Dollar Store Hacks For Home

Dollar Store Hacks For Home – So, you are ready to sort out the chaos and mayhem in your home. Well, good news! It can be done…on a budget! If you’re looking for the best place to get cheap repair supplies, there’s really only one place to go. The dollar tree! Dollar Tree’s organization tips and ideas will show you exactly why

Dollar Tree has a huge following of shoppers who know how to find great deals – including products that are PERFECT for storage and organization.

Dollar Store Hacks For Home

Dollar Store Hacks For Home

Need some inspiration? No problem! Here are some great ideas and hacks featuring Dollar Tree items to get you started!

Dollar Store Home Décor Projects

Psst…want another great insider tip? In fact, you can finish decluttering FAST! If your home could use some trimming – you should check out this helpful (and free) guide and get the job done FAST!

If you have a problem area that you are focusing on, make a list of what you need. Keeping space measurements handy helps too – you never know what goodies you’ll find! Reading this post is a great way to gather some ideas. 😉

A dollar isn’t a lot of money, but with multiple purchases it can add up! And if something “only costs a dollar,” you probably won’t take the time to return it. Avoid waste by buying conservatively.

Yes, you can shop online at Dollar Tree! Sometimes you have to experience the thrill of hunting in the digital space. The advantage here is that you can order the exact amount and items you want…while still in your garnish.

Dollar Store Laundry Room Organization Ideas

If you’re in the store looking for a specific item and find it’s out of stock or unavailable, talk to a manager. They can often order in-store for you, even if the item is not available on the website.

Use your imagination when it comes to Dollar Tree organization! As you’ll see below, there are lots of clever ways to reuse items from every section of the store.

Now let’s get to the good stuff…all the organizational eye candy! Lots of inspiration to come, so scroll down and get yourself sorted.

Dollar Store Hacks For Home

Do not forget! You can break down your decluttering and organizing tasks into simple and easy parts, here’s how to declutter in 5 minutes or less!

Brilliant Dollar Store Hacks You Need To Make For Your Home

Believe it or not, this cute and functional over the door rack was made with Dollar Tree supplies! If you’re a DIY fan at heart but don’t have many tools, this project is for you!

I love how the veggie/fruit baskets are labeled so you can easily see what items need to be added to the shopping list. Labels make everything look fancy IMO.

After a long day at school, kids need some flexibility in where they sit to do their homework. Creating a homework box is a great way to keep all the supplies together. If the weather is nice, they can even take it outside! It would also be great for organizing craft supplies.

If you don’t have enough space for a bathroom counter, you can adapt this idea to create a “bath tub” for each child as well. That way, they can easily store it off the counter when not in use.

The Top Farmhouse Dollar Store Hacks With A High End Look

Of course, you can also use the Dollar Tree Organization Clip to clean up the caddy. So many possibilities!

Help kids get outside and play a lot by creating an outdoor toy station. The blue and green bags are from Dollar Tree.

Little hands can easily pick up a basket for outdoor play. The plastic also “wins” in case the basket is left outside by the same hands 😉

Dollar Store Hacks For Home

While you’re organizing your garage, you should check out this post full of 17 great garage organization ideas.

Diy Dollar Store Hacks & Projects

Why spend $$$ on custom drawer dividers when you can buy custom sized trays from the Dollar Tree? Bonus: for spring cleaning, they can easily be washed in the sink or dishwasher to sterilize them.

You can also wrap the trays with a drawer liner if you want a more personalized look. Guess who sells a roll of drawer liners for $1? Yes, the Dollar Tree!

These adorable clear containers are from Dollar Tree. They work right away, but some spray painting and tag making skills will definitely improve it! Because they are transparent, it is easy to see when supplies need to be refreshed.

You can bring both organization and storage to your closet with these Dollar Tree organization supplies! Also, no tools are required in this project. The baskets are not connected to the pegboard – they just sit on the shelf.

