Home Decor From Around The World

Home Decor From Around The World – Luxurious modern rustic interiors with textured lime plaster, thick wood furniture and handmade ceramic home accessories.

Handmade ceramic home accessories, chunky wooden furniture and textured limestone walls create earthy, rustic interiors that nourish the soul. In this inspiring collection of beautiful country residences, we take you to four different luxury homes from around the world. We travel to the Turks and Caicos Islands to visit home design that combines handcrafted craftsmanship with modern interior design concepts.

Home Decor From Around The World

Home Decor From Around The World

In Bali, Indonesia, we create a compact and modern residence with unusual curves. Our delegation in Turkey leads us to a spacious apartment with a huge and unique design of a concrete kitchen and bathroom, while our destination in Vietnam is a free dream.

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Our first country interior design in the Turks and Caicos Islands offers a large and spacious country style interior covered in textured lime plaster. The light wall treatment complements a designed living room carpet, while the rustic wood furniture provides darker shades.

A modern fireplace burns inside the split chimney breast. The elegant black hearth emphasizes the broad linearity of the open section.

A rich dark wood ceiling treatment covers the bright room decoration. The set of wooden chairs complements the sound perfectly.

In the middle of the lounge, a rustic wooden coffee table is combined with some small chairs.

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Handcrafted ceramics are placed on slim, black shelves and atmospherically lit by hidden LED light strips. The soft light not only highlights the handmade vases, but also emphasizes the rustic wall structure.

Durable polished concrete fills the floor of the rustic residence, with rugs scattered around to provide cozy warmth underfoot.

Wicker decorations and wooden bowls provide rustic artistic moments in the apartment on every occasion. Interior plants enrich the interior with fresh and uplifting greenery, which helps create a connection with the calm natural landscape beyond the window panes.

Home Decor From Around The World

A wooden mural in a striking diptych composition gives an amazing look to the pale gray wall plaster.

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The concrete bathroom sink offsets the natural wood makeup shelf with artificial materials. Wicker baskets offer a neat and attractive storage solution under the sink, while the tufted rug softens the look of the concrete floor in the bathroom.

In Bali, Indonesia, we find a modern residence that is a little compact in terms of room size, but unusual in many ways.

In this unique living room design, a unique gray sofa is designed to match an unusual curved wall. The modern pebble-like coffee table matches the sleek embrace of the sofa. The carpet matches the walls perfectly for a calm and understated look.

The oval dining table continues the theme of the curved shape. Eight wooden dining chairs with curved backs surround the wooden dining table.

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Wicker pendant lighting is grouped in a large composition along the length of the rustic dining table to create a spectacular focal point and provide uniform lighting. A unique modern fruit bowl serves as a rustic dining table.

The kitchen consists of a custom-made concrete slab that houses a cabinet island and an integrated work surface. Raw wood doors stand in front of the concrete kitchen to create a contrast of warm and cool tones.

On the other side of the island in the kitchen, a modular sofa was placed at the edge of the pool, on a beautifully curved balcony.

Home Decor From Around The World

A pair of lounge chairs and a wooden coffee table decorate the bedroom balcony, providing a relaxing place to enjoy a light breakfast or a cup of coffee.

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In the rustic bedroom, a large screen divides the room into a sleeping area and a dressing area. A modern wooden platform bed was placed in front of the headboard partition, where the owners of the house can enjoy the beautiful view through the balcony doors. Lantern-like bedside lamps provide a pleasant glow after nightfall.

In the second bedroom, rustic nightstands cover another stone partition that separates the dressing room.

A wooden storage unit was custom built into a convenient alcove to optimize the layout of the room.

The third bedroom has a slightly different design, with a wardrobe at the foot of the bed, behind decorative rattan screens.

World Globes In Neutral Home Decor

The same setting is repeated in the final bedroom, although this time a pair of wicker bedroom pendant lights provide an attention-grabbing feature.

Modern bathroom vanity lights flood a large round mirror above a custom linear sink. The sharp-edged wooden shelf highlights the double stone sink and creates a warm contrast.

The bathroom walls don’t quite reach the ceiling to match its domed and thatched nature.

