Cuddling Ottawa Ottawa Gatineau Area

Cuddling Ottawa Ottawa Gatineau Area – I am a winter child. I was born in winter and thrive in the snow. On Valentine’s Day, I wanted to take my husband on a white romantic winter adventure in Ottawa so he too could immerse himself in the joy of winter love. I hatched an elaborate plan to take a romantic evening stroll among the gorgeous ice sculptures, kiss and cuddle on a snowy night, and hold hands while ice skating on the world famous Rideau Canal.

Our first winter festival in Ottawa was amazing: think maple syrup body massages, dazzling spa sessions, BeaverTail breaks and icy cold chocolate treats. Confused? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Ottawa Winter Music Festival so you can plan a romantic getaway with your loved one.

Cuddling Ottawa Ottawa Gatineau Area

Cuddling Ottawa Ottawa Gatineau Area

We believe the Ottawa Winter Festival is the essence of Canadian winter and a true time to celebrate nature. The festival takes place in the Canadian Capital Region during the first three weekends of February. During the exhibition you can admire the beautiful ice sculptures created during the international ice sculpture competition. You can go ice skating on the Rideau Canal Slide and have fun for the whole family at Snowflake Kingdom. Visit the official Ottawa website for more information.

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The city center will be filled with amazing street food options and you will be able to eat, drink and eat local delicacies and celebrate Canada’s true cultural and artistic spirit.

If you think that’s not enough, you’ll no doubt be interested in attending the Ottawa Winter Snow Festival when we tell you that there are events like the outdoor bed race. No, seriously, you read that right. Several teams gathered, armed with beautifully decorated bed frames on wheels, to compete against each other in one of the most unusual winter games we’ve ever seen. Pack warm boots and a thermos and you’ll be amazed how the locals run around in shorts and t-shirts, braving temperatures of -25 degrees Celsius while pushing real bed frames around town. This is what we call unusual winter fun!

First, make sure to mark the date on your calendar. The Ottawa Winter Music Festival kicks off in early February, and we recommend fitting it into a long weekend as part of your Valentine’s Day celebration. There are so many romantic things to do in and around Ottawa during the winter, so you have plenty of great things to do.

But to really get ready for the Ottawa Winter Festival, we need to have some winter talk. Ottawa has cold weather, especially in February, when temperatures drop to -20C. Now I love winter, but even for me it’s cold. Let’s be honest, once the cold gets to your bones, it’s enough to start feeling bad. Fortunately, I think winter is misunderstood, and there are plenty of outdoor activities (and thermal gear) to keep you warm. So you might as well embrace winter and have some fun.

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So you must first have a really good pair of snow boots. I bought a pair of Columbia snow boots before I arrived, which are light, waterproof and can withstand temperatures down to -35C. Since my feet are so well insulated, I bought merino wool thermals. Then I bought a down jacket and some insulated gloves and a beanie. We both bought some wool sweaters and some synthetic inner layers to make sure we were super warm.

In winter, you are not as thirsty, so you forget about your normal hydration habits. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day, use lip balm to keep your lips hydrated and make sure you apply plenty of moisturizer to your face.

Dressed up, we started our romantic long weekend in Ottawa. Valentine’s Day should be celebrated in a snowy destination where you can cozy up in front of the fire, enjoy cocktails and reconnect with your loved ones. Well, our trip to Ottawa ticked all the boxes.

Cuddling Ottawa Ottawa Gatineau Area

Ottawa is our first destination in Canada. This was a long bucket list destination for us and we couldn’t wait to land in the capital and start exploring the city.

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Being in it for romance and wanting to live a fairytale life, we stayed at the famous Fairmont Chateau Laurier in downtown Ottawa. You might think the pictures look amazing, but when the taxi pulled up to the entrance, our jaws dropped. It looks just like a real castle, making us feel like (ice) royalty.

After a quick check in we went to our beautiful room. We stayed in one of the gold rooms which gave us access to the beautiful lounge which had great views of Major Hill Park and the Rideau Canal. When staying in a Gold Room, you can also enjoy breakfast and daily afternoon tea in the exclusive lounge.

We spent four days exploring the Ottawa Winterlude. This is the perfect time to explore the city, participate in winter activities and enjoy romantic spa treatments.

When you arrive at the airport, go through security and be sure to collect your luggage before departure. For your safety, we recommend using airport-authorized transportation services. You can book a car or take a taxi at the airport terminal. You can also go by public transport, route 97.

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Leave your luggage at the hotel, rest for an hour or two and prepare for dinner. Your long weekend in Ottawa is starting soon!

If you’re a little jet-lagged like us, you’re probably not super excited about eating a lot, so enjoying small bites at Play Food & Wine seems like a good idea. Buy a bottle of wine and try a variety of dishes on the menu.

Play Food & Wine specializes in starter portions. If you want to order everything on the menu but are worried about not having enough room for everything, this is the restaurant for you. This is a popular restaurant that fills up quickly, so be sure to book in advance.

Cuddling Ottawa Ottawa Gatineau Area

If you decide to stay at the Fairmont Château Laurier in downtown Ottawa, your breakfast will be the perfect way to start your day. In February, the days are shorter, so we recommend waking up before sunrise to enjoy the brilliant colors above Major Mountain Park. Fairmont Château Laurier is surrounded by beautiful castle details, with its roof covered in snow and icicles, making you feel like you are in a fairy tale.

Presence Cuddle Therapy Ottawa & Gatineau

Our room faced the opposite direction, so we awoke to pastels of the sunrise over the Connaught Towers.

So why get up so early? Because today is a super special day that you and your partner are in for a real treat. Our first morning in Ottawa was (wisely) spent at Le Nordik, North America’s largest spa. Located in the picturesque village of Old Chelsea, Nordik Spa-Nature is a relaxation and wellness center specializing in heat therapy techniques from the Scandinavian country.

We believe that Le Nordik is a multi-sensory experience in a natural environment. It is spectacular and divided into three sections that offer three different types of experiences. You can enjoy the silent, whisper or social sections. You will find 10 external baths, 9 different saunas, 4 restaurants, a panoramic pool, a floating saltwater pool, meditation rooms and many relaxation areas.

One of the saunas hosts various events throughout the day, where you can learn the secrets of aromatherapy and immerse your senses in wonderful scent explorations.

Unique Places To Go On A Date On Valentine’s Day In Ottawa

Overall, Le Nordik was the highlight of our romantic time in Ottawa. We highly recommend this place. So when visiting the Ottawa Winter Festival, be sure to book in advance.

When you’re feeling relaxed, head to one of Le Nordik’s restaurants for a delicious lunch. What better way to start exploring Ottawa than with a luxurious morning at the spa, followed by a sexy lunch with your loved ones.

Have you got your life back? That’s good, because after a hot sauna it’s time to do what Scandinavians do best: meet nature. Go to the Gatineau Park Visitor Center, rent a pair of snowshoes, and hit the park’s trails.

Cuddling Ottawa Ottawa Gatineau Area

Gatineau Park is a huge park with countless flora and fauna and several trails so you can enjoy nature in every season. Immerse yourself in the wilderness and test your snowshoeing skills.

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Zoe’s is the place for afternoon tea and incredible cocktails. We enjoyed sharing cheese boards and cocktails. This is a great way to celebrate the day together and talk about the wonderful memories you made during the day. We recommend Aurora and Statesman (with a beautiful cheddar smoke).

Did someone say oysters are good? Book a table in advance at Whalesbone and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. We were obsessed with the variety of fresh oysters and incredible seafood on their menu. This is sacred. exist

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