North Texas Ranches For Sale By Owner

North Texas Ranches For Sale By Owner – Less than an hour’s drive from Houston, the unique Broad Oaks Ranch in Hempstead features 1,308± acres on 3.7 miles of Brazos River frontage with decks, multiple ponds, 8+ acres of scenic, stocked, 5 well, landscaped fishing lake. open meadows with native pecan/oak trees and mixed hemlock, thickly wooded areas provide natural habitat for wildlife. A truly unparalleled high game ranch with white deer, exotics, waterfowl and high game birds. Elegant main house with 4 bedrooms / 5 baths / 6 half baths, outdoor fire pit / oversized infinity edge, heated pool / water & hot tub / jack. Beautifully updated 3 bedroom/3 bath guest house. Barndominium/event center with 6 bedrooms/8.5 baths/spacious living rooms/commercial kitchen well appointed for entertaining. 8 horse barn/office/conference room/workshop. 2 bedroom / 1 bathroom shower cabinet. All designed with great attention to detail, stunning finishes and exceptional stonework.

About half of the ranch is outside the floodplain with rolling hills covered with giant trees. The river bottom is a mixture of open, improved pastures and dense forests with hundreds of pecan trees and large cottonwoods dominating the river.

North Texas Ranches For Sale By Owner

North Texas Ranches For Sale By Owner

Much of the river front is accessible and has many large sandbars, which is a unique feature for having extensive access points on the river. The riverside property is densely forested and a great habitat for wildlife. The hillsides along the river are a mix of manicured meadows, native pecan trees, and mixed oak and oak.

Los Compañeros Ranch

The upper country is a mixture of improved grass pasture and wooded areas, mostly populated with large trees. This area also has very thick areas for wildlife.

The Ranch was created as a fantasy hunting ranch. The entire ranch is elevated and has several different raised pastures. Improved genetics have been shown and the ranch carries large trophy whites and houses many exotics such as blackbuck, oryx, addax, buffalo, red lechwe, waterbuck and Pere David owls.

Two marsh units are set up for excellent duck hunting and both units have wells that water the units for complete control. Waterfowl hunting in the Brazos River Valley is excellent and prime flight for ducks.

This area is also known for its good number of pigeons. Every year the farmers plant several fields of pigeons. For less controlled hunting opportunities, many brookies and a few blinds are kept outside the high fenced area on the river.

Ac B 5 Ranch

The ranch houses a small herd of cattle that roam the many pastures. There are also several grasses that grow mainly along the coast. When needed, wells were dug with guns for irrigation.

The main house. Built in 2015, this beautiful home features a spacious master bedroom downstairs with a spacious bathroom and large closets. Downstairs there is a great room with den/kitchen and dining area, study and great room, utility room, utility room, bedroom and internal access to the garage.

Upstairs there are three large bedrooms with bathrooms, a large playroom and a utility room. A spacious outdoor terrace with BBQ grill overlooks the lake with seating around it.

North Texas Ranches For Sale By Owner

Pool area. Between the main house and the guest house is a large pool with a covered outdoor lounge area, which includes a sink, separate showers and a spa.

Sold! Texas’s Legendary Waggoner Ranch Bought By Arsenal Owner Stan Kroenke

Guest house Built in 1965, this beautifully renovated guest house is adjacent to the main house. This three bedroom, three bathroom home has a kitchen, dining room, den and living room. This home also sits above the lake and has a pool area.

Horse load. Adjacent to the apartment/pool complex is a large horse room with multiple stalls, offices and a tool room.

Guest book. A two-bedroom, one-bathroom cottage sitting on the lake is available for when guests need more space.

/ Events Center. On the road separated by a gate is an area that houses most of the warehouses, the manager’s house and the event center. This event center has a spacious garage with a commercial kitchen for events. Adjacent to the garage area is a large living area with a kitchen/lounge/dining area that also doubles as a meeting space. Two large bedrooms and a bathroom are downstairs. Upstairs there are four more bedrooms, living room/TV and kitchen. This building is designed for corporate board meetings, events and large social gatherings.

