Wardrobe Solutions For Small Spaces

Wardrobe Solutions For Small Spaces – You may have limited space, but you have unlimited options. Reclaim your space (and your sanity) with these small bedroom storage ideas.

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary – even if it’s a small sanctuary. A small bedroom can create a cozy feeling, but if your things are bursting from every corner, it will feel more like the walls are closing in on you. Reclaim your space (and your sanity) with these small bedroom storage ideas.

Wardrobe Solutions For Small Spaces

Wardrobe Solutions For Small Spaces

From your bed to your chest of drawers to that little closet, these storage solutions will help you rethink every part of your bedroom.

Small Closet Storage Ideas

Even small bedrooms have room for a bed. Although you may sometimes wish your bed would disappear (or fold into the wall à la a Murphy bed), this would only give you floor space, not storage space.

Since you need to sleep, you can’t exactly replace your mattress with a storage unit. But you can use all the space above, under and around your bed.

For under-bed storage, choose a bed frame with built-in drawers. If your bedroom is so small that you don’t have room for anything other than a bed, look for a frame with lots of drawers. For example, the Barstow Storage Bed with six drawers offers plenty of space to replace your chest of drawers.

If you already have a bed frame and it doesn’t have built-in drawers, you can use the space under your bed for storage. One of our favorite organizing ideas is to slide storage boxes under your bed (or under any furniture for that matter!).

Fitted Wardrobes Ideas

If you have a bed skirt, save your money and buy the cheapest plastic storage bins you can find. No one will see them behind the skirt, so think of it as your little storage secret. If you have a platform bed, look for decorative baskets or rustic wooden boxes so that your storage solution does not clash with your interior design.

If the storage under the bed is not enough to fit your things, create extra space on top of your bed. Look for a headboard with shelves and drawers, such as the Phoenix 10 drawer bed. It’s a stylish choice, and the shelves give you extra flexibility – you can display books and add baskets for even more hidden storage.

One of the most effective storage ideas for a small bedroom is this: Place bookcases everywhere. This includes on top of your bed.

Wardrobe Solutions For Small Spaces

Although your bed will block the bottom shelves of a bookcase, you will still have more storage space than you can get from any other piece of furniture.

Ways To Make Custom Storage Solutions Work For Small Spaces — Hipcouch

Depending on the size of your bed, you may need two or more matching bookcases to create a headboard. For example, two of the 10-shelf bookcases in antique nutmeg will be needed to match the width of a queen-sized bed.

When we say put libraries everywhere, we mean it. Wall-to-wall bookcases make your bedroom look like it has built-ins. Find a bookcase you love, buy as many of them as you can and line them up along a wall. Or create an eclectic look using mismatched bookcases – it won’t look built-in, but it will look uniquely beautiful.

In case you haven’t found the right bookcase inspiration for your small bedroom, try this idea on for size (it’s a very small size!). Nightstands usually give you a place to put a glass of water at night, but they don’t give you much more than that. Instead, put bookcases on either side of your bed.

If you can barely squeeze a nightstand between your mattress and your wall, look for a corner bookcase like the 5-Tier Corner Bookcase in Cappuccino. Corner bookcases open into the room so that the side of the bookcase is not standing between you and the glass of water when you reach out in the middle of the night.

Grace In A Small Space: Small Bedroom Ideas

Even in a very small space, good use should be made of wall space. Add extra storage above your chest of drawers – or any other piece of furniture – with floating shelves. Floating shelves are a versatile storage option that allows you to display books or hide things in baskets.

Each room has a space next to the ceiling that is not used very often. Place a shelf about a foot below your ceiling that wraps around your room. It will look as classy as crown molding and give you a lot of extra space in the process. Just keep in mind that there is a catch.

Because this ledge is so high up there, it won’t be easy to reach. So use it to store items like period clothes (hidden in decorative baskets, of course!) that you only need to remove occasionally.

Wardrobe Solutions For Small Spaces

Your closet doors have a big impact on your ability to organize your bedroom. If you have enough floor space for your cupboard doors to open – but you’re still living with sliding or accordion doors – it’s time to make the switch.

Storage Solutions For Small Bedrooms

Opening doors allow you to save space by using the back of the door for extra storage. Add hooks and use this area to hang purses, belts, shoes or a laundry bag.

A closet may be the big daddy of bedroom storage, but an entertainment center is the biggest and baddest shelving unit out there. Although this piece of furniture traditionally makes its appearance in the living room, we think it’s high time it made its debut in the bedroom.

An entertainment center is a natural fit for anyone who wants a TV in the bedroom, but if you don’t like screens in your sleeping area, you can use this piece to create even more storage space.

Make a DIY clothes rack by placing a wardrobe rod where the TV would normally go. Add hangers, display your cutest clothes and kiss small closet problems goodbye.

Small Space Living: Maximizing Storage With Functional Furniture

Entertainment centers aren’t just for the living room and storage benches aren’t just for the entryway. Look for benches with hidden storage, like this Lift Top storage bench, or benches with cubes (perfect for shoe storage), like the 2-drawer storage bench pictured above. Place your bench at the foot of your bed or under your bedroom window and you will relax in perfectly arranged luxury.

If your small room has a little extra space at the foot of your bed, put a TV stand there. Many TV stands are wide without being tall, so they will fit neatly around the foot of your bed. And although they are not very tall, they have a lot of storage space.

For example, this 2-door TV console in Sheesham Gray has two cabinets and two open shelves. Since you won’t be using the shelves to store your cable box, you can use them to organize your shoes. At just 18 inches tall, this console will be slightly shorter than your bed, so you won’t have to worry about it being kicked over at night. And the width (59 inches) is almost identical to a queen size bed.

Wardrobe Solutions For Small Spaces

Many TV consoles have the same or similar shape and size, so this living room furniture is a perfect storage idea for a small bedroom.

Handbag Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

You may have limited space, but you have unlimited options. Every piece of bedroom furniture you have can provide extra storage space. If you’re struggling to find enough space in a small bedroom, look around. When you find a piece that isn’t pulling its weight, swap it out for an option with more storage space.

Swap small nightstands for tall bookcases. Choose a bed frame with built-in storage. And consider swapping out traditional bedroom furniture for a storage system like an entertainment center. With a few smart upgrades, your small bedroom will feel spacious in no time. It’s chaotic that two wardrobe/fashion lovers have such a terrifyingly tight closet space. Of course, like most things in life, it’s not the end of the world or a deal breaker, but it’s hard to control. Also, I’m a chaotic person by nature and I’m pretty sure that won’t change overnight (but if you have any tips or magic spells, let me know). But regardless of the lack of physical ability, even the most disorganized among us love to see a closet with every item of clothing neatly organized and in place. Closet organization is extremely satisfying and we all crave it.

Unfortunately, my lack of organizational intuition goes hand in hand with my design anxiety. Here’s the scoop: My friend Rocky and I moved into a new place last August and we were blown away. Now, about 5 months later, we still love our little house as much as we did when we first saw it, except for one design flaw: there is only one closet (5’x3’x8′) in the whole place. To be fair, the place itself is small (800 square feet), so there isn’t really room for another closet, but boy, are we feeling space-challenged. I probably don’t need to tell you that it causes unnecessary tension, but more importantly

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