Selling Home Decor On Poshmark

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Poshmark Marketplace launches a new home marketplace today, allowing users to sell home décor products such as wall decor, bedding, bath and storage. Poshmark, which allows users to buy and sell new and used clothes through its website and iOS and Android apps, has expanded beyond the fashion and makeup categories for the first time. The home marketplace connects to other marketplaces such as women’s, men’s, children’s and boutiques, where users can browse featured offerings presented in an Instagram-like feed.

Selling Home Decor On Poshmark

Selling Home Decor On Poshmark

Much of Poshmark’s appeal is its social aspect: Users are encouraged to leave comments on listings and share “closets” or profiles of other sellers. In this way, it is closer to personality-based platforms like Etsy or its more millennial counterpart Depop than to eBay. Poshmark charges a flat fee of $2.95 for products sold under $15 and a 20% cut for sales over $15. Once the sale has been made, customers can send their parcels with a pre-paid postage label (free for items under five pounds). Poshmark’s simple sales process makes it an easy way for closet cleaners to make quick money, and it has attracted 40 million users to the platform.

Poshmark’s Home Market Is Growing Fast As It Strives To Become A Reselling Empire

Although the Home Market officially launched today, users have been able to start submitting offers to the Home Goods category over the past week. For the 5 million users who sell items on Poshmark, including full-time Poshmark sellers who have turned their closets into a steady source of income, the expansion presents an opportunity to grow their businesses and sell more types of articles. Yes, so I’m really excited to finally share with you my whole journey with Poshmark and how it has turned into a great way to earn extra money. Even though I’m not a Poshmark seller, I consider Poshmark a side business. Over the last year and a half I’ve managed to make $2,300 on Poshmark with minimal effort.

I started using Poshmark years ago in college and then a few years later. To tell the truth, I’ve never had any luck with sales, even though my items were new, with tags and in excellent condition. So I finally gave up. When I was pregnant with Taya, I cleaned out my closet a little and started listing unused makeup that I knew I wouldn’t use. I started having success, so I decided to continue. Whenever I could, I joined the Posh Party. I really focused on taking great photos and adding detailed descriptions of my listings. This all helped.

After owning Taya and realizing the resale value of many of my favorite baby clothing brands for her, I decided I would try selling her gently used or NWT (new with tags) clothes and accessories. Well, I was right about the resale value! I really started having success reselling her baby clothes! This gave me more hope and I started making a list of my clothes. In my case, kids clothes definitely sell better (especially in sets), but I’ve been very lucky with my stuff and some of Mike’s stuff too.

This is my Poshmark journey so far! Now let’s get into the details and what I’ve found works best. Side note: I’ve tried other resale apps, but I’ve found Poshmark to be by far the best for me.

How To Properly Use Style Keywords In Your Poshmark & Mercari Listings

Listing your item on Poshmark is free, but you get a percentage of each sale. Once an item or package is sold, Poshmark takes a commission from the final price of the order. For sales under $15, the fee is $2.95. For sales over $15, the commission is 20% and you keep 80%.

1. LIST ITEMS IN NEW OR EXCELLENT CONDITION – I think this goes without saying, but new or excellent condition items are much more attractive to a buyer than a really worn pair of jeans, shirts with crazy hair, or dirty shoes. Not every item you want to throw away will be suitable for Poshmark shoppers. Save your favorite items and donate them to your local thrift store or shelter.

2. TAKE CLEAN, CLEAR PHOTOS FOR THE LISTING – People open the Poshmark app to browse listings when they’re bored, not necessarily because they want to shop. You need to take lots of clear, clean and attractive listing photos. Don’t just take 1 photo in a dimly lit place and post it. This is a huge no-no. Take your phone into the brightest room, take photos and make small adjustments if necessary.

Selling Home Decor On Poshmark

3. DEFINE the description and details of your offer: You don’t have to write an entire paragraph, but definitely make sure your offer is detailed and clear. This is the format I use in my auctions.

The Ultimate Guide To Thrifted Home Decor

4. ITEM EVALUATION – Evaluating an item may seem difficult at first. To accurately price an item, you need to consider the brand, condition, and the item itself. Never undersell yourself, but never overestimate yourself. Poshmark takes a percentage of each sale, but for this reason you shouldn’t overprice your products. That said, if the item is NWT or in excellent condition, we recommend starting at the “highest” end, taking into account the points mentioned above. If you have an Old Navy NWT dress that costs $35, consider listing it for $28 as your highest bid. Old Navy has sales going on all the time, so no one is going to buy something they might order at retail (or on sale) on the ON website with full retail on Poshmark. If an item isn’t accepted after a few days, lower the price a few dollars and continue to do so over time until it sells. Once you start getting likes on your item, send the offer to those who liked it. I’ll talk about this later, but you need to have the freedom to set your own prices.

My wardrobe is inexpensive, so I definitely don’t want to make a huge profit on it. In my closet, the average sale is 61%, but it’s usually more. My goal with Poshmark is to continually purge items I no longer need and get back some of what I paid for. I want people to find the things they love from me without burdening their pockets.

5. SHOW YOUR PERSONALITY THROUGH YOUR BRAND – This part is completely optional, but I think it made all the difference for me. I have a detailed “Meet Posher” listing where I introduce myself and let them know I ship same day or next day, plus some fun facts. I also include my stats (height and weight) because I “model” some of the offerings.

As you can see in the photo above, I have some more artwork after the “Meet the Posher” intro. Most people are visual, so I think of these offers as a billboard. I am accepting offers, have a package discount, and am currently offering $3/15 on select auctions. When creating these graphics, I made sure they all used the same colors and fonts. Again, this isn’t necessary, but it will help you become more approachable as a seller.

Em Group Chat #101: Marketplace Product & Monetization Insights With Adi Thacker From Poshmark

6. SHARE YOUR CLOSET – You don’t have to be on Poshmark all day to share your closet, but stop in a few times a day to browse it. Every time you share a closet deal, it moves to the top of the feed under the brand it’s listed under. This means your ads are seen by FRESH eyes! I try to share my wardrobe at least three times a day: in the morning around 8:30, in the early afternoon and in the evening. This does not include any imaginative events that I could share. Honestly, fancy parties are a success for me. If I share Posh Party content, I do so via a desktop browser. For some reason, if I share from my phone, my offerings rarely get sharing/engagement with events.

On this topic – If you have a lot to spare, try organizing your closet. In my case, I have all the baby items listed in a row, then pants, dresses, tops, etc. If I’m having a sale, I try to keep these items at the top of my closet.

7. FREE ITEMS WITH PURCHASE – If you have smaller items that are in great condition but not worth much financially, make them available free with purchase. This gives the buyer a free gift and helps them continue the transaction.

Selling Home Decor On Poshmark

8. EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE – I recommend turning on push notifications so you never miss anything, like an offer or questions about an item. You want A+ customer service. Answer all questions. Send offers. Offer good shipping discounts. Send quickly. The sooner the better for all accounts here! Again, people use Poshmark when they’re bored, not when they want to shop. Therefore, most often they are buyers

Buying Home Décor On Poshmark Is One Of My Secrets To A Stylish Space

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