Aging Generation Of Ranch Owners Looks To Sell As ‘frenzied’ Market Cools

Others. The entire ranch is elevated and there are four very high pastures on the ranch. Large compartments with doors that all have automatic opening to make getting around very easy. There is an excellent shooting center with rifle/pistol, and a five-stand shooting range, all with a covered area for relaxation. Several other barns are on the ranch for equipment and hay storage. Many low pastures also divide the farm into several pastures, allowing for stock rotation and hay production.

The surface water on this ranch includes approximately 3.7 miles of Brazos River frontage and an 8+ acre fishing lake located on the main property. The lake is a well-run trophy bass lake and has blues and blues.

Five wells on the property serve many homes and cattle/wildlife. There are also two large wells that are used for the protection of the fishing lake, irrigation of water units and irrigation of the ponds. Extensive underground piping has been done throughout the ranch.

North Texas Ranches For Sale By Owner

The seller owns the mineral estate and will sell with a reasonable offer. There is no production on rent.

Pending Texas Ranch Land For Sale In Cottle County Town Of Paducah

This ranch is also one of the first plantations in Texas. Bernardo Plantation was located in one of the 300 Austins. It was also the staging area for Houston’s troops before the Battle of San Jacinto.

An investigation of the property revealed large deposits of rodents that could one day be removed if the owner wanted to track them down.

The information contained herein has been collected from sources believed to be reliable. However, Republic Ranches, LLC and its directors, members, officers, partners, agents and employees cannot guarantee the accuracy of such information. The information contained herein is subject to changes, errors, omissions, prior sales, withdrawal of the property from the market without prior notice, and acceptance of the purchase by the owner. Prospective buyers should check all information to their satisfaction. No representation is made regarding the potential value or type of use of this investment and prospective purchasers are urged to consult their own tax and legal advisors before making a final decision.

Buyers of real estate are hereby notified that real estate and its rights and interests in the states of Texas; Oklahoma; Colorado; Louisiana; Arkansas; and New Mexico are subject to many forces and influences, whether natural, man-made, or otherwise; including, but not limited to, drought or other weather-related events, disease (e.g., oak wilt, anthrax, chronic rot disease), invasive species, illegal trespass, previous owner actions, neighbor actions, and government actions . Prospective buyers of Texas real estate, New Mexico real estate, Colorado real estate, Oklahoma real estate, Arkansas real estate, or Louisiana real estate should research any real estate concerns to their satisfaction.

Historic West Texas 6666 Ranch Has A New Owner

When buying an investment property, the sales agent, if any, must be identified in the first contact and must be present at the initial presentation of the property listing to the real estate investor to participate in the real estate commission. If this condition is not met, participation fees will be at the discretion of Republic Ranches LLC.

Republika Ranches, LLC reserves the right to require any or all interested buyers of a particular property to provide proof of financial ability to purchase said property prior to the initial showing or subsequent showing of the property. Republic Ranches, LLC also reserves the right in Republic Ranches LLC’s sole and absolute discretion to refuse a property to a potential buyer for any reason. Underwood Ranch is an outstanding property that includes 408.74+/- acres of attractive land. Conveniently located on Hwy 281, it boasts less than 10 minutes from Lampasas and about 1 hour from Austin. The Ranch stands out with its exceptional upgrades and distinctive features that make it a rare find on the market.

The topography of Underwood Ranch is varied and interesting, with elevation changes of more than 100 feet that add dramatic beauty to the landscape. Despite the varying terrain, all areas of the ranch are functional and available. Spectacular views can be enjoyed from higher elevations, while the western vistas offer spectacular sunsets. The floating land represents a combination of the product’s basement and the heights. Most of the cedars have been cleared, leaving a scattered dry stand of Live Oak, Spanish Oak, and Elm trees. Some areas have been deliberately left to provide cover for the game, and there are also about 34 hectares of coastal land.

North Texas Ranches For Sale By Owner

The crown jewel of the ranch is definitely the impressive main house. A true masterpiece, this stunning home showcases the finest craftsmanship of its builder. entrance gate,

Hill Top Ranch

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