Grey And Teal Bathroom Decor

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Bathrooms are special places. They’re where we go to get pumped up for a big event, relax after a long day, and just about everything in between. These are some of our most vulnerable moments. So it makes sense that we want to think hard about and take care of the room where they happen. But we don’t want to go

Grey And Teal Bathroom Decor

Grey And Teal Bathroom Decor

So much so with our decor scheme that we felt thrown away every time we entered the space. Achieving this balance can be difficult, but gray and white bathrooms often do it.

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Gray and white is a subtle palette that welcomes you without needing much attention. There are so many things that would complete your space, but not

Show that you feel distracted. Plus, there are so many ways to do a gray and white bathroom—enough that you’ll find one that matches your aesthetic.

So spend some time exploring the countless gray and white bathroom ideas that exist in this world. And get ready to create a space that’s exactly as cozy and relaxing as you want.

When decorating a bathroom, the possibilities for using tile are endless. So why not combine some of your favorites? Use one set of tiles to cover the walls and another set to cover the floor. And if you want to keep things really eye-catching, use the same tile collection to cover your shower floor.

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Don’t be intimidated by declaration standards. Because its palette is so muted, it’s sure to overpower even the boldest prints—providing an eye-catching but not overpowering vibe.

Telling you to embrace different shades of gray seems a little cheesy. But the advice is too good to ignore. When your palette is very neutral, switching up colors is a great way to keep things interesting. (And no, you don’t need to choose 50 different shades of gray—two or three should do the trick.)

When designing a gray and white bathroom, marble will quickly become your best friend. Why? To begin with, the materials are very suitable for bathtubs and showers. It is also available in gray and white. Add some marble accents to your space and let them hold your palette together.

Grey And Teal Bathroom Decor

Many of us use smaller tiles to decorate our bathroom. But why not opt ​​for bigger and bolder ones? Large tiles mark the moment you place them on the floor. And you can use them to set the tone for the rest of your space.

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. Use color to separate one wall from others, or use eye-catching tile to add an accent wall to your shower. To keep everything cohesive, match the tiles to the tiles covering the floor. Or take a more maximalist approach and use different blocks for each one.

Bathroom floors can get cold and soft, so a rug can be very helpful. Choose a printed option within the palette and make your space feel cozy. (Your toes will thank you next time you get out of the tub.)

Many of us use color to keep our space dynamic. But when you work with a really limited palette, other elements – like texture – become much more important. Fill your bathroom with textured materials and don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Terrazzo may seem like an odd choice for bathroom flooring, but it looks great next to the textured tiles that line the bathroom walls—and the shiny marble that covers the shower.

When gray and white are the only colors available, creating contrast seems impossible. But pair your boldest white with a darker gray—like charcoal—and you’ll be surprised at how bold your space can become.

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Combine your softer materials with your harder materials so your space feels cohesive. Pair a gray rug with gray shower tiles and use a white towel to reflect the white marble on the bathroom countertop. Because you’re organizing your space around two colors—instead of one—your bathroom won’t look monotonous.

If your bathroom is big enough to accommodate a few statement pieces, add them—but make sure they fit your palette. A chair can add coziness to the bathroom, as long as it matches the rest of the decor. (If you’ve worked hard to create a consistent color scheme, why give up now?)

When tiling your shower, tile the walls from floor to ceiling—and tile the floor to match. Yes, committing to a block can be scary. But since you’re working with such a soft palette, it’s hard to go wrong. And if you prefer to keep things a little dynamic, you can always choose two sets of very similar pieces.

Grey And Teal Bathroom Decor

Let printed wallpaper add visual texture to your space—without cluttering your pared-down palette. Light gray pineapple will be added on a plain white background

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To the point that its aesthetics are completely derailed). And if you prefer a more stylish option, a more graphic pattern works too.

Adding a chandelier to your bathroom is an undeniably bold move. But in the right atmosphere, it can look absolutely incredible. So don’t be afraid to introduce some striking items to your bathroom. (Yes, this includes huge chandeliers — but smaller ones can look the same.)

Once you’ve coordinated your walls, floor, and shower tiles, it’s time to make your cabinets fun. White is an obvious choice for cabinets, but gray can look great too. Choose a shade that gives your bathroom exactly what it needs – be it contrast or harmony.

Having trouble creating a set of pieces because you have too many favorites? Consider using them all. Because your palette is so limited, you can play around with different prints and textures. And you can even combine your pieces to look like pieces.

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Pair circular tiles with a stylish striped shower curtain. Why? because you can. Combinations that might look great in a vibrant color scheme will be perfectly balanced in your light palette. So force yourself to take risks with your fingerprints – you’ll almost certainly be able to get them off.

Cement may seem like an odd choice for a bathroom. But when done right, it can look absolutely amazing. If your home feels modern, industrial, or even a little unconventional, cement can be a great addition to your bathroom.

Standout pieces don’t have to be last-minute additions. Instead, you can build them in your space. Use shower benches, shelves and storage areas as an opportunity to shake things up. Choose a slightly darker tile color or add a different material—and make sure your palette keeps everything bright.

Grey And Teal Bathroom Decor

Most of us associate shower curtains with college dorms or small apartments. But this piece can be a striking addition to any space. If your palette needs a little cohesion, use a shower curtain to bring your bathroom together. (And even if you don’t need a shower curtain, hang one over the tub—it’ll make bath time even easier than it already is.)

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Most of us try to keep the walls lighter than the floor. Why? We just follow a rule of thumb. And while this rule often makes sense, flipping it can make your space really expressive. Therefore, consider combining pewter tiles with off-white floors. Or blur the lines by using a variety of different tiles on the floor.

Don’t be afraid to stay away from the book. A light brown rug won’t ruin your palette—nor will a wooden bathroom stool. If your gray and white color scheme is clearly defined, you can add a few neutral pieces into the mix without getting in the way of all your hard work.

Bathrooms require a lot of equipment – taps, towel rails, showers, etc. Replacing these items can be a little tedious, but investing in stylish hardware can really improve your space. When you do

Otherwise, consider this the definitive update. It serves as the cherry on top of a thoughtfully (and gorgeous) space. I started my design mistakes years ago. It started as a way to show some of the mistakes I made in my own home while helping other people learn about home design. Well, it quickly became my most popular series here on the blog!

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Today’s design mistake is minor but incredibly common. Just imagine, you’re finishing up a new bathroom space and you need toothbrush holders, soap dishes, tissue covers, and shower curtains! You go to the store and buy a complete set. Boom, you’re done.

This bathroom matches

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