and service.

Aton. Shepherd spent several months finishing the basement walls and floor, installing drywall and new flooring. He built the counter with wooden planks and painted the room black with red accents. He expanded the theater from six seats to 10, adding a row of cranes at the back and two additional stands at the front.

“Many times I thought, ‘Oh, I can’t do this,'” Mr. Shepherd said, at one point working from noon to three in the morning. “It was the same time downstairs and I couldn’t tell if it was day or night. So I kept working.

They completed the space in January. Mr. Shepard likes to escape to a place where the family can gather and watch movies together. “If your stomach hurts, you can go downstairs and have a Sprite,” he said. “When the movie came out, we could go downstairs, the kid could watch it, eat popcorn, eat candy, and it felt like we were in a movie theater.”

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Chad Rovekamp, ​​39, stands with his daughter Molly, 7, at an ice rink on his front lawn in Eau Claire, Wis.Credit…Erin Springer for The New York Times

Other homeowners also spent those months reflecting the outside world at home. Eau Claire, Wis. Outdoor rinks are open, but indoor warming shelters are closed due to Covid-19 restrictions. So if you want to skate, there’s nowhere to use the bathroom, no warm place to change gear, and no concession stand to buy hot cocoa. So 39-year-old Chad Rovekamp, ​​who spent the pandemic looking for ways to keep his two kids active, decided to get them hoops.

Early morning of Christmas 2020, b. Rovekamp ended up flooding the front lawn with a 20-foot by 30-foot ice rink, which he built with a kit he bought from the Canadian company Ringmaster. Usually, it will take a week for the flood and freeze

Cheap Diy Living Room Decor

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