Tiny Homes For Sale San Antonio

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Tiny Homes For Sale San Antonio

Tiny Homes For Sale San Antonio

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Tiny Houses Available Right Now In Florida That Are Cooler Than Your Apartment

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The tiny homes are being developed near Converse, where Lennar Homes continues to expand rapidly in several markets around San Antonio. Credit: Scott Ball / San Antonio Report

With a small yard and inviting front porch, this newly built home on a short street in an established neighborhood in far northeast Bexar County has all the hallmarks of a single-family home.

Glass House: Hill Country Tiny Home Escape

What makes them unusual, at least for a house in San Antonio, Texas, is the minimal size of not only the house, but the lot. Another important difference: the price is just over $150,000.

Smaller home developments like Elm Trails may appear as a solution to the nationwide housing shortage and rising cost of building materials. But only if the cities allow it.

Miami-based builder Lennar Homes began construction months ago in the Spring Meadows subdivision near Converse, building two separate home styles that range from about 350 to 660 square feet — a size comparable to a studio apartment.

Tiny Homes For Sale San Antonio

At least 30 in various stages of construction at Elm Trails. A total of 100 houses will be built.

Southwind Fields Tiny House Community — Southwind Fields

Two-story homes have one bedroom and one or two bathrooms, depending on the model, with an open floor plan and a fully equipped kitchen.

In the Cooley model, a built-in staircase is used to access the open space on the upper level, while in the Henley, a narrow set of stairs leads to the sitting area and bedroom.

The houses stand side by side on a street called Elm Cove, two-tenths of a mile long, and three smaller streets. The houses are built on lots about 20 feet wide, leaving a narrow space between each house.

Building codes in Converse, like San Antonio, require most single-family homes to be at least 60 or 65 feet wide, with a few exceptions.

Video: A 350 Square Foot $160,000 Tiny Home For Sale In Sa

“San Antonio is the first city in the country where the homebuilder built its tiny homes,” said Brian Baron, San Antonio division president for Lennar.

“We’ve been working on getting these homes on the market for the last two years,” Barron said. “We took what we saw nationally with the growing adoption of tiny homes and started researching what it would take to do that across the community.”

The National Association of Home Builders reported in November that the average size of new single-family homes is 2,276 square feet, down from about 2,700 square feet in 2015. Rising interest rates and construction costs are partly to blame for the trend. small house

Tiny Homes For Sale San Antonio

Building small houses could be the answer to housing shortages and rising prices. But zoning is often a barrier.

San Antonio Tiny House Rentals

“As more municipalities address affordability, we believe it will be important to update traditional zoning requirements to reflect new types of housing,” Baron said.

Although Elm Trails is a complete residential development made up of small houses, the spread of small houses in backyards or granny flats may soon become more common in some parts of San Antonio.

Late last year, the City Council approved 191 changes to San Antonio’s Uniform Development Code, including changes aimed at making it easier to build supportive housing.

In March, a Houston state senator introduced a bill that would nearly eliminate most zoning and lot size requirements in municipalities in counties with populations of 300,000 or more. Approved by the state Senate, SB 1787 passed the House on May 11.

Inside ‘new Concept’ Tiny Home Village With Rent From $1200

If passed, the bill would eliminate the city of San Antonio’s zoning code that regulates lot sizes in relation to established development patterns and design flexibility, said Michael Shannon, the city’s director of development services.

“Old neighborhoods like Roosevelt Park or Lavaca, for example, suddenly lose the ability to control how many houses go on any given lot,” said Zoning Commissioner John Bustamante. “The design and complex of this area will change immediately.”

Lennar’s Barron’s added that homebuilders are working to find creative ways to make home ownership more affordable, which some experts say could ease the housing shortage.

Tiny Homes For Sale San Antonio

In Austin, Lennar partnered with ICON Build, which uses 3D printing to build homes faster and with less labor than traditional construction methods require.

Awesome Tiny Houses In Georgia

In Elm Trails, buyers will pay between $160,000 and $170,000 for a new home – or about half the median price in San Antonio, and even less than half that for a condo or townhouse.

In San Antonio, the median price for a new single-family home is $334,000, according to the San Antonio Board of Realtors. A new condo or house is closer to $445,000.

According to SmartAsset’s property tax calculator, the average homeowner or condo owner in this price range would pay between $8,000 and $10,000 in property taxes per year.

Lennar’s 350-square-foot Cooley model is also available at its Southton Meadows development in the southeast part of the county near Browning Lake. The builder’s website lists it at $125,000, but the homes are almost sold out, a Lennar spokesman said.

Elm Trails New Home Community

As the largest home builder in the country by revenue, D.R. Horton, Lennar has homes for sale and under construction in 13 San Antonio neighborhoods.

Lennar is also looking to build a controversial wastewater treatment plant in far northwest Bexar County to support the development of 2,900 homes on 1,160 acres of land that was once part of the historic Guajolote Ranch.

Elm Trails homes, located near Judson ISD schools, military installations and the Austin-San Antonio corridor, attract mostly first-time homebuyers, from singles to couples and families, Baron said.

Tiny Homes For Sale San Antonio

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P8n Place Tiny Homes

Look inside: Lennar leads the way in affordable new homes with 350-square-foot, $100,000 builds.

Lennar is building 350-square-foot homes in its Elm Trails subdivision on San Antonio’s East Side. (GABE HERNANDEZ | SABJ, San Antonio Business Journal)

On Tuesday, the Business Journal took a look at homes under construction in Lennar’s Elm Trails subdivision to see how the city’s largest homebuilder builds its smallest homes. Elm Trails’ offerings include Lennar’s Cooley model, which comes in at an even 350 square feet, and their Henley model at a curiously specific 661 square feet.

However, perhaps the most striking part of the products is their price. Cooley’s home in Elm Trails is listed on Lennar’s website for $131,000 – a price that has disappeared from the San Antonio market for newly built log and frame homes.

The Best Tiny Home Builders In The San Antonio Area

“It’s just amazing. These homes are on 20-foot lots, which is essentially unheard of in most major markets,” Keith Hughes, director of business development with Zonda, a housing analytics firm. “This is something new.”

“One of the main ways that builders are reducing the cost of their homes is through lot size, especially wide lots,” he said. “They’re paying less for the land, so they can pay less for it.”

In general, San Antonio tends to discourage much smaller lots and enforces a 40-foot lot minimum and restrictive zoning ordinances that discourage developers from trying to build smaller.

Tiny Homes For Sale San Antonio

If Lennar finds an appetite for smaller housing in San Antonio, it could be a key piece of the city’s affordable housing puzzle. We build beautiful homes on wheels in San Antonio and throughout the United States. This tiny house for sale offers lots of space and style in a small package.

Inside Controversial Tiny Home Village Where Residents Can Live For $130k

Our cottage has an open floor plan and high end finishes. This beautiful Texas cottage is 30′ tall with a spacious living area. The house has two lofts, granite counters and white tile walls. It includes a full size sofa, dining table to seat up to five, ample storage, shower and bathroom.

Our little house is for sale to everyone

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