Organize Your Entire House With Dollar Store Items

This storage and organization trick can also help prevent waste—if you store the boxes with the closest expiration date ahead.

These simple wire baskets from Dollar Tree can be used to create farmhouse-style vertical storage. They are perfect for storing fruit (or root!)

Storage is easy on the eyes, but it’s also practical because separating the fruits helps them last longer and can keep them from being easily injured.

Dollar Store Hacks For Home

Just look for a second because you can’t believe your eyes? Yes me too. These baskets are a Dollar Tree staple. With just a little magic (spray paint!) you can transform a plain trash can into a sophisticated one with a beautiful antique sheen.

Amazing Dollar Store Home Décor Hacks

Both the mesh bags (3/$1) and the suction cups (12/$1) are from The Dollar Tree! The mesh bag keeps the toys properly enclosed and the hanging bag allows the water to drip, drip, drip.

This solid color closet has me planning a trip to the Dollar Tree soon! I love how choosing one color makes it easy to keep everything together.

That way, if you’re in another store and you see an amazing (white) basket for sale – you know the place for it!

Six misplaced lids neatly tucked away (try saying that three times fast!). The cost of all this setup? The whole $4!

Of The Best Dollar Store Hacks To Organize Your Home

I love the creativity behind using adhesive hooks and three napkin holders to store pan lids. Who knew the Dollar Tree organization could be so flexible?

Not sure where to start when organizing your makeup? This $2 Dollar Tree hack is easy on the eye and great for organizing and storing your beauty stands. A clear candle holder ($1) filled with black sand ($1) keeps your products and tools clean for easy access.

Bonus: while you’re going through your cosmetics to choose which ones to keep in your new home, use the slits as a cleaning opportunity! Throw away old products or products you don’t expect to use again.

Dollar Store Hacks For Home

Yes, these are shower rings purchased from the Dollar Tree! This clever trick turns any hanger into a scarf organizer!

The Best Dollar Store Hacks

Who doesn’t have excess “dead” vertical space in their base cabinets?? This smart organizing tip featuring $2 worth of products is from Dollar Tree, of course!

The wire basket ($1) is designed to hold aluminum foil cans. A great use of zip ties (12/$1) from Dollar Tree creates a perpendicular barrier, preventing these flat cutting boards from simply slipping off. clever! I might want to try this idea on some of my cabinets.

Do you have an aspiring collector living in your home? If so, you’re no stranger to storage and organization hacks! Using all white trays from Dollar Tree is an aesthetic and practical way to keep things clean and separated.

Use a simple ice cube tray from the Dollar Tree to store your earrings and rings! With ideas like these, it’s no wonder the Dollar Tree is my go-to place for storage and organization! I like the white background, but you can always add a coat of spray paint if you want to create a different mood.

Dollar Store Candle Hack

With some $1 pool noodles from the Dollar Tree and some measuring and cutting, you can get your winter boots on! I tried the tip of using empty wine bottles in the boot – works but can be painful if the boot falls off!

I wear my boots high, so it’s important to me to have something inside them that won’t break. Plus, I don’t want any teetotalers judging my boots!

Using clear boxes from the dollar store can add some shape to your dresser drawers. For bonus points, labeling the dresser creates a sustainable way to maintain good (organizational) work. 😉

Dollar Store Hacks For Home

As your children get older, they may be given some laundry work. Creating an easy-to-use system (involving Dollar Tree products) is a great way to help everyone stay healthy.

Diying Mystery Dollar Tree Items

If things aren’t organized and easy to find, you’re likely to waste money buying duplicates of products you already have!

Plus, when you’re feeling sick, you don’t have the energy to rummage through the cupboard to find the right medicine or product. Keeping produce clean with these great Dollar Tree finds will save you time (and money!). Sounds like a winner to me!

Oh, and if you LOVE all things Dollar Store or Dollar Tree, you’ll want to check it out

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