Xfinity Store King Of Prussia

Xfinity Store King Of Prussia – In May 2017, global media and technology giant Comcast launched Xfinity Mobile online. The new service offers a truly connected experience with the largest 4G network in the US and 17 million WiFi hotspots.

We were asked to create a variety of new store formats that would fit in with current store design trends and bring together all of Xfinity’s products and services under one roof.

Xfinity Store King Of Prussia

Xfinity Store King Of Prussia

There were actually two missions, the first of which was to create an entirely new ‘flagship’ store format that would showcase Xfinity’s exciting, innovative and innovative approach to the emerging ‘connected’ world of true square play, bringing together the worlds of internet, entertainment and gaming. .mobile and home security.

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The second assignment was to design a series of mounts for a new mobile product category to be rolled out in all retail areas of the existing 220 stores, the brand’s most ambitious program to date.

In June 2017, King of Prussia, the second largest mall in the United States, opened its first Quinine store in Philadelphia.

The format we developed followed three main trends in retail design: Service and advice; Conduct sales and transactions; Support where users can participate in store operations. It’s the first Xfinity store created by digital agency Huge, featuring a 10-foot-by-28-foot hero screen, three product experiences with digital projections, a 65-foot TV screen and a touchscreen. Such impressive visual displays are just one of many important retail design trends that businesses must embrace now

To create drama and draw customers into the store, we gained a deep understanding of industrial design experiences and how spaces can affect people’s perception and behavior. To create a ‘cathedral’ effect in the shop we used a coffered ceiling in white oak. This high, open ceiling “lifts” customers as they enter, allowing the brain to scan the store and connect the dots to create a more engaging experience. Upon entry, the lowered ceiling creates a more welcoming and intimate space for interaction between staff and customers.

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Guests are greeted by Xfinity staff at a dedicated service point, carefully designed to meet the customer’s needs. A stepped workspace allows heavy objects to be easily lifted and placed on the lower level, while transactions take place on the upper level.

Moving on to the second part of the Xfinity Mobile presentation of store fixtures, we created new components with white Corian display surfaces and white oak.

Using a clean, pure and ergonomic aesthetic in line with modern retail design trends, these fixtures were designed to transform the traditional ‘customer service centre’ into an engaging and interactive shopping experience. We made them simple and cool, a new reflection of the Xfinity Mobile brand.

Xfinity Store King Of Prussia

The luminaire family includes: equipment tables equipped with invisible display systems; illuminated static hero message central light box; and angled digital touch screens for service details.

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Accessory floor displays can be customized to fit the merchandising needs of each store. Accessories turn different products into “heroes” and show live audio demos. The toolbars are below the screen.

The recessed accessory wall display consists of a white Corian product shelf with a white oak frame and angled shelves to enhance the product range. This greatly increased the capacity to display accessories in the store. It has a large digital display and allows digital content to promote a given product line along with new Xfinity Mobile services.

Design solutions are a hallmark of Quinn’s human-centered approach to store design. Dotted elements in the space encourage interaction and create a comfortable and relaxing environment for customers and staff. We wanted to “democratize” technology so that customers would feel satisfied and inspired without being intimidated by over-designed spaces. The look and feel of the store needed to be consistent with the brand and product strategy being sold. promotes benefits over capabilities and speaks the consumer’s language. Our goal was to enable customers to walk in and feel like they could have innovative products and services in their homes and lives today.

After an in-depth analysis of other major brand flagship stores (Apple, Verizon, Samsung, AT&T, etc.), we found that the greatest opportunity exists to keep the store’s look and feel “inspiring and accessible.” more corporate and minimal.

Comcast Sets Openings For 2 Local Xfinity Stores

If Comcast’s goal was to change expectations, our content should follow suit and deliver the unexpected. Our concept reinterprets the material in a new and exciting way.

After extensive discussions with the brand and visits to existing stores, we set out to create a store that would bring in bored, frustrated and disinterested customers to understand exactly what Xfinity was selling. Developing the concepts of customer-critical messages, message stages and user engagement is the foundation of our design work.

After many iterations and close collaboration with our client and industry, we came up with 3 concepts that crossed the boundaries of the Comcast and Xfinity brands. From there, we worked with Comcast to select the most feasible and flexible option as it evolved. For each concept, we explored how the physical environment would play with the digital design language we created. Each concept was explored in color, materials and finishes and applied to the physical design of our store.

Xfinity Store King Of Prussia

The store design took into account how consumers take in information when they enter the store. Every aspect of the store was considered through the foreground, middle and background lenses.

Xfinity Digital Experience + Flagship Store — J Clark

The final rendering of the store shows how the look and feel of the brand aligns with our ‘Playful’ concept. The results strengthen brand image and encourage hands-on in-store inquiry, whether it’s a potential customer or a return visit.

The touchscreen experience is found in Comcast’s flagship retail experience. The touchscreen allows users to choose a starting point that matches how they use the Internet. From there, users are taken on an incredible journey through Comcast’s Internet offerings, allowing Comcast to create connections that allow them to seamlessly transition between spaces and interact with its products. Today, the telecom giant announced the retail rollout of its wireless service in 17 stores. Throughout the Philly area. The service uses Verizon’s carrier Carrcie network and Comcast’s 17 million Wi-Fi networks to “give customers better value for money,

“We are excited to be the first to introduce Xfinity Mobile to our hometown and regional Xfinity stores,” said Jim Samaha, senior vice president of Comcast’s Freedom Region (covering Philly and its suburbs, New Jersey and Northern Delaware). statement.

Expanding into the mobile space is part of a new trend at Comcast, which the company acknowledges is diversifying beyond cable TV.

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“Television used to be free, and now most Americans are paying a lot for it,” Roberts told Bloomberg Television last week. “We’re trying to move the company as a whole to quickly introduce new products that always delight and surprise you.”

For all Xfinity Internet customers, the service offers two data options: unlimited (starting at $45) and “playable” ($12 per GB), which includes unlimited talk and text packages, making it a competitive standard among mobile carriers. is heated in space.

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Xfinity Store King Of Prussia

WeWork leaves its first Philly coworking space at The Piazza, and what role does gender and race play in the IT job market? Are you looking for a suitable career? Check out these 13 local organizations Techstar’s startup 1to1 is helping e-commerce sellers personalize your shopping experience. New and existing Comcast customers now have another place to learn about Xfinity services and meet their service needs. Comcast has opened its newest Xfinity store on the Promenade in Upper Dublin, 2027 Welsh Road, Upper Dublin, Montgomery County.

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The new 3,855-square-foot store continues the company’s long-standing strategy to transform the customer experience. It replaces a location two miles away at 2510 W. Moreland Road in Willow Grove that closed. The decision was made to move because the lease of the previous apartment was up for renewal. The Upper Dublin store is the company’s 12th Xfinity store in the Philadelphia region and the fourth in Montgomery County.

The new location will allow customers to view Xfinity’s product suite and interact with retailers, according to a news release. Xfinity stores provide new and existing customers with the opportunity to learn how to optimize their service and meet all service needs.

“Our new Upper Dublin Xfinity Store location continues to be an important part of our efforts to provide an excellent customer experience,” said Comcast Freedom Region Senior Vice President Dan Bonelli. “Comfortable environment

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