Home Decor Outlets Buffalo Ny

Home Decor Outlets Buffalo Ny – CHEEKTOWAGA, NY () – “And I really want my furniture or my money,” said Buffalo resident Hilda Brown.

Hilda Brown is the latest customer to contact 7 Eyewitness News saying she hasn’t heard back from Home Decor Outlets in Cheektowaga.

Home Decor Outlets Buffalo Ny

Home Decor Outlets Buffalo Ny

The Buffalo woman tells me she spent $2,600 on a new living room, bedroom and mattress.

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The store’s doors remain closed at the Walden Avenue plaza location, and since last Friday, black plastic has been added to the windows and you can’t see inside.

New signs have now been placed at the front of the shop stating that they are “in the process of employing new staff to manage the location”.

A new message on the front of the Home Decor Outlets store in Cheektowaga says it is in the process of hiring new staff to manage the location, but customers still do not have items they purchased. @ https://t.co/QHlECEIYx5 pic.twitter.com/Wi3Imu9hnS — eileen buckley (@eileen) July 13, 2021

Brown shows us some of his purchase receipts. He says he placed his order at the end of May, initially paid $1,100, then last month his daughter paid the rest, but he still has no furniture.

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“That’s a lot of money,” Buckley told Brown. “Yeah, that’s a lot of money for me, yeah, it is,” Brown replied.

As the brown customers told us on Friday they have been trying to collect the items they bought in the shop since March and April.

“This is terrible – they’ve taken money from people like me. I’m on a fixed income. How am I going to buy more furniture,” said Brown.

Home Decor Outlets Buffalo Ny

The Better Business Bureau (BBB)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ of Atlanta sent us this statement on Friday saying the Walden Avenue store is temporarily closed due to a shortage of delivery truck drivers and staff. But a number the BBB said customers should call is not helpful.

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I texted the number last Tuesday and Friday and still haven’t heard back. I also tried to reach the company headquarters but could not leave a voicemail.

Anonymous tip to suggest that when calling 770-381-6100, dial the following extensions, 9924, 9929 or 9926 to try to reach employees.

Brown says his sister contacted the New York State Attorney General’s office and was told more than 100 other people have complained so far.

The BBB says the best thing customers can do is file a complaint. You can click on this link for a file.

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We want to hear what’s happening in your community. Share your voice and listen to your neighbours. We have the experience to decide what will sell and for how much. We take our time and do the necessary research to properly price your items before listing them on the WNY marketplace.

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We consider ourselves a strategic partner of the Interior Design Association “IDA”. We appreciate our local designers and all design professionals who are part of this community.

Home Decor Outlets Buffalo Ny

At “HHC” we feature high-end furniture, home accessories, some antiques and unique treasures that some don’t need, but others love. We are proud to have been voted “Best Home Decor Store” by Buffalo Spree readers in 2019! Think of us as your design and delivery partner. We’re good for the sender, the decorator, and you!”

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