Home Decor Store On University

Home Decor Store On University – Whether you’re looking for eclectic or trendy furniture, we guarantee you’ll find something you’ll love in every store.

Decorating is an easy way to add personality to your home. Buying well-chosen home decor and furniture will make your home look unique and give you a sense of ownership over your space, even if you’re a renter. Wellington has the best selection of furniture and homeware stores in New Zealand.

Home Decor Store On University

Home Decor Store On University

Whether you’re looking for eclectic or trendy furniture, we guarantee you’ll find something you’ll love in every store:

Welcome To Collyer’s Mansion!

Ax is a Wellington company known for its range of beautiful home products. Here you will find a selection of home decor and furniture, carefully selected from New Zealand and international brands. The store now has two locations: the first in Newtown and the Wellington Shopping Center on Victoria Street.

Both stores are full of beautiful home accessories, premium furniture and lots of products that would make the perfect gift or warm welcome gift. There is something for every style of home, from beautiful linens, unusual vases, Scandinavian furniture, sparkling glassware and beautiful candles.

Although the price isn’t cheap, the range of home decor and quality materials means that almost anyone can add something cool to their living space.

If you’re looking for a home goods store full of surprises, a visit to the front door is a must. They stock everything from fashion and women’s accessories to gifts, home products, eco products, children’s clothing, books and stationery.

St. George Designer Opens Two Shops In Historic Downtown, Offers One Of A Kind Home Decor And Gifts

If your home lacks color or character, buying something more traditional can make all the difference. The variety of STFD is the best way to add color or something interesting to your home. No storage space? Forget buying boring white Briscoes canteens. Instead, choose a stylish sliding wardrobe that will instantly brighten up your space.

They also have a large collection of glasses that are grown organically, throw blankets and sand, dust on the table to make the meal more enjoyable.

If you’re looking for a furniture store in Wellington that only stocks New Zealand designers, YOYO is the store for you. The store is owned by Todd and Fiona Hayvica, who have decades of experience in the furniture industry. After working all over the world, including at IKEA in Berlin, Todd returned to New Zealand with plans to create a furniture store featuring the best of New Zealand’s local designers. YOYO provides quality, functional furniture that is still affordable for most homeowners.

Home Decor Store On University

Many of the pieces are made of wood and will make a stunning focal point in any home. Shop their coffee tables, bookcases, cabinets, stools and dining tables.

New Shop Opens Inside The Ohio Valley Mall

Cranfield’s is a boutique department store stocking high quality products including homeware, furniture, gifts and accessories from New Zealand and international designers. If you’re looking for unique, beautiful and exceptional home decor or furniture in Wellington, you’ve come to the right place.

Their content is worth checking out – even if you don’t want to buy. They stock vases that look like works of art and everything seems well chosen. Somehow each page manages to find the right balance between timelessness and uniqueness. From luxurious candles to dramatic lighting, sculptural vases and antique furniture, browsing the store is more like visiting an art gallery than shopping at home.

Presenting the “new things of lust”, Nood’s Wellington store is part of their New Zealand chain. Still, the view of their Marion Street neighborhood does not disappoint. Nood finds the right balance between creating trendy furniture that still has a unique feel. Here you will find furniture, home furnishings, kitchens and dining rooms, bedding and bathroom accessories, and gifts for the home.

Nood is a great place to shop for those who want beautiful furniture but don’t want to leave in a hurry. You’ll find Scandinavian-inspired pieces like light wood dining and coffee tables, mid-century leather sofas that are affordable, and bone armchairs that are trendy and expensive.

Placesofnei: House To Home, A Modern Furniture And Decor Shop On The Landing

McKenzie and Willis is a Christchurch furniture store that has expanded throughout the South Island. Their store in Wellington is the only location in the North Island. They stock a variety of beautiful and popular items. Although it is a chain store, everything is carefully selected for quality.

Although their furniture is a bit more expensive than other stores, McKenzie and Willis’ items have a timeless quality that sets them apart from box sellers. Check out their great selection of sofas, armchairs, wooden and industrial style bookcases and leather sofas.

Mango Interiors is a branch of the popular Greytown store. New to town from 2021, they are quickly becoming their first store in the Wairarapa. If you are looking for something that is comfortable, beautiful and sometimes stunning for your home, a visit to Mango Interiors is the place to be.

Home Decor Store On University

The goods come from New Zealand and around the world. From chandeliers to French-style cabinets, antique chairs and wooden tables to velvet rugs and unusual lamps, one of the joys of shopping here is that everything has a unique feel.

Stylish Global Home Decor Brands You Haven’t Discovered Yet

Goldie’s is a small shop by the beach in Eastbourne, Lower Hutt. Goldie’s is a home and lifestyle for design lovers, filled with carefully selected items including homewares, homemade food, books, children’s clothing and toys. Open only on Fridays and Saturdays for limited hours; they are the perfect shop for a stroll along the beach on a sunny day.

Located on Ghuznee Street, surrounded by similar popular stores, KauKau is one of those stores that only stocks a few select items, but it’s all really good. Here, designers, producers and artists gather under one roof. They have homewares, clothing and accessories and a selection of jewelery from New Zealand artisans.

Humility at the Grand was established in 2015 as New Zealand’s premier and international homewares and furniture store. A visit to the store does not disappoint. Whether it’s well-crafted wooden furniture, carved chairs, designer tables or side tables made from tree roots, everything seems worth showing off.

Although their prices are higher than in some areas, Humble and Grand aim to help New Zealanders design their homes more efficiently. Their collection has a minimalistic feel and is like a unique piece that will never go out of style.

Where Do Interior Designers Shop For Home Decor And Furniture?

Orient is a gift shop with Japanese ceramics that you won’t find anywhere else. Come for a browse and stay for a cup of coffee or a cream cake in their cafe. Although the shop is small, it is full of beautiful ceramics that will brighten up any meal of the day. They also stock home accessories, decorative items, kitchenware (always well made), candles and media, and other small items to make your home a home.

Small Acorns is another Wellington designer shop combined with a cafe – this time Squirrel on Blair Street. Little Acorns specializes in colors and prints, so you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for textiles. If your style is eclectic, bohemian, rustic or home maintenance, be prepared to spend a lot of time browsing their collection. In the store you will find beautiful rugs, printed cushions, accessories and patterns, as well as a variety of home and gift items.

“You want nothing but everything you want.” Searching through Brown & Co is just that. You may not find everything you need for your home, but you will find many things that you will like and enjoy.

Home Decor Store On University

Brown & Co may be the only shop in Wellington where you can shop for taxidermy, candles, furniture and accessories. Here, eccentric, beautiful, everyday objects stand perfectly next to each other. Vintage and modern furniture, mid-century and toys, you’ll find it all at Brown & Co.

Home Decor, Outdoor Living, & Gifts

WJL is another designer store that completely covers “wants not needs”. Here you will find high quality furniture and home items that are fun to buy or look at. They stock homeware and furniture, real and faux wood, art and homeware from around the world. You’ll find them on Allen Street.

Tea Pea House has the perfect collection for you if you are a fan of beautiful and stylish home accessories. They stock everything from jewelry, clothing and accessories for women and children, clothing, home accessories, sports and some furniture. Everything seems light and beautiful and fun, and half the fun of walking into Tea Pea is not knowing what you’re going to find. They are the perfect place to buy gifts or shop for home decorations. They also have a variety of baby clothes and baby clothes. They are located at 1 Gray Street, Wellington.

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