Home Decor From Around The World

In the smaller sink, a tall, free-form mirror is a striking companion to a small, linear stone basin.

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The lounge is furnished with a spectacular curved sofa designed to follow the curve of the wall. A round coffee table rests in the arch.

Behind the TV wall there are storage units for storing board games and consoles. A stylish foosball table completes the recreation area.

A large living room in Turkey is decorated with an array of natural and black wicker pendant lights hanging between the wooden ceiling beams. Down on the concrete floor, a light gray modular sofa creates versatile seating.

A wooden console table separates the living room from the dining room in the open kitchen. The kitchen furniture is a unique concrete composition. Wooden cabinet doors and drawer fronts are complemented by open wooden kitchen shelves.

Travel Around The World Wall Sticker Vinyl Art Home Decals Room Decor Mural

A set of wooden wall shelves provides most of the storage space in the kitchen. Ceramic pots and glassware are tightly packed and stacked along, creating an attractive focal point.

The storage cabinets in the bathroom are made of the same concrete composition as the kitchen, which is created with a concrete sink on one side. A simple makeup mirror with a black frame creates a dark contrast to the light wall color.

The linen curtains gently filter the natural light. The sun’s rays fall on a beautifully arched wooden door.

Home Decor From Around The World

Our ultimate home decor in Vietnam has been customized with a fabulous freeform shelving system that blends in with the fabulous wall plaster. The raised platform floor raises a cozy tea area for meals of the built-in unit. Macrame window ties are also eye-catching works of art.

Vintage World Globe Home Decoration/table Decor/photo Props, Everything Else On Carousell

In addition to individual shelves, a small sofa and a rustic floor lamp create a cozy lounge. The woven wall decoration gives color and interest. Two small coffee tables make an odd and mismatched pair on a small area rug.

The indoor swing creates a pleasant atmosphere in the lounge. The small set of sofas preserves the open and airy atmosphere of the room and allows light to enter unhindered through the large windows.

The free look echoes the fluid shapes that form the unique shelving unit on the other side of the room. A woven hanging lamp warmly illuminates the entrance to the house. Stools and benches at the entrance provide flexible areas on which to sit and display items.

One side of the table is decorated with a wooden dining bench to keep the layout of the room open and unobstructed, while the other side is completed by Pierre Jeannert armchairs. A large braided pendant shade gives the head a textured look.

Decor & Accessories

The L-shaped kitchen layout is broken by open kitchen shelves that contain only a few decorative kitchen utensils.

Two tropical boho spaces with swimming pools, pleasant lighting systems, indoor arches, natural accents and beautiful decorative stickers.

Relaxing poolside seating areas with luxurious outdoor living spaces, chat rooms, outdoor dining, garden furniture and modern gardens.

Home Decor From Around The World

A jungle house with a relaxed Japanese feel, outdoor zen spaces, unique pools and island sun decks and elegant Japanese-inspired interiors.

A New Home Elegantly Blends Old World Style With Modern Details

On a peaceful plain at the foot of the Annamese Cordillera in central Vietnam, the people of Hue value the role of family, …

Inspiration for home libraries including unique bookcases, double height bookcases, intermediate bookcases, library ladders and cozy reading nooks.

A brutal house in India with a combination of modern architecture and traditional Indian elements. With open living spaces and a unique staircase design.

Modern luxury home in Los Angeles with amazing views, indoor/outdoor living, double height living room, staircase and indoor pool with mirror.

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Modern interior design with dark design and colorful accents. With colorful furniture, dark living spaces, unique kitchens and a modern bedroom. This homeowner gave us a home tour of his New Orleans vacation homeā€”it was more of a world tour. A lifelong traveler, Allison Diboll’s passion for travel has inspired her home design and furnishings.

From hand-carved African giraffes and unique Moroccan embroideries to decorative Mexican clay balls and a “little slice of Versailles,” you’ll find it all in your powder room.

Alison purchased the 145-year-old home after returning to the United States from what was originally a trip around the world. A trip with her sister three decades ago quickly turned into two years of living abroad and exploring different countries and cities.

Home Decor From Around The World

Alison says she came back determined to find a way to keep traveling for the rest of her life. “it’s only

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