Plots Of Land For Sale In Devon

Plots Of Land For Sale In Devon – If like us you enjoy seeing projects built from scratch, this collection is probably for you. Here we highlight the best plots for sale that come with plans for modern construction or remodeling. From a small house overlooking the water on the Isle of Wight to the sleek interpretation of a long house in rural Devon, here are seven of the best real estate and projects on the market today with us.

This is the happiest home in Devon, with the Cornish coastal town of Bude just a few miles west and Dartmoor National Park to the east. Designed to enhance the view of the green meadows and beautiful flower gardens, the spacious house of over 3,000 square meters is perfect for those who chase the herd. But this rare country cottage is not: soft and impressive buildings can refer to the traditional long house, but inside all the living rooms, high ceilings and small interiors. Floating terraces – yes, really – watch the trees score high.

Plots Of Land For Sale In Devon

Plots Of Land For Sale In Devon

The project – which includes a couple of new homes – aims to breathe new life into a Victorian warehouse in Margate. Existing structures are first built

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Like a print of its paper, and we love the nod to its legacy – note the letters that write the name of Print on the building. However, it is now in the hands of a couple of designers, Liddicoat and Goldhill, who have promised to create a three-bed and a four-bed structure from floor to ceiling (open kitchen and living space will be on 1st floor, bedroom downstairs) and a generous amount reminiscent of living in a high room.

What could be more lovely than waking up to the sea? Probably a place with a 360-degree view of the rolling grass as well. Yes, this site, located on the Isle of Wight National Area of ​​Outstanding Natural Beauty, is also available in rural areas.

Near the water. The three-bedroom house, which will occupy this enviable location, was designed by architect Neil Evensen, who designed the forward-thinking concept that would stand out from its surroundings for the right reasons. With a bold and stuck profile, the front and monolithic housing sank, it was brutal, feeling like a thumbs up.

After visiting the house built by Mary Arnold-Forster in the numbers is no different. Mary received permission to build a beautiful house in a remarkable location in the far west of the Scottish Highlands. Like many of Mary’s homes, the architecture is inspired by classic dark houses, while the interior paints in beautiful Scandinavian aesthetics with large windows that offer panoramic views and stunning waters. You are from us.

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Looking for a new home in the city? The plot offers a rare opportunity to build a three-bedroom house on a quiet private street in Clapham, south-west London. There are many things we like about this amazing design by artist Mina Shafik, especially how it turns out of the way and how it is surrounded by plots and neighboring gardens rather than buildings. The two-story sculpture house has an attractive living space on the ground floor, while the living room is on the ground floor and will be arranged in a C-shape around the flooded courtyard. Here, two-story rooms and floor-to-ceiling mirrors will provide greatness. We like the way both bedrooms open up in the courtyard, feeling a good connection to the outside.

This curved house takes a hint of the Mosquito areoplane design and looks to honor the former RAF Tower that used to sit next to it. With its small length, six floors, and multi-storey living space, including a clock face, it is safe to say that the concept is unique. The brain behind it is the Hawkes architecture, whose founder Richard Hawkes designed the first Passivhaus in England. Undoubtedly, the project also promises to be sustainable and extremely energy efficient: its location benefits from the sun, which means that light will flow into the living space and it will come with a re-heating and protection system. Well and airy. .

Designed by Kirkland Fraser Moor, we think this patio house concept is cut above. The building is located on the northern edge of an area of ​​outstanding national beauty in Hertfordshire, less than 10 miles from both St Albans and Harpenden, and comes with a Section 80 plan (which allows new buildings to be built in Rural areas). The five-bedroom house will nod to the surrounding language with a palette set by local materials such as red brick and stone. And forget the art on the walls – the house will have a beautiful picture – the perfect tree in its heart. Its focus is designed to create sunlight, creating a bright and airy living space. Landscaping projects for the surrounding gardens also come with the project and aim to improve the biodiversity of the area. Put your seal on the top fixer that comes with about 250 feet of riverbank and fishing rights as well.

Plots Of Land For Sale In Devon

Do you like the look or feel of your own Grand Designs? Then the former pumping station in North Devon could be the property of your dreams.

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And even if you do not want to build a house here, you can buy your own private playground that just comes with 248 feet of riverfront and related fishing rights, as well as a wooden lot.

The former pumping station near Winkleigh can be an exciting prospect for anyone, as it comes with permission to move to residential use, meaning you can build a country house in a pleasant valley.

Located on an area of ​​about one hectare, the building is mainly made of brick and covers an area of ​​about 774 square meters.

Water is thought to be available from domestic roads that run across the east coast of the property, and the electricity system must Thought to be nearby, but you will have to install the water supply system yourself.

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The building is being cleared on the east bank of the remaining land from the timber.

If you are tempted to turn a former pumping station into a city and country house, prior approval was given by the Torridge District Council in November 2015, but the design and layout of the building will require approval from the planning authority in Area.

The property is about 1.8 miles north of Winkleigh. The village is located in the heart of rural Devon and offers a wide range of services including village shops, post offices, butcher shops, primary schools, elementary schools, pubs, veterinary surgeries, doctor surgeries and churches.

Plots Of Land For Sale In Devon

Former pumping stations are offered to the general market through informal auctions. All purchases must be submitted in writing on the auction form no later than February 9, 2018.

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To find out more, arrange a visit or to get an auction form, please contact the exclusive sales agent at 01769 572263.

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Traffic and commuting: Devon Road was closed as heavy rains and flooding wreaked havoc across the region, leaving drivers facing major disruptions today.

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Consultations are underway on Clarendon house demolition plans – as part of Exeter Jobcentre Plus.

The future stability of the Exeter Quay basement ‘cannot be guaranteed’ unless repairs and stability ‘past’ have been carried out.

Plots Of Land For Sale In Devon

In the Parental Power Guide after Sunday’s outbreak, the rankings show the best places in the country to get an education.

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This season with Lapslie in Torquay has played fourteen games, winning 10, drawing 1 and losing 3. With 31 points out of 42 possible and ‘Tom Lapslie’ a percentage of 73.80.

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