Should I Paint Trim Same Color As Walls

Should I Paint Trim Same Color As Walls – The first step to starting work on our master bedroom is painting! I wanted a very subtle blue-gray-green. And I want to

It’s subtle. I feel that people often want a subtle color for a room, but choosing between color swatches is difficult and you have to tone it down VERY much, otherwise, when it’s in full form on all four walls, it’s going to be intense. (I think this is a big dilemma for new moms when they want a soft pink for their daughter’s room. What looks a little pale on the swatch ends up being electric and bright.)

Should I Paint Trim Same Color As Walls

Should I Paint Trim Same Color As Walls

I did all my tricks – just looked in the “neutral” part of the paint, definitely did a test pot, tried the color at 75%, and of course had the person at the paint shop change it a little more at the end (added some black). I didn’t want to paint this room twice, so I also rolled the entire test pan over the entire wall.

Timeless Wall And Trim Color Combinations

Paint colors are often a little distressed, but I AM HAPPY with this one! That’s what I want. And if you’re also looking for blue-gray-green, that’s great. It’s obviously “color” and adds a lot of personality, but still has a subtlety that makes it almost neutral. I like! Some of these photos have been lightened so they look darker in person.

It’s a tricky color combination. It started out as a farrow & ball “light blue” but then I changed it with a touch (because the color matching computer is unreliable!!).

Above is a picture of the label if you want them made for you at home depot. I also tried behr “krypton” (left) and sherwin williams “sea salt” (right).

Another thing that makes me very happy about our bedroom is that we painted EVERYTHING. I’ve noticed this as something I see in many of my inspired rooms (just a few examples are here,  here, here). All decorations and moldings and doors are painted in the color of the walls.

Classic Wall And Trim Color Combinations—and 5 That Break The Rules

To me it looks very good in a room that is traditional. The uniform color looks really sophisticated and clean. It also allows the details to come out. And sometimes chunky white trim with brightly colored walls can make me feel early 2000s.

MUCH more polished. It makes the room look bigger without the clutter of the white door. And since I don’t like the closed bi-fold, I want to paint it so that the wall color reduces it significantly, and now I really don’t mind.

The chair rail is in the middle of the wall, and we moved it to 3/4 height. I can put wallpapers on it. But wallpaper is expensive! So even though I haven’t done it in a while, I think it looks elegant at 3/4 level and up.

Should I Paint Trim Same Color As Walls

We lived with our bedroom for so long. I think of it as an inoffensive white room that I can deal with. Now that all the walls are repaired, wiped and sanded, I realize how much better they can be restored.

How To Paint Trim

The color is always so good. Next, we’ll tackle the most important part of the bedroom situation by building a platform bed! Content may contain affiliate links. When you buy links, we get a small commission at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting my small business.

One of the easiest ways to make a room look bigger and richer is to paint the walls and trim in the same color. This design option takes the guesswork out of what color trim paint you should use.

A growing trend at home is to paint the walls and trim in the same color. It’s a nice – and rather bold – design choice that has many benefits.

If you’ve been around for a while, you know that I believe that color can completely transform a space. Painting can be a quick and easy update that can instantly brighten up a room. I love the cozy feel of neutral colors in our home.

Painting Kitchen Walls + Cabinets The Same Color

However, we all know that it is not as simple as painting the walls. You’ll also need to consider your trim – that’s plinths, window and door trim, moldings and any built-in cabinets.

The way you decide to paint the decorations will affect the overall aesthetics of your space.

Contrasting finishes break up the space, while painting the walls and decorations in the same color unifies the space. The effect can be subtle and calm or bold and dramatic, depending on your color choice.

Should I Paint Trim Same Color As Walls

For everything you need to know about painting trim, check out my post on Trim Paint. It has everything from choosing the right brushes, colors and paints to painting without sanding.

Paint Ceilings Same Color As The Walls The Morris Mansion

A few years ago I painted the walls, trim, bookshelves, and moldings Sherwin Williams Zurich White. It instantly made our small living room feel bigger, brighter and more compact.

. For our lake house living room shown here, I decided to paint the trim in a semi-gloss finish and the walls in eggshell.

Semi-gloss is ideal for trimming, as it is durable and easy to clean. I prefer eggshell for walls because of the high LRV (light reflectance value) without being too shiny. Please note below that the walls and our built-in bookshelves are painted the same color (Sherwin Williams Zurich White) just with a different sheen.

The difference between the two shimmers is subtle, but creates a beautiful contrast when the light catches it. The shine of the higher decorations catches the light and looks very nice!

How You Can Use Contrasting Paint Trim Colors In Your Renovation — Content + Co

If you want to save time and effort, this is the style for you. Of course, you should always be careful when cutting the line between the trim and the wall. Using painter’s tape helps keep the lines clean. However, when painting walls and decorations in the same color, if you make small slips here and there,

If you want to use just one glossy color for both, I suggest using a good quality satin finish. It shines in the middle of the road and will last longer and can be cleaned without too much shine. Learn more about color brilliance here.

There are so many reasons why painting the trim the same color as the walls is a great design decision. These simple design details make rooms feel larger, more open, and smoother—even the closets.

Should I Paint Trim Same Color As Walls

Basically, this design trend should be understated. Painting the walls and trim the same color means they will blend in and nothing will stand out.

Reasons To Paint Your Wall And Trim The Same Color

In previous years, bright white trim on dark contrasting walls screamed, “Look at me!” It definitely wants to be noticed. Painting the trim the same color as the walls, however, confirms that trim and moldings can be beautiful without needing attention.

However, that does not slip into the background either. Maybe the decoration is a little brighter than the wall. Maybe it has nice curves or interesting architectural elements. Or maybe it’s easy

Painting the crown molding, plinth and trim in the same color as the walls elevates the entire space. It creates an understated elegance that feels effortless. Makes the room look bigger

It’s easy to see how painting the crown molding the same color as the walls makes the ceiling look higher than it really is. When the trim is a different color than the wall – especially if it’s a sharp contrast – it creates a hard line between the wall and the ceiling, essentially preventing the eye from moving upwards.

How To Paint Trim And Why Satin Is The Best Finish

Contrasting trim around windows, doors and along floorboards does the same thing – it prevents the eye from moving freely around the room. Instead of being able to sweep the room and take it all in, the eye sees the room in smaller parts and connects them.

With walls and decorations of the same color, the eye can move around the room in one sweeping motion without getting in the way. As a result, the ceiling appears higher and the walls wider than they really are. Everything seems bigger and more open.

This is partly because all the same colors help hide unwanted elements. Unwanted kitchen sets, visible pipes, awkwardly placed ventilation covers, dropped ceilings – everything blends and somehow “disappears” when the color is the same.

Should I Paint Trim Same Color As Walls

For our breakfast room, we also painted the ceiling the same color (Benjamin Moore Navajo White) to make the space feel bigger and richer.

Should My Ceiling Color Match My Trim Or Walls? Part 1

Painting the cabinets the same color as the walls creates a solid, built-in feel. Even aftermarket cabinets can look custom when painted well.

Painting the cabinets the same color as the walls and trim makes them look like a seamless, thoughtless part of the space.

In our kitchen, we have inset cabinets painted the same creamy white as the backsplash, oven hood, window trim and moldings. The result is a classic and timeless kitchen that will be “in style” for years.

See another example of this style in our guide to the most beautiful grey-green,

Painting Ceiling And Walls The Same Color: A Do?

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