Preschool For Sale In Bay Area

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Preschool For Sale In Bay Area

Preschool For Sale In Bay Area

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For Sale: 18 Middle Bight Road, Conception Bay South, Newfoundland & Labrador A1x6b3

Update (March 12, 6 p.m.): Kiddiwinky School has no properties for sale and the operator is not involved in the sale process. The operator recently renewed its lease on the property and expects to operate the center for the foreseeable future.

SINGAPORE () – A freestanding detached house with a rare permit to serve as a childcare center is on the market for $14.5 million. The two-storey house in Somerville Walk is situated on a plot of 12,066 square meters and the guide price translates to 1,202 psf on the land area.

This property is located in a quiet mixed housing development in Serangoon. The two-storey house has seven rooms with five bedrooms, a spacious family area, a study, a utility room and a storage room.

The apartment is close to Nex shopping mall and Serangoon MRT interchange station. There is a back door that leads to the nearest bus stop along Serangoon Road. Popular schools in the area include Maris Stella High School, St Gabriel’s High School and Nanyan Junior College.

Schools For Sale

This is the second time the approved Child Care Center property has come on the market; The owner offered to sell the property in 2019 for about $13 million (US$1,077).

According to URA documents, the site received written permission in 2001 to change its use to a childcare centre. The site owner has continuously renewed this land use approval over the past two decades.

According to Linda Chern, head of residential (sales and leasing) and property marketing agent at Knight Frank Singapore, the owner ran a childcare center there until it closed the business in 2016. Then the owner decided to rent. property of the current operator, Kidiwinky School, Chern says.

Preschool For Sale In Bay Area

According to Fazela Ahmed, principal of Kidiwinky School @ Braddell, the Somerville Walk Center serves children from 18 months to six years of age. Ahmed says: “Most young families who live within walking distance prefer to send their children to our centre, but families who live in the nearby Woodley area also enroll their children here because it is relatively close. is”.

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He expects the pool of young families to grow in the area as more families move into newly built housing in the neighboring Bidadari estate.

According to HDB, more than 2,000 custom flats in Bidadari, comprising three HDB developments, have been completed, with more than 70% of households occupied by the end of last month. Nine other HDB works in the area will be completed in phases.

Ahmad also says that the spacious area of ​​the two-story building allows teachers to conduct educational activities for small and large groups.

A highlight of Somerville Walk Child Care Center is the large outdoor space at the front of the house. (Photo: Kidwinki School)

The Paddocks, Kildangan, Co. Kildare, W34t103 Is For Sale On

A highlight of the Somerville Walk Center is a large outdoor space in front of the two-story home. “Most families prefer our center because of this large outdoor area, and we encourage teachers here to use the outdoor space for learning activities,” she said.

According to Chern, the buying interest in the property stems from its rare recognition as a childcare center, and an established center tends to generate attractive rental income. “The longer childcare centers stay in one place, the easier it is for the operator to grow the business,” he says.

Based on his experience, it is not easy to find available land that is already zoned for child care use. Typically, the URA limits the number of approved childcare center properties per plot to ensure a more even distribution between residential areas.

Preschool For Sale In Bay Area

She adds that under child care center licensing regulations, the new owner must seek permission to maintain a child care center license for the property, as the current license is only issued to the current owner.

After Childcare Centers Closed, Bay Area Moms Became Part Of The Solution

Ahmed from Kiddiwinki School hopes the center will serve the community for many years to come. The director adds that in Singapore, where land is scarce, it is difficult to find a suitable place for a childcare center. Some operators choose to move into commercial buildings, while others opt for shopping malls.

Chern was the marketing agent for the Somerville Walk property when it was first listed for sale in 2019. During this time, she received several offers from childcare operators. “The buyer approached us and was very eager to acquire the property. This buyer was already running a private childcare center in the East Coast and was looking for a place to open a second branch in the Serangoon area,” he said.

But before the potential buyer was ready to make an offer, the owner decided to renew the Kiddiwinky School’s lease, Chern says.

Given the high level of buyer interest the property attracted in 2019, they say the owner has revised the guide price to $14.5 million to reflect the value of the property.

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“So far there have been a number of potential buyers who have expressed an interest in acquiring the site. About half want to continue the property as a childcare center and receive the steady rental income that comes with this type of asset. But there were a few buyers who wanted to redevelop the site for their own use,” says Chern.

Check out the latest listings near Somerville Walk, Serangoon, Serangoon MRT Interchange Station, Maris Stella High School, St Gabriel’s High School and Nanyan Junior College Learning. It is encouraged through joyful interactions with those around us. Your child’s happiness and development is our priority.

At Montessori By-the-Bay, we are excited to offer a boutique family center that provides exceptional education and care for 25 children ages 2-6. Children are cared for daily by outstanding teachers in a warm, welcoming, Montessori environment designed specifically for children of this age.

Preschool For Sale In Bay Area

Montessori provides an education that teaches children life skills and independence by providing rich movement, language and mathematical concepts. Our focus is on building a trusting and caring relationship with your child and entering into a partnership with you.

City’s Lone Preschool On The Market

At Montessori By-the-Bay, we develop a close relationship with each child as they explore the world around them. We understand the importance of building these early bonds to the development of confidence, resilience, self-regulation, confidence and independence.

Because every child is unique and has their own learning style and pace, we guide each child in their discovery. Our indoor and outdoor learning environments are filled with opportunities to explore using natural materials for play. We engage children in sustainable practices built into their daily learning and recognize that they are stewards of this earth.

Our bright, clear and natural learning environments are designed to awaken your child’s curiosity, develop and strengthen fine motor skills and strengthen their sense of well-being. Our teachers pride themselves on providing inspiring learning opportunities in a fun and engaging learning environment.

There is currently a 6 month wait for Thursdays and Fridays, please call Rochelle if you would like to reserve.

Eucalyptus Dr, Banning, Ca 92220

My daughter attended Montessori by the Bay for two years before starting Kindy this year. My baby had a great time in love, … read more

My kids love it here. They

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