Craigslist Big Island Real Estate By Owner

Craigslist Big Island Real Estate By Owner – Craigslist Photo This home, which was advertised on Craigslist as a two-bedroom Keaukaha Beach rental for $800, was recently found by a Leilani Estates resident to be too good to be true.

East Hawaii’s rental housing shortage has become part of an ongoing crisis caused by Kilauea volcano lava that has destroyed homes and forced the evacuation of hundreds of residents in the lower reaches.

Craigslist Big Island Real Estate By Owner

Craigslist Big Island Real Estate By Owner

State Rep. Joy San Buenaventura, a red Democrat, wrote a letter to Gov. David Ige on Tuesday asking him to issue three executive orders to ease the housing crisis facing many.

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San Buenaventura is requesting an exemption from the temporary accommodation fee for one month after the end of the emergency declaration for evacuees seeking short-term rentals of less than 180 days.

He also calls for evicting tenants to be allowed to waive certain rules of landlord-tenant law to rent vacant homes that are being foreclosed on.

In addition, he urges the governor to sign Senate Bill 2401, which would establish the “Ohana Area Program,” a $50 million grant that covers basic housing needs, in addition to social services, health care and transportation for the homeless. Parliament approved the law earlier this year.

“Now, because of the evacuees, we have this problem of homelessness, and it’s perfect to have this transitional home for the evacuees,” San Buenaventura said. “At first, homeless advocates … were opposed because they thought it was legalizing camping. But now we have come up with the language … to use it to provide temporary housing to these evacuees.”

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State Sen. Russell Ruderman, also a red Democrat, hopes the governor will “free up money for thin areas because we can potentially use it for some of our needs here.”

“It’s very hard to find rental housing right now in East Hawaii because all the low-hanging fruit has been picked,” Ruderman said. “And every week there are a hundred or two hundred evacuees, including (Tuesday) night … about 500 because ‘Four Corners’ is closed.”

Ruderman’s assessment of the rental market is supported by Nancy Cabral, president of Day-Lum Rentals & Management and Coldwell-Banker Day-Lum Properties.

Craigslist Big Island Real Estate By Owner

“I could probably rent 100 houses in the next month. And there aren’t enough houses,” Cabral said. “I already have tenants and applicants ready to move in for whatever is coming up in the next 30 days. If someone tells me they’re moving in the next 28 days, I already have two, three or four people ready to move. So the place is not meant to be

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“Looks like everyone down there still wants to stay in the Red Bottom,” he continued. “They like it there. It’s their home, so they try to stay there. They like houses more than apartments. We try to turn everything that comes out as quickly as possible and get it ready for someone to move back in.”

Susie Osborne, principal of Kua O Ka La Public School in Leilani Estates and a displaced Leilani herself, found the house outside Hilo through friends. But while he was looking, he came across a rental listing on Craigslist advertising a two-bedroom beachfront home for $800 in Hilo’s Keaukaha neighborhood.

He said the listing, which was still online Wednesday, turned out to be a scam: The real estate agent who listed the apartment for sale said it was not for rent.

“I was sickened that anyone would stoop so low to do something to another person at this time of incredible crisis in our community,” Osborne said.

Maui’s Fires Risk Pushing Up Housing Costs In Strained Market

The San Buenaventura attorney said it’s difficult to prosecute rental scams like Osborne said he encountered.

“When I became a state representative, I had to find a place to live in Honolulu. And you see all these amazing places that are on Craigslist,” he said. “And you realize very quickly that they’re too good to be true. No one will physically show you the place. They will show you a picture of the place. There is no physical person with whom you can enter into a rental agreement. These have been around for a while, but now we are more aware of it because the people of Puna are more desperate.”

“You see a place (advertised) for rent and a few days later it’s gone up a few hundred dollars. I think that’s what happens. There are so many refugees and there are so few places,” he said.

Craigslist Big Island Real Estate By Owner

Cabral said he has a list of ideas to ease the housing crisis, including creating a nonprofit to provide insurance to those displaced by the lava. Funds will be returned to the nonprofit to help others in the future.

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And like San Buenaventura, he wants the governor and mayor to “cut red tape and relax the rules to help people rent or build new homes.”

Ruderman has his own ideas to alleviate the housing crisis caused by the lava, including a proposal to allow the construction of tiny houses and donate state land to a nonprofit to develop villages of tiny houses that could be sold to displaced people. home owners.

“I think the current shelter is pretty quickly becoming its own crisis, a mental and social health crisis,” he said. “And we have to get people out of there quickly for their own mental health and their own physical health.

“People who have been in the shelter for more than three weeks are very stressed. They cannot leave their valuables. If I’m in a tent and the guy in the next tent is yelling at his partner, it’s awful to listen to night after night. I think the best short-term solution is these tiny houses.

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“I don’t want to jump the gun, but I think there will be an announcement in the next few days about these tiny houses and it would be a short-term move.”

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Craigslist Big Island Real Estate By Owner

Have you come across a Craigslist rental scam lately? Here are my tips for avoiding Craigslist scams and real estate scams to help you stay safe.

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We’ve spent the last few weeks looking for the perfect rental property to move into, but unfortunately we’ve come across a lot of Craigslist rental scams. We found many great homes and signed a lease the next day (more on that soon).

Although we found a rental property, we ran head-on into many Craigslist scams and Craigslist scams. That got us thinking “How can I avoid Craigslist rental scams?”

I only got about 10 emails from potential owners and the three I knew were definitely scammers. There may have been others.

Because of this, I knew I had to create a post about rental scams for people looking for rentals and homes on Craigslist.

Craigslist And U.s. Rental Housing Markets

Rental scams can be found everywhere (Craigslist, Zillow and others) and many people are scammed out of hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars every day.

P.S. If you are looking for a rental property, your credit score can be very important. You can check your credit score with the Credit Sesame app for free here.

In some cases, the person may not be a scammer, but you should be careful if you decide to proceed with a potential rental that you are unsure about.

Craigslist Big Island Real Estate By Owner

Hopefully my tips for renting on Craigslist below will help you find the RIGHT rental property.

My Experience With A Craigslist Housing Scam

If you’re wondering if Craigslist rentals are legit – yes, they are! But, you have to be careful. So before you hand over your check, credit card, or driver’s license, make sure it’s not a Craigslist scam at home.

If you get scammed on Craigslist, they could take your rent, security deposit, or even your personal information. Moreover, they can waste your precious time and you might even think that you are actually moving into a rental property.

There are a few ways to tell if you’re dealing with a Craigslist rental poster. Here’s how to spot a rental scammer on Craigslist.

One of the many Craigslist rental scams we’ve been hearing a lot about lately is that the scammer looks legit and actually shows you a rental property. You could

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